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Arianne 259 En - Darky and Photonia 06

Photonia loves Darky and Vulkania, but she also feels the pain of love.

Photonia in love

Photonia felt touched in her heart. She met a being who would die for her. A beautiful being full of love for life. She felt in love with this being.

<< Darky, I love Vulkania and I love you. >>

Photonia as  a multidimensional, infinite being, why should she give her love only to one other being? The divine inside her, doesn't it love all her creations?  And Vulkania was her creation!
A little defiant the thought. But it was true. If not there ... no, Vulkania was not reanimated from the death. Her former self, it was lost. But all she ever was, it was born again.

And this new life has the right to be.

<< I do not want Vulkania to die, I do not want her to suffer like that, and I want you, Darky! >>

So everything what she wanted was thought. Will reality not change how she wanted it? Did this not happen with the thoughts of a divine being?

And is there anyone who will prevent her from doing so?

Now reality has to change, it has to follow her thoughts. That's what the thoughts of a goddess always require to do.
Photonia walked up to Vulkania, hugged her, stroked her body and her soul.

<< I want your body and your soul, I want you to live and I want to love you. >>

Vulkania returned the hug. They both looked deeply into their eyes, and the eyes reflected the infinities of their existences.

<< Then we will share the pain and the joy, your pain and my pain, and our happiness. No, I will not go back. I want to stay here for a while. >>

A while. What understood an infinite being by a while? Photonia felt joy, and the environment around her, it shared this joy.
The plane, Photonia felt it's happiness.

Together with Annabius and Chickenia, now they were four. A quartet consisting of four infinite beings. A quartet for the eternity? No, one is still missing.

Darky? But Darky is someone who moves between the existences. His presence here in the plane is only one possible incarnation of a multidimensional personality. Which do you want to have? The all-encompassing nature of him or one of his incarnations? Do you want to separate his here-existing-individuality from the whole self ?

Photonia now was very sad. Then I have no choice, but to go with Darky or give him up and stay here. No! If I go with him, then you will die, Vulkania, and the plane will lost its soul again.

I can not do this choice, I will not. I love you, Vulkania. And you both Annabius and Chickenia and the whole plane. So much luck, I was able to give here. It will be my destiny.

Darky: << Photonia, I knew that this would happen. So I did not want you enter this tunnel. But ... Love can not be justified by the sacrifice of others, not for beings like we are on such a stage of development. If we understand ourselves as positive. I wish you all good luck ...

And a tear was all what remained.
For the memory of Darky, not only for the darkness.

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