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Speculations about gravitational collaps
Maxwell Equations, expressed in different Unit Systems

Perry Rhodan

The biggest part of my experiences in the area of Science Fiction is related to Perry Rhodan (I read it for more than 30 years).

Perry Rhodan delivers fictions about a lot of things that are still unknown currently.

Perry Rhodan distinguishes the entities on higher levels of evolution in "forces of order" and "forces of chaos" (obscure forces). The fight of this entities against each other is the prerequisite for the dynamics of life and its evolution.

The existence of pure spiritual entities is allowed. The human soul can be absorbed by this entities after dead but it can also be blow away. The super intelligent entities have power similar like a god. There exist positive and negative entities. The meaning of this terms is not related to good and bad but to "in the sense of order" respective "in the sense of chaos". Positive entities request sometimes willingness to make a sacrifice from their low level civilisations. Negative entities try to destroy the order of the universe, and they propagate war not peace.

The Cosmocrates represent throught their existence the laws of nature. Without the interaction with the Chaotarchs the life would be static. Cosmocrates are not gods in the sense of good or bad, they try to install an overall effecting order, the Chaotarch try to destroy this and at last the laws of nature itself.

Besite this there exist a lot of other entities, like the "mother of entropie". Terms are represented through entities, as sometimes physical phenomenons in Quantum Mechanics through quants (a photon is a quant that represents appearances of light).

Hyper Space

We can not imagine a hyperspace with our three dimensional senses (see the description from Rudi Rucker about the 4th dimension), analogies are used. We know two dimensional curved areas (as an example consider the surface of a sphere). Imagine two dimensional flat entities living in 2 dimensional space (consider a page of paper). If you try to curve it like a part of the surface of the sphere you will destroy it, two dimensional flat entities will be divided into pieces. This is how gravity will act on this two dimensional entities.

In the three dimensional space, mathematicians consider the space to be curved and as a consequence the force of gravity occurs (and acts on us 3 dimensional entities).

One can consider the curvature of a three dimensional space imbedded into a 4 dimensional hyperspace.

In the two dimensional analogy the imagination of a crater delivers a model how gravity could work in this 2 dimensional space (in the three dimensional view one dimension is suppressed).


In reality the border of the crater follows the 1/r dependency of the gravitational potential, this gives a bigger curvature of the lines as painted.

If we imagine ourselves as two dimensioal entities we can only move on the border of the craters and on the black rounded surface, where they are embedded, maybe along the dotted line.

The masses are localized at the bottom of the craters (in the case of a black hole the bottom is missing)

The arrow shows the shortest distance between the masses, to go along this line needs to travel through the third dimension. The three dimensional Euclidian Space will be the hyper space in this two dimensional curved model.

In physical reality the 4 dimensional hyperspace would be an extension of the 3 dimensions of space. But the General Theory of Relativity says, that there is also a curvature in time, so we have a curvature in space and a curvature in time, this leads to a five dimensional space time model.

The hyperspace may have its own laws of physics, maybe movements through it need no time (as assumed in Science Fiction).

The Universe may have a much more complicated structure as can be seen by the craters, because each collection of masses gives an additional one.

If the two craters in the image represent two big collections of masses (maybe about a scale of 1000000000 lightyears) the border will have a large amount of litte or bigger craters, so that a very grainy structure will occur.

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