Arianne 220 - Spiritual Sexuality

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Spiritual Sexuality

Midnight, darkness around. A little bit light was seen through the window, in a night without clouds. The stars could be seen. Stars, so far away. Wasn't there a deep longing inside to reach them?

Romeo and Lisa were sitting near by each other, given themselves warmth and confidence, not to be alone. What a different contrast to a lonely soul. They could see the light inside the beloved human being.

Beautiful feeling were flowing through their bodies. From the feet to the top of the head and back through the arms and legs and ... Why couldn't they be a love couple? To be lost in the feelings of love.

This unknown destiny. They were caught in a cage. They didn't know if they will survive the next day.

Lisa: "Please, let as be nude, "

Romeo: "But ... "

Lisa. "Are you ashamed being nude?" She was smiling in the darkness and Romeo could see her smile. "I love your body and please, let me see. I want to kiss your skin"

Romeo: "You mean ..."

Lisa: "Isn't it allowed to love us? Let us touch, feel our naked skin, touching it, caressing it. Do you know how much girls embrace each other? And how often they have no problems to be nude together? For this night, maybe ... feel like my beloved girl friend. Aren't you feminine sometimes? If you let your unlimited beautiful hair down, no one would see you different from a girl."

Romeo: "You think ..."

Lisa: "Yes, I think."

Romeo: "I believe they observe us, with a hidden camera."

Lisa: "Let them try. They will see nothing more than a lot of hair."

Romeo: "But ... how do you know this?"

Lisa: "The hair, they are whispering with me."

Romeo: "The hair...". He was looking inside ... and ... then he felt it. Words as symbols. Feelings. He understood.
<< There is nothing as it seemed to be, not at all for the people standing outside >>

Both felt it. They were protected in their cage! All fear disappeared and made place for the joy, the joy to be together.

Only covered by hair. Softly they were caressing the naked skin of the other one. Suddenly there was enough light to see the beauty.
The moon appeared! Just in the right moment. But what a light ... it seemed to go through their bodies and touching their souls. Little earthquakes happened there. They got lost in the feelings ... and ... it was so beautiful. They felt their bodies like heaven. And in between, floating spirituality, common with each other and the whole universe, inside the birth place of life. No imagination of any paradise could ever reach these feelings.

The moon is responsible for that.

But there is no blame. Isn't it beautiful to feel common with the essence of life? To see the body of the beloved one in it's full beauty?

Romeo was whispering quiet: "Lisa, it is infinite beautiful. Our bodies, they are the most beautiful gift that the Universe has given to us."

Lisa: "Yes, I love your body, your hair, the naked skin. And I feel you beside me, your soul, your whole self. I love you."

Then they were quiet, resting in feelings. Their thoughts, they didn't need words, they felt the thoughts of the other one ... and the soul. Like a gate of heaven has been opened for them.

R: "We love us. There are no words to describe this beauty and no one disturbs us. No morals guardians, that will accuse us for violating their rules. Do you know how they are punishing love couples that are forbidden? To push the love out of the body, they are so cruel."

L: "Yes, I know, love couples between girls or men, or if other social rules do not allow it. And even in our case, we are only caressing our skin and bodies. We have sexuality for joy, not for children. They do not understand the difference, or, they do not accept it"

R: "Love between us, it is not allowed. We are not married and we are not blessed for having children. But I feel not bad with you. And maybe this is the last night for us. We don't think about children. We simple want to love us."

Lisa and Romeo felt a touch, a spiritual touch.

L: "Do you feel her? She is with us."

There was a message ... coming from Arianne.

L: "Romeo, Arianne communicates with us!"

The consciousness of both was growing at infinity. They felt the whole existence and the life inside it, and ... the being of existence.

Then a colorful wave was moving to our lovers.

R: "Lisa, it is a pain wave of Arianne. I feel it ... but it doesn't hurt me. Arianne is protecting us. She is carrying the pain ... she must been hurt very seriously."

<< Hello, Romeo and Lisa. It is aching, aching infinitely. But it doesn't kill me, I am more than any infinity ever could be. It is the reflection of the existence inside me. And because I live, I feel all the pain inside it. Don't fear this wave, I am protecting you. Nothing can hurt you, I love you. You can help me, if you want it, in your dreams. Help the people, which you see there. You help me, because any being is a part of me. And if you believe you can not do it, call me for help. In you dreams. >>

The first dream

Both were sleeping now. They embraced each other, covered only by the hair.
The darkness disappeared. Where are they now?

A love couple was seen, somewhere in a dark cellar. Both were nude and they hadn't much time. They should be executed for being a love couple, that was not authorized by the rulers. And for loving their life and for not believing in the great Grandfather of All.

What a failing behaviour.

Are they sisters and brothers? No. Male and female.

But ... now four people where in the room.

Romeo and Lisa and .... ?

"Who are you? The door was not opened, who did you come in? Are we dreaming?"

Romeo: "It seems so, that we are dreaming. You are in our dream and now we are also inside the dream."

"That seems to be paradox. You are dreaming and also inside the dream?"

Lisa: "Don't worry about that. Let it be."

"For us everything is real."

Lisa: "Then we jumped in your reality. But ... we are still dreaming!"

"Do you hear the traps? Only a few minutes, than they will kill us. Please, go back, otherwise this dream could change to be a nightmare for you."

Lisa: "Do you know how to go outside a dream if you are dreaming? No, that is not the problem. We have been sent ... to save you! You are so beautiful. We could carry your souls with us."

"Our souls? We don't want to be separated from our bodies, we love them so much. Because we don't carry the pain inside, they will bring it to us ... to feel the hell. Like so many people do it. To pray for the mercy of the great Grandfather."

Romeo: "We understand ... and we know, the physical body is not in contradiction to the spirituality. It is raising the spirituality and than goes common with it."

"We think so. But these are thoughts which raise a reaction to kill them, a reaction of those people who want to get power over our bodies."

Romeo: "We know it. We love our bodies too. There is infinite longing of our souls to feel the body, to love it, to be common with it. And we want to live these feelings in the world. In the afterworld, there could only be a longing for the lost. We found a goddess who protects our life, who helps us, a goddess for the life. If we feel our body like soul we have a touch with her."

"A wonderful goddess. I could love her. But didn't you talk about fantasy?"

Lisa. "How can we save your bodies and your souls through our dream? We need her help"

Romeo: "Arianne, please, please, please help us, we can not do it alone. These human beings are so beautiful, we are longing to save their life."

The door was opened and three well armed soldiers entered the room.

"What happened here? A double view? You have to be 2 not 4. We only need 2 of you. We shall correct the situation. There is not enough blood on the floor."

With a sword one of them was approaching Lisa.


It is not possible to push the nose in the empty air!

They heard a muffled rumble, then a music, that raised panic by the soldiers. They must have seen something very dreadful. As far as they could, they run away ... no, they were flying away.

Something must helped them out.

Now our four friends were alone again.

"The door is open. We can go out."

They went to the open door and ... suddenly they were in the cage again, where the dream travel started.

"Please wake up. We are now outside your dream but ... isn't this a prison again?

Romeo opened his eyes. "Where is Lisa?"

"Beside you. She is sleeping still."

Lisa opened her eyes.

The four embraced each other. A little bit more lovers in an already well known place. And a goddess that now protected four people than two before.

I like this:
Love your body

LOVE YOUR BODY (even if you are the only one who does)

Loving the body, skin and hair

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