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Arianne 255 En - Darky and Photonia 02

Photonia detects a tunnel to a plane of existence without a spiritual being.

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Photonia in dialogue with the darkness

<< Darky, this tunnel, it is accessible and yet I should not enter this area? >>

It leads to something I wanted to show you later.


It leads to a plane of existence. An existence without a spiritual awareness.

<< I am a spiritual consciousness ... but without a plane ... What is a plane of existence? >>

A plane of existence. It is the physical part.
The spiritual part is anchored in it, and both together make an existence.

<< An existence ... I've always been ​​alone ... maybe ... a plane has been missing to me? But, if I had, I'm still free? >>

The freedom manifests itself in your possibilities. There are no frontiers, it's you setting frontiers. Without frontiers limited beings can not exist. And they are the roots for any evolution of your individual cosmos.  See here, between the planes of the Supra cosmos, only you exist and what you wear inside.  Everything is yours. And this makes your problems. Yo can not get distance, looking at the things from afar you. You are present in all what you are thinking, and any thought of you is existence. You question already what you are creating, how shall things ever go on?

<< And with a plane everything is different? I can look at it from the outside and what is in it? That can not be a solution for all. >>

No. It is not. Planes can go up in flames, they can die, becoming shallows of death. And everything that is possible happens.

<< That does not sound good. If I tear, then ... Yes, what happens then with me? >>

You die, but you can not forget. Everything boils down to you from one to the other end of your infinities, without that you could take a hold on it. Believe me, it's a nightmare, I do not want it for any creature.

<< I am a creature?>>

Not really. You are the first and the last eternity in a personal union. You are a kind of before-the-things-can-run and a kind of after-all-is-gone, a spiritual floating ghost which is able to create beings and give them a life. And you participate with your creations. They are a part of your own life. You live with and through them. In this sense you are the mother of all creations that are possible inside your own self, and any of your thought about your self, creates a living entity thinking about you.


<<And you? You are the darkness. You help the dead to forget, that they are dead? And then? >>

I dont know. Also, my horizon is a horizon. Forgetting, it terminates the things. There is no spiritual continuation. And after nothing is stored, memorized, noone remembers, it passed. I even forget it over time ... and then it was never done. That is the sound of infinity, I feel it. And you, you are an infinite being, there are no frontiers that determine your self. But there are fragile things in any self and monsters outside, not even I know about them. Infinity is not the ultimate security for existing always. You need to be non periodic, otherwise the ever changing infinity inside you will carry you away. You can get lost in it. And what that means for you? I can not follow you to get an answer, even the death will stay outside.

<< But space and time, they were once ... there are no memories? Has not any being memories of what has been? >>

In my darkness ... if a being wants it that way ... I hide it in the darkness and then the memories disappear with time.

<< But hiding and finish, that's not the same. >>

Yet, hiding leads to an end. After an infinite time, all memories dissapear. They dry up.

<< After an infinite time ... I understand you, because I am an infinite being. Infinity sometimes disappears ... As a photon is absorbed. And I, named Photonia for nothing? No, I am a photon, without a proper space and time and I thing there must be something. And if I think I feel that I am. Relative existence. If there is something more behind? I dont know, but you? What are you, Darky? >>

Photonia, you must never be absorbed. I do not want that!

<< Never? Does this apply to all infinities? And at the end of the ages? The fluctuations of the monotony, they do not just prevent an infinite being? No, I'm aware of my infinity and my transience. Infinity, I need it to see no limits, which are insurmountable. Then I created limits in which finite beings are living.

And what are they doing? They accuse me. I am imperfect, I make mistakes in my omniscience, I do not respect their problems. They strive for perfection but only because they feel so imperfect. Perhaps a time will come in which I call you, because I want to forget me. >>

Photonia. I'm the darkness, but I see the feelings inside the beings, I see the light and you shine so bright. Do you know anything more terrible than a darkness that is only unique? I almost never communicate with the beings of existence, but sometimes, sometimes I love them so much that I must do it.

<< Darky ... I was never loved. You touch me in a way I did not know. That you care so much about me ... >>


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