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Arianne 258 En - Darky and Photonia 05

Photonia and Vulkania.

Photonia meets Vulkania

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Annabius and Chickenia: "Photonia, we'll show you our love".

Photonia: "Your love? Oh yes, please, let me see."

Photonia let fall herself, without any fear. Suddenly she had wings and she flew through a sea of light and color. So much light ... Photonia felt very modest at once.

I'm just a photon ...

Then she saw a building, a castle, a mighty castle. It looked like a monument built for eternity. And at the same moment she was inside a room. It reminded her of an inspiration inside a dream, which she had a long time ago.

But what is time for an infinite being?

The sculpture in the middle of the room, she was shining from the inside ... and she was moving.

She? Yes she.

Photonia received thoughts, feelings. The statue, she gave rays of thoughts and feelings!

<< Hello, little photon >>

Ph: << Who ... what ... you are living? >>

<< It is your spirituality. You think about me. And you're a being of existence. You are the one who is alive, and your thoughts about me give me a life. >>

Ph: << But I can not bring the dead to life ... >>

<< Oh, you are a being of existence. Are you sure that you have already explored all your possibilities? But now, at this place ... you do not give the lost a second chance, and this is not a re-incarnation of a dead soul. I am here and now. It happens because you're here. >>

Ph: << And if I go again? >>

<< Then ... no, please do not ask for it. It's about you. I live because I want to help you. >>

Ph: << Please, tell me what's your name? >>

<< I am Vulkania. >>

Ph: << So, so, a photon and a volcano ... What do you know about photons Vulkania? >>

<< You are a photon, Photonia, without proper time and without a volume. So you can be everywhere at once, and at all times, which are conceivable. You are not localized, if you do not want it. And out of you everything is born, that is. Photons, they are indivisible and they are identical. You cover all the photons that are thinkable and you give them a soul. They carry the life in it. You are the comprehensive consciousness of all photons! >>

Ph: << I am a photon. Yes, it is as you say it:-). And you know what makes a volcano? >>

<< He breathes fire, the fire of life, but sometimes ... no, not now. You're hurt, Photonia, the fire inside you, it does not heal, it destroys your self. Please let me touch your wounds. >>

Photonia felt a gentle touch. So gentle, how could a being be so gentle! And Vulkania was so beautiful. Beauty that gave birth to the feelings of love. Not all of this could come out of her own self, being an ultimate entity or not. Not the love that Vulkania showed her. Photonia felt little earth quakes in her soul and she felt so happy all at once. Not to be alone, to be loved. Her wounds, the pain, she felt that Vulkania took her pain!

Ph: << Vulkania what are you doing? Now you must suffer, but it does hurt so much ... >>

<< Photonia, please let me help you. I am because I can help you. Try to gain a little distance, to your self. You never wanted that others suffer and you have taken everything upon your own self. It's too much, too much. It can tear you apart. I am because you will understand how much you are doing. How valuable you are. >>

Ph: << But my pain, it belongs to me. >>

<< In this diversity and size, it is deadly for you. Please, try to understand this. You and your creatures, they want you to live. If you take all of their pain you will die. >>

Ph: << But ... then I let you be alive only so that you are suffering for me? >>

<< I suffer and I live. You do not see the happiness that you give to me? Beings like we are, we experience everything of the existence. >>

Ph: << Vulkania, it makes me so sad. The pain inside me, it was deadly for me. And now it is inside you. It will kill you. >>

<< Photonia, I live as long as you're here. If you go ... I'll take the pain to my grave. >>


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