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The tales of Arianne describe an infinite cosmology, in which spirits can help to shape and influence the world.
Arianne is the being of existence, the world has been created by her thoughts and the world only exists as long as Arianne is thinking about it.
The things are because she want it.

But the price for this infinite power is also, that she has to suffer and endure an infinite amount of pain.

And it is also her will that the destiny, life and dead of all the little finite beings inside the existence will prove or disprove it.

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Begin of the stories

Overview about the Arianne fantasy tales

latest update: 31.08.2018

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Images of the Arianne tales
A short description of the images
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A painted image of Arianne
The image is from me. It shows Arianne with her long hair
as an incarnation of a light princess.
The old image has been removed, because the link to the free picture
side does not always work.

01, 02, 03: Akadia,
04: Ariannes´ lost hair,
05: Arianne and infinity,
06, 07: The photon ship,
08: Janine,
09: Janine,
10: universes, parallelism, laws of nature,
11, 12: Juliane
(long hair story),
13, 14: the dark side of existence,
15: Akadia-Janine
(Akadia und Sarah, Janines in love)
16: Janine 02,
17: Arianne,
18: Death,
19: Vampire,
20: Ariannes´ home
21: Ariannes´ home 02,
22: Jasmin,
23: the Archivist,
24: a little Janine,
25: Etienne
(long hair story, including Arianne),
26,26a: the journey,
27: the gray wolf,
28: essence and Alexa,
29: The PSI ball
(Successor 04,06,07,08),
30: Ariannes´ home,
31: the fighter,
32: the plane and the astronaut,
33: Interlude
(long hair story),
34: Juliette,
(long hair story),
35: Juliette and Jasmine,
36: Juliette and Jasmine 02,
37: Arianne 02,
38: the Muse Entity,
39: Black Dog,
40: Ariannes´ dream,
41: the Love Entity (image),
42: the Love Entity 02,
43: physicality, the nature of death,
44: Julius (image)
(long hair story, including
the love entity and Jasmin),
45: Julius and Jasmine,
46: the dead level,
47: the School of Janines
48: the School of Janines 02,
49: the School of Janines 03,
50: the School of Janines 04,
51: the Asylant,
52: the Asylant 02,
53: the white woman,
54: Singular worlds,
55: Cat's eyes,
56. the essence of love,
71: Sensity (image),
81: War
82: Devil 03
85a: Erotica
87: The Muse
90: Transcendence (image)
91: Transcendence 02
92: Transcendence 03
96: Josua and Johanna
102: Alana
105: Losty
109: Rapunzella
110: Rapunzella 02
114: Rapunzel
114a: the end of the hair story
136: A stringa appears

139: Lovers of eternity 01

139a: Lovers of eternity 02
140: Lovers of eternity 03

143: Erotica 02
144: the invisible world
147: the eternal light (image)
153: geodesics
159: Narcisslove
160: Bella
166: Snowwhite
175: Silent running
178: Sweety 01: Ari0nne and Sweety
180: Sweety 02: Weepy and Sweety

181: the ONE
184: Sweety 03: Sweety and Lovely
184a: Sweety 03a: Vampires
184b: Sweety 03b: Vampires 2
185: Time for Wondering
196: The last dream
206: Whity
207: Medusa
220: Spiritual Sexuality
221: The second dream
222: Inside Twin Peaks
230: Witchy
234: Firefly
236: The tears of Arianne
237: Whity and Arianne
250: Hexa
251: Hexa 02
252: Hexa 03
253: Hexa 04
254: Darky and Photonia

Darky and Photonia 02
Darky and Photonia 03
Darky and Photonia 04
258: Darky and Photonia 05
259: Darky and Photonia 06
260: Photonia and Vulkania 01
260a: Photonia and Vulkania 02
260b: Photonia and Vulkania 03
272: The Characteristicum
273: The Characteristicum 02
273a: The Characteristicum 03

The story begins in a temple. A woman with very long hair wants to sacrifice her hair, as it is in common use today. The question that arises for me, what would happen if the goddess Arianne, for who the sacrifice shall be done,  appears personally? Will she accept the hair donation?

Link: Beginning of the stories

Interpretation of the Stories

The main female characters

Janines create the physical cosmos and distribute the life.

Jasmine is the entity behind the light. She brings the light into the darkness and supports the Janines.

Alexa is the most advanced entity raised by the existence. She is the favorite girl friend of Arianne.

These are the good guys.

There also exist dark forces. Although, not everything is distinguished  only between "black" and "white." The positive entities also evolve negative properties, e.g. the unlimited greed for power and absoluteness. The entities from the dark side sometimes help to sustain life.

Arianne is the entity behind the existence. She comprises god and evil, order and chaos. She protects the Janines.

The idea behind all of this imagination: we are composed of billions of parts, but we understand only a very small fraction. Nevertheless, we have a consciousness. The stories presuppose, that life and the existence itself, have a consciousness. A spiritual consciousnesses, which includes ours. As these entities are very well developed, they can intervene in the affairs of the world and they know what is going on inside us.

As we can see ourselves in very different constitutions, I suppose, that the cosmic beings can have very different characteristics. Perhaps the "archetypes" inside us have a reference to them. About Archtetypen C.G. Young has published articles. 

The main characters are infinite Beings who stand behind our world. Not only behind our world. They are very far evolved entities interacting with multiple worlds, universes and parallel universes.

They are infinite Beings, i.e. they exceed any conceivable limit. They comprise an infinite space in an infinite time. 

The Concept of infinity forms the framework of the story. Partly the stories relate to mathematical and physical ideas. It is science fiction, not a scientific work. The stories are constantly updated, raising a dynamic in which I communicate with myself. I would be happy to get any suggestions :-). How the final result will look like? I don´t know.

The "infinite Beings" and other characters are introduced in individual stories, other stories use them.

Infinity is the excess of any limit that can be drawn. A cosmic Entity who can perceive the feelings of many different individuals, has already an extended horizon. One human being knows only his/her own thoughts.

The infinite entities of these stories are able to exceed this limit. They know what is going on simultaneously in many different beings. And since they are infinite beings, their capacity to trace this is unlimited.

The stories are an experiment that may end successfully or not, I don't know.  Infinity is something that in physical reality does not exist, as much as I know. But who knows? As already indicated, "infinity" has the meaning that any borderline can be exceeded. In this way the concept of infinity is used in mathematics. Infinity in physics is usually a tool to simplify calculations, or it describes borderline cases, which have not yet been explored.

The Concept of infinity   in mathematics.

There exists an Axiom System in mathematics that proclaims "every natural number has a Successor" (Peano axioms).

To simplify the reasoning, I assume that the natural numbers can be arranged and that the successor of a natural number is a greater natural number, starting with the natural number 1.
These characteristics correspond to the intuitive idea for dealing with natural numbers.

Example: 1,2,3,4,5 are natural numbers, it is 1 < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5
"<" Means "less than", i.e. 1 < 2 has the meaning: 1 is less than 2 (etc)

2 is the successor of 1, 3 is the successor of 2, 4 is the successor of 3, 5 is the successor of 4

5 is the largest natural number in the set {1,2,3,4,5}.
For 5, there exists a greater natural number, its successor, the 6,
for 6, there exists a greater natural number, its successor, the 7 (etc)

In this system exists no greatest natural number. The conclusion is that infinite natural numbers exist.

Under the Power of a finite set is understood the number of its elements.
The Power of an infinite set of natural numbers is defined as countable. Sometimes the term infinite countable is used.

There exists a Hierarchy of infinities defined by the concept of a Power Set.
The "minimum level of infinities" is defined by the power of the set of natural numbers. A higher level of infinity is defined by the power of its Power Set.

The minimum level of infinities is the power of the set of natural numbers. An infinite set of this level contains countable elements.
The next level of infinities is the Power set of natural numbers. An infinite set of this level includes uncountable many elements.
The power set of natural numbers has the power of the real numbers.

The levels of infinities are used in the stories to describe a hierarchy of cosmic beings.
A higher level cosmic being has properties that may influence the cosmic beings of a lower level, these are properties that are not available on the lower level.

As an example, a cosmic being that constructs a universe uses energy and matter for this work and its own property may include the essence of life, but it does not create matter and energy, these properties are delivered by a higher level entity.

A possible Representation of infinity: A web camera which films itself.
unendliche Spiegelung einer Webkamera
This is a kind of infinity which is monotone, it consists of repetitions of the same thing.
There exists another kind of infinity, e.g. realized by the concept of irrational real numbers.

The concept of infinity in physics

I think about the Quantum mechanics of wave functions. Wave functions can be used to approximate the behavior of elementary particles. There exist wave functions, which can not be located at any point in space-time, it is impossible to find the particles it describes, neither in space, nor in time. This may include an infinitely large area, e.g. the entire four-dimensional space with three spatial and one time dimension.

And yet, they can materialize as particles in a limited area of space-time, at a certain time, e.g. as a quantum of energy, or as a matter particle.

This works in theory. Real physical particles are more complicated. Sometimes they are approximately described by wave packets, raised by an overlay result of many infinitely extended wave functions. For these wave functions the amplitude will also be restricted to an area where it is different from zero. The mathematical tool of integration is used to get the packages.

The cosmic beings in the stories on this website are infinite entities, may be imagined as infinitely,  multi-dimensional wave functions, which include properties of the existence, like matter, energy, life, love and so on. They have a physical and a spiritual part. With the spiritual part they are able to trace our thoughts and emotions.

And they can materialize in any restricted area of their domain of existence, e.g. like a photon can materialize as a quantum of energy in a well defined restricted area in space time.

Because the whole wave function is not limited in space and time they can materialize at any space time event in their domain of existence. Especially, they can materialize in the past and in any potential future.

Materialization means, the entity appears to us as a living creature in a material body, or if they are not able to do this, as a ghost.

The cosmic entities realize a topological connection of their domain of existence. Their materializations are able to perform space like and time like movements in this area.

Space like and time like movements are concepts defined in the Theory of Relativity.

Space like movements allow it to move in time.

The quantum property of wave functions allows it to get materializations in parallel universes.

The whole entity comprises all of this, that means it knows about all possible evolutions in time and about their roots in the past.

Janine is an infinite being, a being at the first level of infinity. She comprises an infinite space-time.

Janine is derived from Johanna, motivated by the song " Janine" (sung by Juliane Werding). Janine, sitting in a boat, going to the sea. This is my image of her, raised by the song. The sea, considered approximately as an infinite area. A Janine is vulnerable as Johanna, because she represents the life. But she must not share the fate of Joan, Arianne protects her.

A Janine creates a river of time and she is moving insite it. Within this area she creates universes, using space, energy and matter, and she gives it the essence of life.

The time in this river is itself a living being, a Time Entity. A time entity is a part of a Janine.

Arianne is EVERYTHING and everything is a part of her. Arianne is the entity behind the existence. Janines are a part of Arianne. Also human beings are a part of Arianne, a self-conscious part.

"Alles (ALL)" is the title of a song by Juliane Werding. In this song she looks for the harmony of creation.

Arianne includes all levels of infinity, and hence all possible cosmic beings that appear in this story.

Ariannne covers the whole of mathematics, her thoughts determine reality.

The mathematics, which is considered here is contradictory or incomplete. In this sense, Arianne is not perfect. Thinking on the subject has been done by Gödel.
(Search on the Internet: Gödel, incompleteness of mathematics)

To endure the contradictions, it is necessary that she is constantly evolving. This is the essence of life that we feel inside us. Arianne is not perfect and she requires no perfection of its creatures. She requires, however, that they try to overcome the contradictions of the existence. It does not work always, and this can make her very sad. It questioned the existence sometimes. We tiny creatures can help her to overcome the contradictions, because she feels us, we are a part of her.

All we can scientifically define, e.g. the cosmology of our universe, is a part of the domain, which is covered by a Janine. All living creatures in this area are a part of a Janine. This includes higher beings that may exist in a universe.

The higher forms of infinities are not accessible to our intuition. The cosmic nature of these infinities is perceptible if they reveal themselves. For us they will appear in a human form, because we are human. They will appear in a body that is perfect. Thus we see Arianne and Janine as human beings.

Arianne is sometimes very sad, because their creation has a dark side which hurts her. Then it may happen that the sky is crying. "The sky is crying," a phrase that I have found in a song by Loreena McKennitt: "Beneath a Phrygian Sky. The song also provides the key to how we can handle it.

The free will of man, is it responsible for the misery in the world? It is a song by Tori Amos, to which I refer here: "Devils and Gods" (Safe and inside).

Death, I refer to "We will sing" by 2raumwohnung. It is my interpretation.

Hell and devils are concepts of our imagination, so they are also a part of this story.


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