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Dolls and painted hair

Long Hair Dolls   Painted long hair

Note: Hair paints have been done using the Paint tool, a pencil, or both. Sometimes hair has been painted on photos. There are fantasy images related to the Arianne stories and hair paintings only expressing love for long hair. The little long hair stories let the hair win against any try to cut it off.

Further long hair images

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The descriptions of the images are in German.

General Remarks

Long hair is beautiful for persons who really like it. Other people may prefer to see it cut-off or hate it, but why? Beautiful long hair is an individual expression to enjoy life, it needs a lot of care and a lot of thoughtfulness to it's special vulnerability.

Hair outside the scalp can only be reproduced through the supply of suitable minerals but not through biological reproduction. If it is already damaged through chemical treatment one can not do much to repair it.

Natural long flowing hair shows that their "owner" has an understanding for lovely hair care. For that it can give happiness like diamonds or something else.

Maybe it is this understanding of long hair which explains the fascination it gives to long hair lovers, although they may have no own beautiful long hair.

I think it is not wrong to share the beauty that long hair gives to us and to encourage women with long hair to keep it long.

The picture shows Mary, with her friendly permission, copyrights by Mary and Alan E. Friedmann


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