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Ari0nne and Sweety.

Ari0nne met Sweety in the temple of enlightenment, and she helped her to survive the attack of predator entities.

Sweety 01 - Ari0nne in the temple of enlightenment

A temple with 187 stages of enlightenment. On the top of the holy mountain, more than 6000 meters above the sea level. (1  yard = 0.9144 meters).
Actually the air to breathe should be too thin, but there were some peculiarities.

Among other things, an oxygen geyser, who blew a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in the air.

And a weather, which held back enough air to breathe.
Also, the appropriate air pressure was somehow governed by natural events.
So they could live there, the monks of the lonely hearts, disciples of Arianne.

Disciples of Arianne?
Yes, this is a temple of Arianne.

Ari0nne at the entry gate.  She knocked at the door ... and she heard a voice.

Voice: "What's your desire please."

Ari0nne: "I want to study the stages of enlightenment."

V: "We are a temple of Arianne, you had already contact with her nature?"

A: "Arianne is not only a being. She is the existence. So I have a touch with her every day, because I exist also."

V: "You've thought about the nature of the world . Well, please be welcome,  come in."

V: "Please, do you want to tell us your name?"

"My name is Ari0nne."

V: "Ari0nne, a rare name. Ari-zero-nne. It sounds a little bit complicated, with this zero inside."

"Replace the zero by an << a >>. Then it is Arianne. Well, the zero has a special meaning, and I am related to Arianne."

V: "You are related to Arianne? Please, can you tell us something more?"

"First I want to climb up your stages. Then you will see how we are related. I want to share your knowledge about Arianne, and I want to learn from you."

V: "We have 187 stages of alignment. Which of the stages you want be the first?"

"Please show me the stage 187."

V: "A very big step. But maybe it is right. Your body language, you can not be associated with any scheme which we know. You must be something very special. You move like a Goddess."

Ups. She had not thought about such things. She gave herself as she felt. Not an adaptation to the beings which she wanted to be. Not a masque, she presented herself.

This was the first thing she learned from the monks. But she was sure if she had appeared in a usual sense they had perceived it also. What to do? To be hidden behind the consciousness of a usual being?

"You observe very precise."

V: "Yes, we do. Please come with us, into the room of the the ubiquitous."

Step 187. The monks were able to move things with the force of their spirits.


Yes, but without using paranormal energy. And this is very remarkable. Usually beings at this stage of development are not able to exceed their limits.

There was something else, hidden, no one thought about it, but ...

Ari0nne: "Who is Sweety?"

The first preacher stared at her. She saw fear in his eyes, and panics. Sweety, no one is this room would ever give a hint leading to her, not for the price of his life. It was not allowed to think about her, if a foreigner was present.

But this being, she knows her name and it had an authority which no one could resist.

"Sweety, she is the most valuable, that we have. We love her as much as we can do, with all our feelings. We fear about her and we do not know who you are. You are something very special, we all feel it. Please, please, please do nothing bad to her."

Murmur of agreement in the hall.


"You are not followers of Arianne, you follow Sweety. Your Goddess, she is Sweety. From her you got your supernatural skills. She taught it to you. The orientation of you to Arianne has only the goal to hide Sweety. But why? ... Ah, I see her coming."

A diffuse nebula appeared, forming a frame.

A being in a human frame, surrounded by super long hair. But ... she had small bald spots at her head, the hair was not complete, and she had black stains at her skin. Ari0nne recognized unhealed wounds. The whole being was very beautiful, despite of these damages. And the hair, part of it gleamed from the inside. It had a spiritual radiation! This hair must live.

She seemed to be very young and infinite wise. What a mixture! But also fragile, scared, like someone who wanted to hide herself.

Ari0nne never had seen such a beautiful being before.

And Jasmin?

Jasmin is another talk. And if I look into a mirror ... there is no competition in beauty between infinite beings.


Ari0nne explored Sweety. She perceived the infinity of her self. But something was strange. Sweety's spiritual connection included big holes. There was no life inside these holes, they were elements of death. Some of them had an infinite depth.

"Sweety, what happened with you?"

"A predator entity. She has destroyed me almost. But then, my little finite beings found a way to help me. A virus, to small to be perceived by him. An elementary spiritual element of the ghost world, a ghost. A dying ghost. It grabbed him and let him collapse.


"He or she or it. That's not important. I am female, and I hate destruction, mainly caused my male entities. Almost all wars are performed by them. And if they escape the destruction and evolve into higher entities, what do you think they are doing?

After that, I developed me, but I could it do only with the rest of me that remained."

"Your spiritual connection, it lives. But that something can happen that is so cruel ... if I go inside you, I can barely bear it."

"Now I am a being of life and I carry the death inside me. Am I now the God of all my beings? Giving them life and monitoring their dead? What do you want to do with me? I do not match the concept of the great cosmology. Will you absorb me? Then be careful, absorbing the dead inside me ... I don't know, if you will survive it, how great you ever may be. I do not recognize your great, but I feel it, please, I feel sympathy with you, and I don't know why, please, I do not want you being dead."

"No, I am just curious. My life is very new ... I am a baby entity and I want to learn.  Arianne knows about you, I see your connection with the existence."

Both have spoken loud, so all the monks could hear it. They knew already Sweety as a spiritual being, but Ari0nne? What a great being she must be, if she even was able to absorb Sweety?

The monks felt down to their knees, prayed to Ari0nne. "Please, please, please, please let her alive. We can not imagine to be without her, without the jewel of our life, no, without her, that would not be a life for us."

"Calm down. I do not want a suicide. Your Sweety, she belongs to you. I will not hurt her. Continue exploring your steps of enlightenment. To understand me, you maybe need another 187 steps. I am patient."

Monks: "We fear that she can be killed. The monster was not alone, it was a part of a gang. The dome of power. They were 13, now they are 12. They will not give up, until they have found Sweety."

"Such a concentration of power? In the infinity it could be possible. But how they act, it violates the rules of Arianne."

Sweety: "And if a guardian of the laws of nature is involved?"

"That could be a problem. But Arianne will not tolerate it, unless ..."

Ari0nne seemed to be very thoughtful. She couldn't feel Arianne, as if she was absent. Otherwise any element of the existence witnessed her.

Then she felt that the space-time was changing. So great changes that she got a little scared.

Ari0nne got scared?

Yes, she is not as cool as she should be. Remember, she is a baby compared with most of the other high level entities. Just born by a dream. Many things are new for her.
Arianne was not perceptible. By the hell, where she can find help?

No, no, no, stay away. I am here. A R I - Z E R O -  N N E.  And keep away from this zero!

But fighting a war, she did not want that.

Sweety: "I feel them. They have found me. This will be my end :-(((. But without a battle they will not get me. A few of them I will take with me, the dead part of me,  it will touch them ..."

Ari0nne: "Please be calm. I am still here. Do you really not know who I am? I am A R I - Z E R O -  N N E!"

Sweety: "Your name, it matches Arianne almost."

A: "Yes, Sweety. But Arianne is not a part of me, I was born by her dreams. And by the dreams of Ennaira. Later I will tell you more. You can destroy one of the aggressors? They are beings of a higher level of infinity!

The virus, they may have found defensive measures. But ... I see it already. Parts of you reach into the continuum and in higher levels of infinity. They are fragments only. A complete development was not possible any more. Oh, Sweety, what they have done with you ... I am so horrified."

Plumps. Suddenly Ari0nne sat down on the floor. She felt the pain, after having explored all of this telepathic. But then she found her self again.

"Are you materialized completely, Sweety, in all of your self?"

"Yes, I feared to let something out there, they could absorb it."

"Then it is good. I create a blue ball of security. They can not reach the inside of the sphere. It is infinite in all dimensions and ultimate, although it looks so small and modest. The predators, I do not know exactly what I will do with them. But they can not catch you. If they destroy me, then the ball will enter the interior of the plane and move to Arianne's home. And believe me, with the chunks inside the plane they will have no pleasure. If they should be able to enter it, which should be impossible. But there are so much impossible things ..."

"They can destroy you? You will resist? Fight against them?"

"Sweety, I am an ultimate being. If I die as an individual, the dream of Arianne and Ennaira will push me back again into the existence. A reproduction of me. Or a regeneration."

"And all you memories? Are they not lost then?"

"I think they can recovered by the entities of time, or by the archivist.  So I will feel no difference ... although, it could be another soul. But in this case Arianne can think me back into my own life. On this level it needs no time paradox to get me back again. I am immortal as long as Arianne thinks me."

"But there could be a double identity, a self of you with the experience of the dead. Oh no, I do not want this for your. Believe me, I know what it means to have a dead experience inside. So, please, let me get my fate and you will live."

"I do not allow a sacrifice of you! If you sacrifice your self, then it makes no sense that I exist. Go into the sphere, please, or I will push you into."

Ari0nne can push a higher level entity? Yes, she can do it. And she did.

"So, Monks, Sweety is safe. And the battle? I try to fight it inside higher dimensions, maybe you will perceive nothing about it."

It was not so difficult as she feared. Her thoughts created frontiers. The predators had to move inside.  She formed the frontiers into circles, so that the end was matching the begin.
Circular space-time.

Then she put negative energy inside the circles and they began to rotate inverse. The resulting forces were so strong that they sucked in the monsters.
The space-time around them collapsed into a multi-dimensional black hole. A possibility to held all the energy of the predators inside, so they could not use it against Ari0nne.

There was no exit inside the black hole. And the singularity inside annihilated them.

Ari0nne felt so bad.

She had killed higher level beings and she felt like a murderer ... It is not easy for a being who only wants to live and to support other living beings to do something like this.
Who can help her against this pain? No one, she had to overcome it alone ...

Another thought. She had to take care about the little beings in the time strings of the dead. She could give the evolution another direction, so that lead may no lead to so much destruction ...

After all, she could give the monks their beloved Sweety back.

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