Little long hairy story 02

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An exchange student in a foreign country. Today it was her first schoolday. She stood in front of the mirror, looking at her kneelenght hair. She was so proud of it. Really beautiful super long hair. Hair care was not always easy, but the result was amazing.

She smiled at her mirror image and the image was smiling back.

She wanted to give joy with her hair, sharing the long hair feeling with others. For doing this she had taken a lot of books about hair care and hair styles to this country. How the other girls may look? She had already seen a lot of images of long hair beauties from this country.

She put her hair into 6 ponytails, 4 hanging back and 2 in front of her.

The female school director welcomed her friendly, but there was a weird look in her eyes.


"Now we are coming to our school order. Girls hair is not allowed to reach behind their shoulder. Let me cut you hair immediately. Than it has been done and we can go on to the more essential things of our life."

She was leaving her desk with a scissor in one of her hands.

"I will cut your ponytails at your neck. The barber will refine the rest of it and he will give you a beautiful modern hair style. Hair cut video events are not allowed for our school girls. But you can sell your hair if you want it."

Isabella was paralyzed. She was frightened. Should she go back without her hair? All her relationships liked the long hair. The parents, the friends. Okay, her mother disliked it. Did she knew about these rules? Her friends, they are playing kindly with the long hair. All will get a shock if she comes back without her long hair.

And if she imagines all the others with their long hair. She wanted to belong to them. No, she started to cry.

"Please, not the hair."

"It must be. All of the girls here have chin length hair. That are the orders from the school authority. No exception is allowed, not even for exchange students. You can take the cut hair with you, if you want it, and you can let make extensions of your hair. You can also sell it to a wig maker, I think you will need money. There are so many beautiful things you can buy here."

Hair extensions, of her own hair? The long hair was already the most beautiful thing she wanted. All of the single hairs have a home in her head skin. Extensions are only dead material.

Isabelle went a step back. "No, I love my long hair. It gives me beautiful feelings, it accompanies me, in my life, in my dreams. And if I feel bad, they keep me grounded. If I caress the hair, it is so beautiful, I love it to share the life time with it."

"Hair is not so important, believe me. It will grow again. In one year you will go back home. Then you can let it grow as long as you want it."

"No, then  I will go back immediately. I do not want to cut it."

"You have decided to stay one year here. Therefore you must follow our orders. It is not easy to go back immediately."

"Please, let me my long hair. I will put it up, hide it inside the clothes or ...

I want to learn from you, from your country. I like the country and the people, the culture. But my hair, it has such a big meaning for me."

The school director has reached her again.

"Don't defend your hair any longer. You will see, tomorrow the world will look friendly again and in one week you will like your new style. Changes are important for young people."

The director catched one of the ponytails of Isabelle, approches the scissor with the other hand.

Isabelle was sobbing, crying, tears were running down over her face, she couldn't see anything. Her eyes were burning. . She was shaking like a leaf.

She only could whisper. "Please not, you will kill me."

She gave it up. She couldn't defend the hair anymore.

And the director?

"No, I can not do it. I love my girls."

"Please be calm again. I will not do it. Maybe I will lost my retirement pension. But what shall I tell the other girls? An exception rule for foreigners? Maybe, I will say the federal chancellor from your country has called me."

So Isabella came into the class room with her hair hidden in a big bun, big like a calabash. The other girls got very big eyes.

"Hi, I am Isabella. Please accept my hair. The director has allowed it. I love my hair so much, I can not be happy without the hair."

"Come with us to the bathroom. There we are alone, secure for the teachers."


One of the girls put away her short hair wig und took her clothes off.

Suddenly long hair could be seen. She has fixed it around her body. It must have been more than 2 meters of hair.
She opened the hair. It was falling down to the floor.

2 long hair beauties. The other girls appreciated it. They were smiling.

Isabelle touched the hair of Nadine very carefully, she caressed it. Nadine took the hair of Isabella, gave it a kiss.
Then they embraced each other.

The other girls played with the hair of both. A little hairy paradise.

They protected Nadine's hair before the shool authorities. That was their common game. And until today they always have won.

A cry: "The director."

Nadine was frightened. She couldn't hide her hair so quickly.

"Ah, Nadine, I am surprised to see you with that hair. No, no, I will not cut it. I understand what it means to you."

All the girls embraced her. Such a lot of love was coming to her, raised by her hair decision. She couldn't say anything.
They even kissed her on the mouth.

What was she doing here? Oh oh, if the school authority would hear something.
In half a year they would visit her school.

And she had already an idea for the planned visit.

The musical hair will be performed. Sure, only with long hair wigs. She smiled.
Half a year. From this starting point the hair will grow additional 7 to 10 centimeters.
Oh, the next hair cutting event will fall out.

"Now you are actors, singers. Let's start learning the lessons of the musical HAIR. Take care about your wigs, all of you carry wigs."

And this two people with super long hair wigs ... they will show the hippie life. They are the leaders of the gang.
This the authority will understand. Leaders have longer hair than the others, and important leaders much more longer hair.

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