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A witch resisted the fire and got help from Arianne against the laws of nature.

Hexa and Annaria

Hexa and Annaria. A love couple for eternity, sponsored by the love entity. Which other love couple could say this?

Now it was time that Hexa unveiled herself to the beings, to the beings living in her river of time. She did not want to be in secret, denying her existence. To be hidden before the life. No, she was Hexa, and she had a personality. A personality who did not want to be harmful for the living creatures.

And, she did not want to lead them to hell. She wanted to give them help to overcome problems with their intelligence, inside their lifes.
And the afterlife? She had not left the hell to waste her time for questions like this.

She has contradicted the devil and objected the hell and now she wanted to live inside the existence, not in a spiritual afterworld. She wished so much to be accepted, to be loved, she felt so much love for others.

So it came as it had to come. She was arrested, convicted, and tied to a pole. Surrounded by a pyre.

"Hexa, Noooooooooooooooo !!!"

Annaria screamed as loud as she could. But it did not help.

The Great Inquisitor set the pyre on fire. The fire devoured Hexa .

But it was strange, different than usual. Not a sound was heard, not a victim, who screamed out his deadly torments, nothing.
Only the crackling of the fire was heard.

Fire and smoke. Hexa was not seen any more.

The smoke twisted and at the bottom, but there was something ...
Incredulous astonishment came from the crowd ... and ... fear.

Hexa sat there, completely naked, the clothes were burned. But her hair ... her skin ... everything was still there. She seemed to be a little sooty, but uninjured.

She looked exhausted, but she lived.
Hexa stood up.

"Do you got what you wanted?"

The crowd was silent. Only the higher preacher found his speech back, as always ... "You, you ... you must be burned"

" As it always happens, if you burn a witch ?"

"What ... what happened here? Are you a goddess?"

"If I was a goddess ... what should I do with you? Take your blame on me, that you may not get your punishment ? No. I am a witch. A real witch. Have you ever tried to burn a real witch?

I see it in your eyes. They were lost beings, a little too wise for your simple mind.

Sometimes not wise enough to be silent. That was her crime. And ... what I am? You do not know me, but you have condemned me. Only driven by the feeling, to be right, under all circumstances ... and ... because yo wanted to see me suffering. Burning. The lust to kill, it is in you and you want it to live.
If it does not hit your own self."

" We ... we ... the first book of God ..."

"Do not refer to your faith. If you had understood it... Love is the goal ... and what are you doing? Oh, I'm just a witch. And for witches the laws are not valid. Where can I find in your holy books, that witches shall be burned?  Which commandment tells it? Witches are not made ​​of asbestos."

" We ... the writings of the Holy Annatobius, they condemn the demonic and demand it's destruction ."

"This guy and holy? I have seen him in hell. Only few have fallen so deep. Well, have you kept in mind that a witch knows the fires of hell very well? You can not burn me, because I am created in the fires of hell .

The poor beings you have tortured to death, there suffering was so cruel... I must cry if I think about that. Because I felt with them ... and ... I left the hell because I am looking for life... where it still can be formed. Not for destroying it, no, to help the life to find a better way."

Silence. Even the scholars didn't know to say something. A witch who has survived this fire, without any problems. Even swords melted by the fire. And she did not seem to want revenge. Just went away, in her nudity. And no one dared to stop her.

Hexa: "Annaria, I'm sorry that I have caused you pain. I had to show them where they stand and what their limitations are.
The one or the other thing it will cause.  And if not ... no faith can bring so much forgiveness for all these crimes.
It  is a spark, a spark I've thrown to them."

Annaria: "Hexa, it has hurt me so much to see you into the fire... I love you so ... Please, please never let me so alone in my love again. Tell me, what you are planning. I ... we ... I want to be with you, I want to share everything ... loving you and loving and loving and loving ...

Hexa: "Annaria ... I am new in this world. It is different, it differs from the one I know. Please forgive me. I thought, if it only affect myself, I can not hurt another being. I see my mistake, please my love, please forgive me."

Now both were laying in the arms of the other ... and the cloak of invisibility laid over them. The love itself had spread it.

Not everything was decided. Hexa inside the domain of a cosmology, beyond her transcendent origin. As a being of the existence? There were other creatures living there ...
Some of them were beings with higher cosmic powers.
They did not accept a diabolic out coming inside the existence.

Hexa should be reduced to a being without any connection to it's origin, removing all her paranormal skills. With these connections she was able to send other creatures to hell. An undercover agent of the devil? No, that can not be tolerated. At the end she will be a finite being without any power. So that no one had to fear her.

Hexa: "They want to castrate me, to mutilate me, until I fit their imaginations .. .
Safe for them, obedient, devoutly,  reverent. As Gods I may worship them then."

Annaria: "No, I will not let them do this, I want you, you, you, you, just like you are, I want all of you."

Hexa: " The hell also? No, you do not want it."

Annaria :" I want you, the way you are, your personality, it is not diabolical. I am an infinite being, I feel the infinity within you. No devil is hidden there. You have the spirituality of a Janine. You wanted it and you developed yourself as you wanted to be."

If everyone would think so ...
It does not happen. The laws of existence, they do not allow it!

So once again, it was as it had to come.

A terminator was sent to the common time flow of Annaria and Hexa.

Annaria: "Do you feel it? Something great is approaching our cosmos. Probably a cosmic being of a higher level ."

Hexa. "The Terminator. He seeks me. After I refused me their demands. "

Annaria: " No, I do not let him in> I am the time and you're inside me. Do you think any higher being can move in here without my permission? The freezing in time is still the most harmless of my possibilities."

Hexa: " Annaria? You want to start a war? For saving me? No, I can not allow that."

Annaria: "And you? You will let him slaughter you ? Your soul swallowed by a cosmic wannabe ruler? Your body torn and devoured by cosmic hunters?"

Hexa: " If I defend myself , then I will to what they want to see in me. I just want to be a ... Janine and Janines are very fast ... can't they be faster than the time? "

Annaria looked at her with wide open eyes.

Annaria: "You want to be someone who is running always? Forward in time for a quantum leap? But ... then you will never find peace. And I want so much to be together with you, resting here ..."

Hexa: "If no other decision is possible? I must proof myself, inside the existence. And if it must be done in this way, then let it be. I do not want to use the hell fire to assert myself. A creature of hell, I do not want to be it any more. Not even if otherwise it should destroy me."

Annaria: "At the end you will be a ghost rider. Do you really want it?"

Hexa: "No."

Annaria: "If you're going to be destroyed, it will break my heart ... And then I'll die. ".
Hexa:" Annaria, No! That must not happen! Never !"

Hexa hugged her. Now both were very close.

<< We are lovers of eternity. We live and when we die together ... >>

<< No. Potentially immortal beings, they should not seek death. >>

<< It is so dark around us  ... I ... I... No, I do not let it happen. >>

The time broke into discrete parts with infinite depths between the units. The great wave of the alien seeped between the holes and hit the continuum. This made the plane react ... it raised an opposite wave ... the terminator was thrown away explosively.

Hexa: << Is he dead? >>

Annaria: << No, but this one, we will never see him again.  >>

It was not over yet.

<< There's another one ... a ... hunter. Annaria, he wants you ... !!!>>

<< Help!!! He grabbed me!!!. He wants to destroy me ... the time ... it is ... >>

Hexa reacted instinctively, she could not let that happen. A stream of hell fire hit the hunter . .. and pushed him directly into hell.

Dialogue in Hell.>

<<Oh ... Where I am? >>

<< Where you belong to. But it is too early. Annaria has sent you. What is coming from her ... you must harassed her very dreadful. I should tear you into pieces.

But ... she is more important ... this would do harm to her. I will send you back to another place, the existence is a very big zoo. For animals like you. You will never find her again and if ... this is a threat, I do it only one time. >>

Hexa : "Annaria , how are you Annaria, my love, my sweet little love Annaria, please say something, please, please>, please live ... ".

Hexa caressed her softly, hold she in her arms. Tears run out of her eyes, over the face, dropping down to Annaria. She was so still, so terrible still.

Wasn't there some Magic in the tears?

Hexa: "If  you're dead, I'll bring you back, and if  I may have to go through the hell again, or down to Persephonia ..."

Annaria opened her eyes.

"No, I'm not dead just a little exhausted. You'd do that for me ...?"
The lovers of eternity. They had defended their lifes , but using forbidden forces. Including infinitely strong black magic.


Another woman materialized. Now they were three. Annaria , Hexa and ...?

<< I am Arianne >>

<< Hexa, I want you here with me, inside my existence, and I bid you welcome. The Love Entity has visited me, she came through for you.
Your personality and your power, it will not be reduced. I trust you. >>

Annaria, you will teach her what she needs to full fill her task as a Janine. And she is invited to the school of Janines in my home. I invite you both and if you are absent, Losty will take care of your time stream. Losty is an infinite being similar like me, no one will be able to be harmful to your domain if she is standing there, and she will lead your beings to the light as you have done it always. And now to your love, I like it, let it bloom and get your force from it. You will need it.

The existence is not self evident, it has to confirm itself. It can hurt you very strong, but it also gives life and happiness. The only thing I wish from you, never give up. You have the power to lead your self and your beings to a higher level of understanding. So if you think it must be, break the rules. But never in the intention to get everything for your own. You don't need it. If the problems grow too big, please call for me.

Whether the devil could feel something like satisfaction now? Hexa was his creation. Since Arianne had accepted her, she was protected and in safety.
Protected from the depths of the hell and the existence. May be, once a time Hexa will raise doubts of his own existence. But the contradiction inside her, now it was a part of the existence. If it will learn to handle it, it can only be helpful.

No, he had Hexa not created to carry his doubts about the existence inside there.

Also a devil has its dreams, and they may be different from what constitutes its essence. And it is the curiosity, that did not stop before the devil.

How can a ghost be curious, who always denies?

That's the thing *grin*

A contradiction, which arises from the hell, that is itself a contradiction of the existence. What can it cause?
It is not derivable from the streams of time.

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