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Linear Algebra

Exercises Analysis I
Exercises Analytic Geometry
(grammar school / high school)
Prime numbers
there exists no greatest prime number
Exercises Linear Equations
(technical college)
Sequences of numbers,
limit theorems

Matrices, inverse matrix, Gaussian Algorithm
  using the inverse matrix for solving linear equations

description of the Gaussian algorithm for linear equations
Calculating the inverse matrix
further calculations
02, 03
using the Gaussian Algorithm

additional explanations
for the Gaussian Algorithm, used for calculating the inverse matrix
and for using the adjoint matrix
, calculating the inverse matrix


Trigonometric functions

dynamic HTML with GeoGebra
The functions can be hidden or unhidden and moved along the axes.
This functionality needs JAVA to be implemented on your computer.
pdf files
if the dynamic HTML files do not work
Addition of sin und cos
Addition of sin and cos

Addition of vibrations (waves)
cos and acos
The Cosinus and it's inverse functions

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