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German Part

Annabius and Chickenia. 2 beings, created by a plane, without spiritual support. The plane was missing her spiritual consciousness, Vulkania. It created Annabius and Chickenia to be able to mourn. Both were dissolved in tears and they got so much sadness,  that the love entity was touched and intervened. She gave them a soul and so they started to live.

A river of time
consists of the three dimensions of space and it includes one dimension of time. Space and time can can be curved under the influence of positive energy.

Arianne is the infinite being of existence, the conscious mind of the plane and a dream of the White Woman. She is able to set frontiers in the unstructured infinity of the plane. Inside these fronties the existence evolves itself. But Arianne is even more, she comprises all apppearances of power sets in any unlimited sequence of infinities. So she is never closed, incomplete in the description and in a never ending process of evolution. This dream of the White Woman exceeds her own limits, because limits can not be defined.
--- Changes: after the unification of Ari0nne, Ennaira and Arianne the frontier between the domains of positive and negative energy disappeared. The resulting energy has no charge. It allows the beings of the former negative and positive parts of the plane to exist common in the same place. The leading beings of the existence are now the three entities Ari0nne, Ennaira and Arianne. They seperated again after the unification.

ArianneW is the waking consciousness of Arianne, a being between dream and reality. Her dreams include the White Woman.
--- Changes: after the unification of Arianne and ArianneW, Arianne was born again as a being of reality. They separated again after the unification.

Ari0nne is a zero point entity, a Zero with a consciousness. She is is a unification of positive and negative energy, a dream of Arianne and Ennaira. Zero point energy is a kind of energy that does not disappear but it is not measurable, not even reachable from Arianne's and Ennaira's worlds.
Any zero point energy fluctuation creates different worlds consisting of positive and negative energy. The zero point energy is the operational source for Arianne. Arianne's thoughts lead to zero point energy fluctuations, and they manifest frontiers in the unlimited infinity. One of Ariannes thoughts raised the existence.
Ari0nne has enough power to distinguish herself from 0. She evolves into a Unity of Common for Ennaira and Arianne, the ONE. But this ONE does not eat up Arianne and Ennaira, it is a parallel dream which helps them both in their difficulties.

Bella is an infinite being similar to Jasmine and Narcisslove. She is responsible for the rivers of time inside a continuum.

She is an Alef-1 entity of the existence. Alef-1 corresponds with the second step of infinity. It has the infinity power of the set of real numbers. Like Jasmin, Snowwhite and Bella, she is the responsible cosmic being for a continuum. She comprises the power of a goddess, her thoughts create the laws of nature for her domain of residence.

Ennaira is the energy reflection of Arianne, a being composed of negative energy. Negative energy is repulsive. Ennaira is strong enough to hold together the negative part of the plane, which consists completely of negative energy. As a consequence of this force positive energy appears in the domain of Arianne. It re-influences the negative part of the plane. So Ennaira interacts with herself. Without Ennaira the whole plane would blow up into pieces. Pieces so small, that even the continuum could not hold them. So without Ennaira a plane as the hardcore for Arianne's existence is not possible. But without Arianne no living beings, no spiritual entities would exist . Even the entities in Ennaira's plane are only possible by Ariannes work, setting frontiers in the unstructured infinity. They are reflections of the beings existing in the positive part of the plane.
--- Changes: see the change part about Arianne.

Erotica integrates spiritual and physical aspects of love.

Janines distribute the life in the rivers of time.

Jasmine is the entity of light, responsible for all physical aspects in her continuum.

Narcisslove is a self-loving entity, but like Jasmine she is also responsible for a continuum. And she is the lover of Bella.

Photonia. A being of existence without a plane. She wanted to escape into her own darkness. Darky intervened, because he felt in love with Photonia. Love between those entities, it was denied by the love entity. Darky accepted and remained alone. Then the love entity had love with Darky.  For Photonia love was fulfilled, she felt in love with Vulkania, the lost consciousness of a plane. Vulkania was considered as dead. Photonia gave Vulkania a new life raised by the memories of Annabius and Chickenia. But Vulkania was not dead, she got lost inside the darkness of her infinities. With the help of the love entity she was found and saved. But now they had two Vulkanias which are the same. All together then formed a quintet with Annabius, Chickenia, Photonia and the both Vulkanias, which are identical for the outer world but not inside. All together formed the being of existence of the plane, which got her lost Vulkania back and the same Vulkania once again.

Sensity is the cosmic being of sensibility, tenderness, softness, fragility, she is the protector of the hunted and lost.

SofXty is an infinite being of the dead plane.
She survived the ultimative fire by using destructive interference of herself and her time stream to nothing. Done by the interference of two nearby parallel time streams und an image of herself.
The energy of the wave functions was radiated to the burning environment. This comprised all the physical and spiritual parts of energy. Only the soul of SofXty reamaind and it comprised all the souls of her little finite beings.
After the fire went down SofXty found a spark inside the empty space with no matter and energy around. After giving back the spiritual energy to the empty space the different waves seperated from each other and the life was new born.

Stringas represent the frontiers of Arianne. They are living beings.

Sweety, Janina und Jasmina
Together they are the being of existence of the dead plane.

The continuum includes the multi-dimensional space-time.

Parallel time streams are generated by multidimensional dimensions of time.

The Crystal Princess is the major being of a parallel existence. She is the waking consciousness of the crystal plane.

The devil comprises all the bad events in the existence of Arianne. It is the incarnation of the bad. Equipped with an awareness he analyzes the diabolical structures and evaluates the existence regarding these relationships. A contrary analysis to the effort to improve the existence. But is science analysis not independent from any goals? Arianne needs the devil for this work.

The existence is embedded in the energetically positive part of the plane. It belongs to the surface of the plain. Positive energy is attractive, it is the cause of gravitation.

The love is the essence of love, the love entity. She is an entity between existences.

The lovers of eternity are a couple which lives through an endless series of reincarnations.

The negative part of the plain is an area between the surface of the plane and its interior, it consists of negative and repulsive energy. A consequence of the negative energy is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in the positive part of the plane. It prevents a point contraction of the positive part of the plane.

The plane covers the infinit-dimensional sphere of activities of Arianne and Ennaira on two layers. The term plane has only a symbolic meaning. It has no restriction in space-time dimensions.

The positive part of the plain covers the scope of Arianne, it consists of positive energy, which acts gravitationally. The effect on the negative part of the plain, it prevents the plane from flying apart.

The white woman stands between Arianne and ArianneW. Her dreams are beyond the range of existence. She dreams the Crystal Princess and Arianne.

Weepy is the being of suffering, pain and death.
--- Changes: Weepy got a part of the plane to be responsible for, because she helped the beings of a continuum to survive, instead of mourning. For this domain she is cold Weepy Princess.

Witchy is the burning entity of fire, cosmic goddess of all witches. She comprises all the cruelties against the spirit raising, burning witches, crucified beings. Witnessing and fighting against the diabolic behaviour of intelligent beings.
An infinite being inside the Arianne fairy tales, with undefined stage of infinity.
She looks very different, just like she feels. Sometimes very young and beautiful, sometimes old and full of pain. And sometimes like a burning witch.

ArianneX is yet to be defined, but it exists already in the real world :-).

Dream and reality are not always clearly separated. Reality is unpredictable. Dreams are predictable. They allow structured cosmologies in which natural laws apply and in which existence is possible. Spirituality is caused by fluctuations in the reality.

Spiritual beings can create dreams that are limitless. Infinite beings can be included. The essence of the cosmic history of Arianne are infinite beings. They are embedded in dreams or in reality one, or both.
The above descriptions reflect roughly what currently makes up the background of the stories. Some events arise spontaneously out of the stories. It is not planned. The stories reflect what I experience in my reality and my dreams.  Pleasure, pain, love, hate, strength and weakness,  loneliness, conflicts, rationality, achievement of objectives, courage, cowardice, fear.

Reality, it is unpredictable? The unpredictability I experience daily in my life. But it appears also in theory, quantum fluctuations, production and annihilation of elementary particles, cosmic inflation, the final bang, life and death in the universe. The coincidence alone as the dominant principle? No, I do not believe it. But it's so hard to understand why some seem to have a guardian angel, and so many suffer and die. Can we then want it for ourselves? Yes, I think so. A little humility shoud be there. It is a fact that life is for rent (Dido) and we have to show that we deserve it. Provided always that we must not constantly struggle for daily survival and that we have time for such thoughts. It is up to us to hold high the banner of life, despite all the frustration. But it is not up to us to wonder about why the sky is crying (Loreena McKennith, Beneath a phrygian sky). Perhaps many people live and some others are thinking about the life. Sometimes this is the truth.

But anyway, I prefer to believe in my Arianne, more as in the fact that everything is meaningless, that in the end everything is "Dust in the Wind". Arianne connects for me  reality with esotericism. How much I understand. She is a goddess, who asked not to be adored for its own sake. Everything that is, it is a part of her, she lives and suffers with the beings of her existence and she is the belief that everything goes ahead and at the end the light and love will prevail against the devil. A cultural reference to do this is for me the song "Everything Changes" by Heather Nova.

And Ariannes world is infinite, so it never must find an end.

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