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Arianne 257 En - Darky and Photonia 04

Photonia met Annabius and Chickenia.

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Annabius and Chickenia

Why do you ask so many questions ... just see.

Photonia: << Did you hear that, Darky? >>

Darky: << Yes, it was a thought, just for you, individually. The plane has contacted you. Think only. It will understand you. That the plane responds with thoughts, it surprises me a little. >>

Photonia: << But all these soldiers here, they are waiting for something, that comes from me >>

Let it be. Time is standing still.

Photonia looked around. Yes, everything was frozen.

<< Darky? >>

No reaction.

All right, then only we two.

We two. Yes. Please come over ...

The continuum, it got transparent, for her as a spiritual being. It allowed her to enter. Behind there was a depth that made Photonia dizzy. No, she was not afraid. She herself had such depths inside. Depths that could never be explored. Depths that constantly were changing and became deeper and deeper. The exploding power sets of infinities.

The permeability of the continuum, it must have been an invitation, an invitation to come into the interior of the plane.

Fear? No, Curiosity. Photonia could not resist and she diffused into the interior of the plane.

Depths and shallows, tunnels, mazes, sub-levels and luminous effects. Spirits? She herself was a ghost! No, there were fairies! Billions of tiny fairies.

Where did they all come from?

Photonia got lost in the infinities of the plane. She would have never find a way back to the outer side again. The fairies, they showed her the way.

Where do I go?

Where do you want.

Is there a center? Where is the center?

The center of infinity.

An image appeared inside her mind. A room, beautifully decorated with sculptures that seemed to represent living creatures. Living beings of the plane? And ... a single being on a podium ... She looked so still, so motionless. A touch of eternity was floating around her, but everything seemed to be frozen. A being more beautiful than Photonia had ever seen in her infinities.

Yes, she used to be.

She was?

She is dead.

Sadness, infinite sadness. Feelings, deeper than the death. It was not her feelings, no, it never could be her feelings. Falling into this ... not even her worst nightmares were comparable.

These feelings, they are not yours. You must not take them as yours, they would kill you.

What happened there?

Please do not ask further, the answer ... please ... not now. Come on, please find us.

Even an infinite being as Photonia could be restrained.
The Fairies made a passage and Photonia followed the path.
A room, a finite room in an infinite sphere. And in there ... two small, finite beings! A man and a woman.

A love couple! It could not be otherwise. Just as they touched each other and how they looked into their eyes.
Photonia felt the love.

We are welcoming you. You've found us. We are Annabius and Chickenia.

I am Photonia.

We welcome you, Photonia.

The plane, it talked about you to me?

Yes, we are creatures of the plane. She has born us, all alone, without spiritual help, and she is very proud. We love she, our plane.


Yes, SHE is.

Your plane, I saw a fire there ...

There are many fires. It can be self-inflammation of the vacuum. Or entities that have become too mighty and so powerful that they have self-ignites.

Can the fire destroy your plane?

The fire, they come and they pass away, if there is nothing left to burn. Do not worry about it. If it is completely out of control, for every fire there is a positive probability that a new vacuum fluctuation will delete it. And the plane is infinitely large. So each probability is realized.

Not every fire can be deleted. Think about Firefly.

Firefly? There are other events necessary to make him appear. If the plane is lost completely and if the dead replaces the being of existence, and if the fire reaches in all infinities of the plane. And last not least, if Weepy is out of the rules.


The being of tears. Her tears are able to delete a fire and she can replace the dead.

But this is speculation, yes, even infinite beings can speculate. Lets dedicate our thoughts to us and to you.

Oh! We see fire in you, Photonia, injuries that do not heal. You are in serious danger.

I know. This is my inner conflict. The try and error of my existence.

The plane could heal you if you open yourself to her.

And then what happens to me? Am I then a part of the plane and the plane a part of me?

This must no be. The plane is offering you her help. She likes you. Your spirituality, it is invigorating to her. So you've already helped the plane.

Although I did not reveal myself?

Yes. It is you, being here.

So she has already recognized me?

Since you entered the plane.

What happened with Darky?

He is outside the continuum on the surface of the plane. He is searching you.

Please, let him come to me. I love him.

Love? Yes, we understand *smile*. But love of the darkness? Photonia, are you sure that you know what you are doing?

Can I be wrong so much? No. I ... I want him.

The darkness?

No, the love.

<< Photonia? >>

<< Darky, I am so happy to get you back again! Thank you so much, Annabius and Chickenia! >>

And what will you do now? Back in your tunnel?

Photonia: We ... I am curious.

Annabius and Chickenia: Oh, if that's all. We can show you the plane. What she is and what she should have been.

Ph: You look so small, as finite beings. Do you know what we are?

A & Ch: A being of existence and Darky, the darkness ... not only evil in it, it is also the darkness of oblivion.

Ph: Darky, the bad?

A & Ch: The darkness, it has taken she from us. And now? Everything that once was spiritually, the souls of the plane, everything is dead.

Ph: Darky?

Darky: There was darkness in the nature of the beings. The light did not light it up. I take on only, I do not influence things.

A & Ch: And why you did not help her? You could have done it.

D: I ... she ... she did not want it.

Ph: The souls of the plane are dead? ... but you, you live!"

A & Ch: We have a consciousness, but not a soul. The big connection, it is no more.

Ph: And all the beings that I have seen in the plane? Are they Zombies at all?

No, they do not represent life in a dead body. Many of them have a consciousness, but no soul. Consciousness assumes no spirituality and no life. They are biological-chemical structures in a physical environment. The structures are the result of movement and interactions, stochastic fluctuations, conditional probabilities. Non-linear interactions and self-reflections can result in a consciousness.

A world without a Being of Existence. The large connection in all, it does no longer exist. We are a discrete world, consisting of nothing but independent parts.

The finite beings do not even notice the difference. They were born and they pass. Whether there is something outside their existence, it is not perceivable for them and irrelevant. The world, it does not look different for them if there is a spiritual connection or not.

With you everything is different. Your existence is spiritual. All your creatures, they have a soul, a part of you, you are the connection of ALL. Everything inside you is full of life.

Ph: This can not be the full truth. You are the consciousness of the plane, you are the connection.

A & Ch: We are the answer to the question, why the plane should continue to exist. Why existence should be. We remind the plane of what has been lost and where the development of the cosmos can go. But we are not the connection of the plane, that we can not be. It is far too big for us.

Ph: Perhaps you see yourselves too small. It is difficult to recognize the own size when comparisons are lacking. But you are very special. You are a love couple! Do you ever heard about the lovers of eternity?

A & Ch: Oh, the love. She is very beautiful. We love each other. It is wonderful not to be alone, to love and be loved. And we love our plane and she loves us. But lovers of eternity? That sounds to be something more.

Ph: Oh no. Any love couple has a touch to this eternity. Otherwise love would not exist.

Ph: Love without spirituality? Are you sure?

Darky: What do you know about the being of love? Do you have knowledge about the Love Entity?

A & Ch: She is inside us. She protects us and the plane. Without her, nothing would be here.

Darky: And you think you have no soul? *smiling*

Ph: Darky, you can smile?

Darky: The Love Entity. Already the thought about her gives me happiness. Don't be surprised. There is no being that can exist without love.
The Love Entity is a being like me.

A & Ch: But not so full of darkness. She is so beautiful. She need not to be hidden in the dark.

Darky: Do you know how it looks in my soul?

A & Ch: We can not perceive it. Everything inside you is so dark. We are afraid of the hidden evil inside your darkness. And from oblivion, that wants us to disappear.

Darky: OH NO! I will not let you disappear. You want to be, the power of life, you are carrying it inside you. I'm here for Photonia. I'm afraid for her and I think you can help her.

A & Ch: Fear for Photonia? She is hurt. She's bleeding and burning in countless wounds. It must not happen again. NO !!!. We will help you. Please, dear Photonia, please let us help you.

Annabius and Chickenia
Annabius und Chickenia

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