The Musical Hair 02


Contents of the film HAIR

Each theatre performance has its own ideas how the Musical Hair shall be interpreted. Only the lyrics of the music and the music itself are often the same. Sometimes the selection of songs is different. The film about the Musical HAIR has also its own course.

Regarding the film I remember the following scenario:

a young man from " good-middle-class house " (Claude) gets call-up orders and met a group of hippies who showed him their way of life.

One point is the joy of life, which is expressed in the film, and the revolution against social and religious conventions, against the request to live after them. The other point is the unsafety life on the street without money and the usage of drugs.

The film does not glorify the hippie life, it also shows its negative sides. But it also shows that something is missing in the usual life of the western civilization, and it shows the horror of war, imbedded partially in night mares raised by drugs, but in the end the real life confirms it.

Berger, the leader of the group, sacrifices himself for Claude, he went to war instead of Claude.

The part which could give hope is the final song, "let the sunshine in", but is it more than an illusion?

The film was created 1979, director was Milos Forman.