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Sweety and Weepy.

Weepy met Sweety in a Cafe, and they started a dialogue about life and dead.

Sweety and Weepy

Sweety alone in a Cafe in a finite human shape. Inside one of her galaxies, in a universe which still had billion of years to live. So everything seemed to be okay, but were the things really how they seemed to be?

Think about an owl ... and there was an owl in the tree just 50 yards behind her!

Mythology ... Sweety is a being between the worlds.

Sweety felt pain, all these wounds which do not heal, the dead parts gnawing at her self. Wave pains floated through her body, infinite strong. It was not so bad that she was in danger to lose her consciousness, but it hurt. Tears were running down her beautiful face.

She needs a doctor. But which doctor could help her? She is an infinite being and her problems are related to space and time.

Someone gently wiped the tears out of her eyes. Surprised she looked up. She saw a foreign woman with long flowing red hair, or a lot of hair with a woman inside? The hair must touch the ground, it was shining like a sunset. And now the hair covered the face of the foreign woman, her eyes  were hidden ...

The hair fell into Sweety's face. Touching her wounded eyes ... and taking the tears away.

Carefully the woman took her hair aside. Now Sweety could see an eye, a nose, a part of her face ... and now both eyes.

Sweety did not know her. Strange, the stranger seemed to be infinitely sad and full of  life, and she looked a little bit tearful. No real tear could be seen, it was wet around her eyes.
The hair, she must have dried her eyes with her hair ... it was a little bit wet.

And ... no clothes could be seen, only hair. The hair surrounded her body completely. Similar like Sweety's own hair does it.

"Hello Sweety, do you allow me to sit beside you?"

S: "Yes, please. Please can you tell me, who you are? I feel a giant potential. You are much more than only a simple being."

W: "I have a counter question for you. Are you a simple being?"

Sweety had so smile. No, that she was not.

S: "Okay, then we both are special. Are you an infinite being?"

W: "Yes, I am, like you."

Oh, this foreign women knew much about her.

S: "Please, tell me who you are."

W: "Before doing this, I would like to know, what you see in me."

Sweety now looked directly into the eyes of the foreign woman. Foreign? Something dawned inside her self.

S: "Weepy? You are Weepy!"

W: "Yes, I am."

Now it was her to be surprised. But is it even possible to surprise Weepy?

S: "Weepy, you are the being of death. Are you come to fetch me?"

W: "Maybe. I want to talk with you. You have been terrible battered and the pain which you feel ... the death could be a relaxation for you. Let us talk. We have to speak about some important things, which do not effect us only."

S: "Not only us? Am I a danger for the existence, because parts of me are dead? Ari0nne knows me already and she let me go."

W: "Parts of you are dead, but they are not captured by the transcendence, not by Persephonia, not by the Characteristicum. There is no relation to white or black lodges, dark or bright worlds, whatever exist to capture the dead. This is very unusual."

S: "Yes, I know. The dead has visited me already and he touched me. But because my connection is disturbed, he could not take me away. After I hit his but he has gone voluntarily." *grin*

W: "You have survived a touch of the death? I do not know any creature which is able to do this."

S: "Yet, now you know one. *grin*. But what happened with the death? He seemed to be disappeared."

W: "I know. It is now me."

S: "I understand. But what will happen with me? Do you want to touch me?"

W: "Yes, but not for taking you away. I like you."

Sweety looked at Weepy. Then she was shaken by a pain wave and she had to cry.

W: "Ouuuuuchhh. Please, please do not look at me with all this pain in your eyes! It hurts. I feel with you, in this moment. We have sensitive telepathic contact!"

Then Weepy closed her eyes. Thick tears were running out of her eyelids.

Sweety felt strange but lovely touched. Yes, Weepy, if she was crying, she could kill her. Therefore Weepy closed her eyes very strong. But these tears, they were tears of  care.
Maybe Sweety could survive the weeping eyes of Weepy, she had already resist the death. But she did not risk this. Weepy's tears could be ultimately.

A weeping angel?

Maybe, Weepy considered as the angle of death ... but if there exist other weeping angels? Who knows.

The time passed. Then the time of tears was over.

Weepy opened her eyes again.

W: "Sweety, I had to cry for you. You live, although a part of you is dead. You are a being that lives and who is dead at the same time. And you are no Zombie, which is hold together by paranormal complications. You are the prove for the existence of Schrödinger's cat. I remember this analogy, created in a little world. A little world with great visions, somewhere localized  in the depth of the infinities."

S: "I am not the Characteristicum."

W: "The Characteristicum is different. Generally spoken, she is involved in a higher level of cosmology comprising life and dead. So she can not be interpreted to live or to be dead in a simple way, like beings of the existence try to understand it.  Live and dead are just interpretations of her intersection with the existence, and both are only a limited sight of view of her nature."

S: "And I?"

W: "You have the experience of life and dead inside. That is even more than I have learned. I am a being of death but I live. Your dead part can be compared with Persephonia's nature. But take care, Persephonia is Arianne's ultimate being of death."

S: "And you? How can you be a being of death and live at the same time?"

W: "I capture the area of death but it is not a part of my nature."

S: "Weepy *sigh*. How can I understand this? And I ... the death is a part of my nature. Why does it not tear me into pieces?"

W: "You have a very strong living soul inside, Fragile. And you are protected by the love entity."

S: "Protected by the love entity?"

W: "Yes, she intervened for you.  And which higher cosmic being should ever handle against explicit wishes of the love entity? It is rooted by the fact, that all your little beings in your time streams love you so much."

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