Musical HAIR in Nuremberg

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Nuremberg, 01.02.2010, Meistersingerhalle

The Island Musical Theatre

I liked the performance very well again. :-). I like this group. It think I know the contents of the Musical HAIR quite well, so my current focus is the expression of HAIR through dance, touch and movement. And this is well done, in my opinion.

But I think also, for understanding of the contents, HAIR requires a background study. It is quite impossible to understand it only from viewing the performance and hearing texts and sounds.

Just as some songs by Tori Amos.

The "Meistersinger Hall" was well attended. The event was interactive at the beginning again, the actors went into the audience. Also, I was personally welcomed :-) (row 5, Place 1).

Some personal things that I still remember:

I saw beautiful long hair, especially from Claudia Rosta (Jeanie), waist-length hair :-)). This gives the musical a special charm, I think. But it is a fact, I like perfectly straight hair. Also the woman selling the program notes had very beautiful long hair :-)).

The singing of Erika Steinkohl (Sheila), I found very impressive.

Tibor Pinter impressed me as Berger and Mark Taborosi as Woof.

The songs I liked best: Aquarius, Hashish, Sodomy, I believe in love, HAIR, Walking in Space, 3500. Above all, the instrumental part of Hashish, it contains chords and melodies that touch me in some way. But this is also true for the other songs of HAIR, and this about 40 years.

Some parts I did not understand: the rhythmic pounding with sticks (bamboo or wood?). Men and women were separated here, each group had its own part. The men stomped on the floor, the women clapped their hands and also on the body.

The contents can not be understood so easy, I think. The appearance of Berger in the barracks, it remembered me, the movie HAIR, Berger and the Tribe visiting Claude. The first time I've actually seen Berger as a soldier, though, with long hair?

The transition to "Flesh failure" followed immediately,  one could see the gravestone of Berger. I think people who have not seen the movie have problems to understand this part and the preceding situation.

HAIR is very complicated in some parts, I am working for 40 years with this piece and the last 5 years also quite intensively with the texts. Some things I can not translate at all. Sometimes I wish for a German version, as in Halberstadt. After all, I then went 3 times to Halberstadt, 6 1 / 2 hours sitting in a train, only in one direction.

Well, my own life seems somehow to be an episode of HAIR.

At the end there was some booing, though only sporadically. The applause was dominant. Most people that I have subsequently seen, seemed to be happy. At Eventim there are some comments which you can see from what bothers some people. Well, my own opinion does not change at all. I think it's okay that female nudity reluctant to simply also because it is already much exploited too much. Naked men, well, I can not get excited about it actually. HAIR at the beginning, provoke, especially with nudity. I think  the times turn back a little, but that is my interpretation.

At the end, there was not enough enthusiasm to require an encore. That made me a bit sad. I'll see if I can still find reasonable tickets for another event. In Munich, I'll be back.

HAIR has an emotional impact on me. Sometimes I see relationships that are infinitely sad. Then I have to use a handkerchief. The burning in the eyes may become so strong that I can see nothing at all. In this way I have ever spent almost a half of HAIR with closed eyes. But this happens more subconsciously, and it is not cross, based on the entire piece. Sometimes these emotional outbursts are themselves a surprise for me. But they just happen. That makes it so valuable for me, is it like I would have arrived in my own time. And these things happened also in this performance.

I used translation help from Microsoft Internet Explorer with some modification of my own. I hope it is understandable what I have written, I don't want to bother people.