The Musical Hair - Some events

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German Theatre in Munich

In 2003 HAIR was performed in the Deutsches Theater in Munich.

A production from Wolfgang Bocksch.

Links: (finished, current date: 06.06.04)

Further Events

It still goes on in Europe (one can see it on their webseite

If someone is interested in further hair events they can find them with the Internet search engine
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The following will be found

Production: HAIR 
Location: Maag MusicHall,
Hardstrasse 219, 8005 Zürich

performance in English

Starting at 04. März 2004
Tuesday to Saturday 19.30 Uhr 
Saturday and Sunday 14.00 Uhr 

Duration: 150 min. 
Language: English Originalversion

finished now (June 2004)


Dec 2003 - August 2004 single events, it will be performed at different locations until August 2004

The performance is in German, with German songtexts, and some songs in English.


Theatre Pforzheim

Premiere 04.06.2004

The performance is in German, with English songtexts and some songs in German.

For further information about HAIR events I refer to the German part (Deutsche Version)