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Firefly, the being of the ultimate fire in a burning plane.


A story about the past of the dead plane. A parallel existence beside the existence of Arianne.
A plane is the physical hard core of an existence, that maybe represented by a spiritual being.

The mighty powers of the plane. Lost in greed and unlimited self-esteem they set their own living domain on fire. A fire that could not be deleted. It burned the time and the space and even did not stop before the transcendence, the afterworld.

A fire, burning the hell?

It was strong enough. Maybe, if there was any ...

A fire, that was not describable with words or thoughts. Infinite thunder. Lightnings measured in billions of light years, and they didn't care about the limit of the velocity of light. Fire, that destroyed the space time connection.

But if it was so, that it could no longer be described, where you know about it then?

Considered from far away ...

An infinite fire?

Requires an infinite remote distance. This distance has to be, otherwise it would engulf the observer.

So, the infinite fire, viewed from an infinite distance?

A simple infinity is not enough. Inside the plane you could not escape the fire, not even in an infinite distance.

But who told you, that there is one existence and nothing more?

Viewing the fire from another existence?

So another life could see what will happen if everything was burned.

But ... not everything was burned ...

Yes, I know. A Janine has survived. And an infinite being called SofXty.

Do you know why they survived? And are you sure that these were the only ones?


With the fire he got a shape. The more it spread and won density.
When it was large enough to reach through all levels of infinity, the fire raised a spirit. A spirit that was aware about himself.

At the beginning he had no name. He recognized himself as the fire, produced by the destruction of a plane. Then he saw the ghosts that drifted through the fire. The ghosts raised by dead. Ghosts, who could not find a resting place, because the afterworld was burning also. The fire pushed them from here to there and back again. He recognized fragments of memories and made himself an image of what could have been before.  A strange world. Almost frozen, cold and static, motionless. No hyper tornadoes of whirling fire, nothing that should be mentioned. Frozen in a time that moved slowly forward. But there was something ... something living, beings with a consciousness. Yes, that must have been.

He wondered about the term << living >>. It came from the memories of the ghosts. What did it mean? A << consciousness >>, it must have been something that he knew about his own self.

How could that have been?  With so less changes, movements? In his own area everything was completely different, infinite rivers of fire, infinite strong forces. The prerequisite for creating an infinite being like him. A << being >>? A being of fire? He thought about the past before the fire. The past, as it was in the memories of the ghosts. There must have been finite beings with a consciousness. A very strange thought. The time he perceived now ... it seemed to be infinite. Was it living?

Just born and already so many questions. Why did he care about the past? There was fire enough in his own area.

But, this fire ... must it find and end? If the whole plane is burned off? If the source of the fire disappeared?

He recognized that his existence could be finite. Instead of all these infinities he had seen. If the fire goes out, he will stop thinking and loose his own consciousness. Yes, he was a fire being, that means, he must terminate if the existence is burned off.

A fact. He took it to knowledge. Nothing that worried him.
He was already the element of ultimate destruction, so what should frighten him there.

If it was over then the fire didn't need a consciousness, otherwise, the consciousness of an empty fire? No, no, a consciousness of the empty, he did not need it. Wondrous only that an infinite plane could burn in a finite time.

There must have been beings in time, before it burned off, beings with a consciousness, it made him curious.

Because he too had a consciousness. Beings with a consciousness feel lonely, if there are no other beings with the same thing.

There must have been more. Inside the time even infinity beings must have existed, and many little beings. From the memories of the ghosts he won terms like << life >>.
They had a life and a << soul >> and an << existence >>. Oh, how much he liked it to meet one of these beings.

They fascinated him. But the fire, which represented him and which was his foundation, it didn't let such beings exist. For the first time he experienced something like frustration.

He looked around, in the burning plane.
There was something different! Not everything was burned off. There existed islands ... in his consciousness they appeared as dark spots. Or strings, some of them reached at infinity. Should he visit them? No, he would burn them immediately. He had to contact them out of the far ... he needed... yes, paranormal energy. It was floating around, without any goal, riding on the fire, and without an own consciousness.

Really? He was the consciousness of the fire.
Whether the paranormal energy had created him for reaching a cosnsciousness?

It seemed so. Well. He tried to breath it in ... and it worked!
It willingly ran up to him, the paranormal energy.

He pumped himself full of it ... not enough that he already wore an infinitely large part of it inside. And doing so, he took some of the ghosts in. What a screaming!

No, he didn't want to do it. The ghost burned off, nothing remained. But why did not burn the paranormal energy?
Well, it had different characteristics. Otherwise it would not give him.

One of these dark islands. It was already surrounded by the fire. In no time it will be burned off.
No, he did not want that ... and ordered the fire to disappear from this place. It withdrew from there, as if the islands would consist of water.

Water? He looked  into the memories that raged through the fire. No ghost was thinking about water. Where did this term come from?

Well, he did not have to know everything. He had power over the fire, that was enough for now. Why not, he as the self-awareness of the fire.

Then he saw the little beings in the just saved enclave. They were terribly helpless, so helpless in view of the forces that raged around them. But he liked them. A feeling that suddenly appeared inside him. He liked the feeling and realized it was the understanding of the little creatures that made up these feelings. He felt with them and it took place in his own consciousness. So he learned to feel.

There was another feeling, the feeling of dead. It was not dangerous for him, because he couldn't die, only getting out. Nevertheless, it made him sad. A feeling that required an reaction.

He decided to protect them, to preserve their lives. Therefore he had to hide them before the ultimate fire. And that means before him.

This may have an influence for his own. If he was burning all these dark spots maybe he will get an infinite existence.
But wasn't this an illusion? At one point everything of the existence will be burned off and the fire will get out.

Another solution. He could preserve dark spots and burn them off later. If the fire went out at other places. So the whole fire will never go out.

No! He did not like these thoughts. His power was already ultimate and unlimited. And his own visions? Nothing but destruction? Installing a continuous cycle of growth and decay? Only to exist forever?

Existence? The fire existed and was thus a part of the existence, the part which was burning.
But if the existence was burned off completely ... then the existence of a fire will terminate.

It would turn out.

And then what?

Dead. All beings dead. No chance of a new beginning remains.

This view, he did not like it. No, he refused to play fate. If these dark enclaves survive the fire ... then there will be ...
Not for him! But for the others. It was better if they had a chance to exist then everything was dead and unchangeable.

So he decided to give up himself for the further existence of beings.

From vacuum fluctuations he had nothing heard yet. Otherwise he should know that an eternal dead is impossible.

But that is not the question. He liked these little creatures that gave him so many feelings and he wanted that they got a new chance. Yes, just these little creatures, not anything else created out of vacuum fluctuations. Pooh! A vacuum fluctuation against the fire, which he represented, absolutely meaningless.

They called him Firefly. So he might have appeared to them. He communicated in thoughts, sometimes directly by the fire which they handled locally, e.g by smoking a cigarette. Many of the affected became a convinced non smoking spontaneously. He told them what they had to do to survive the fire.

Sometimes they didn't recognize the difference of this impact to their own thoughts.

And so he learned an infinite being named SofXty, how to survive the ultimate destruction together will all their little creatures in her rivers of times. And she was not the only one ...

As the fire expired, he got lost. But there was life hidden in the endless domains of the burned plane ... waiting for a spark to give it a second chance ...