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Akadia planned to donate her very long hair in the temple of Arianne, but her Goddess appeared and refused the donation.


The monks sat in a circle and prayed. Akadia was expected. Her ankle length hair should be shorn, a donation to serve Arianne. Arianne, the goddess of war and passion.

Akadia stepped into the circle and knelt down, clasped her hands. A monk took her long hair with both hands, preparing it for cutting, and reached for a knife.

Suddenly a light came on the scene, very intense, it dazzled the eyes. The monk forgot his intention and put his hands on his face.

Then it was almost dark, the light lost it´s strong intensity, but it still appears. The monks took their hands from their eyes and looked in the direction of the light.
Strangely, from this direction, there couldn't daylight come in.

A shadow was visible, surrounded by a ring of light. It slowly came closer.

The contours of the shadow could be seen more clearly.

A woman. Long flowing hair framing her body and reaching down to the ground.

The face was visible.


Just as the face of the large sculpture in the middle of the temple.

The monks were covered by a deep spiritual feeling. They bowed their heads toward the ground and prayed intensely, lost in this feeling.

Arianne came closer, took the hand of Akadia.

Akadia, first she looked confused, then she was incredibly astonished. A deep sense of religious devotion covered her.

No, she was not worth it, no one was worth it ...

Don't be so modest, whispered Arianne. I am here because of you. You mean very much to me.

Akadia: But I'm just a little human being ...

Arianne: being human can mean a lot, sometimes you only don't know it. Rise up, please, let me look at you. Do not be afraid.

Akadia looked shyly into the eyes of Arianne, but she only recognized kindness and love.

A deep, intense feeling of happiness goes through her.

What human being could learn so much happiness?

I like you, "said Arianne, and I like your hair. It is very beautiful because it is treated so lovely. You always have it considered as a gift from the gods, you never have been arrogant. See, what a mane I have."

I do not want it to be shaved, you even like it. Why to cut it? Just because a victim must be hurt to do a real sacrifice? The monks understand so little of what I really am. And I say, be what you really are. Then you are also what I want to see in you. Everything else is purely reprehensible.

Akadia did not know what she could say, what she could think. She prayed to Arianne for many years and always felt secure doing this. She respected the divine commandments, loved life and their fellow man. Now, her spiritual needs had become so deep that she wanted to enter the service of the goddess. In this temple, with the monks.

They sat in a circle and prayed, dared not to look.

What really happened with the cut hair? It was picked up by people who earned money with it. Sometimes they gave the monks a loaf of bread for the hair.

This should be in line with Arianne Commandments?

At the entrance of the temple appeared some of the dealers. They wanted to pick up the goods. But there was nothing. They saw only 2 women with long hair.

"Hey you two, why did you not getting a haircut?"

Arianne ignored them, took Akadia by the hand and they both approached the exit.

A rough guy stood in his way. "Stop, you can go, but the hairs remain here".

"You know where you are here", asked Arianne.

Guy: "A temple like many others, we are only interested in the hair. The enlightened don't need them any more."

Arianne: "Do you know who I am?"

Guy: "Nothing, but a woman, what else", he laughed, "kneel down, let cut your hair."

Arianne looked at him.

Arianne: "You can not be made responsible for something that you don't know. So know, this thing is too high for you, I'm Arianne, the goddess of war".

Guy: "Ha, ha, ha, I am the great horror from behind the mountains. But now we need to cut your hair." He reached for Arianne hair.

"Stop", a monk held his arm. "You do not know what you want to do." Three other monks helped, dragged him towards the exit.

Guy: "Are you insane, business is business, we will you ..."

Monks in a choir: "We thank you, Arianne, for our lives."

Arianne: "And what do you do here, people shaving off all their hair and selling it? Where is this written?"

Monk: "We thought that spiritual enlightenment is best if we give everything in the world of us. Never before have you taken our offerings, we thought they only have symbolic value."

Arianne: "So, maybe I do not want this sacrifice. Why do you destroy something that I have given to you? Without asking me? I will not tell on whose services you step into doing this. Love life as it is and let it unfold itself. Spiritual enlightenment is in harmony with nature and its gifts. You call me the goddess of war. This is your picture of me. I am the goddess of life. You can find me wherever life is, in every breeze, every drop of rain that falls from the sky.

I do not want that you throw away your natural gifts, especially not by others seeking protection with you. Since you still need symbols, I give you a new High Priestess, Akadia, it is ordained by me. Akadia, the high priestess with long hair. Let yourselves be guided by her, she knows a lot about life and thus also of the gods."

Slowly faded her form. Left behind were the monks and Akadia. It will change now a lot, in the temple.

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