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Arianne 260 En - Photonia and Vulkania 01

The Answer reveals her self and gives hope for the lost Vulkania.

The Answer

Vulkania: << I feel alive, but somehow also very weak, so terribly weak. Infinitely small and fragile ... >>

Photonia: << Vulkania you're a baby.  Your ancoring in space and time is just starting. You have no evolution, no memories of the past, but you are. You jumped over all stages of infinity. The infinity inside you, it forms itself and carries your self. It occupies the space time around you, the past and the future. At the end everything will be a part of you. And no time has to pass to reach the end. So you are in the beginning and at the end in the same moment and you know, infinity exceeds all frontiers. There is no beginning and there is no end.

V: << But I wonder it true that I am an independent entity? Or do I radiate only because I reflect you?>>

Ph: << I am a nature of existence and my thoughts for you, they give you a life, but they dissolve from me. All of these thoughts have an own consciousness. You connect them to you own. Whether you want to live, it is your decision.  And you're not alone, think about Annabius and Chickenia. The plane, it wants you ... and me. And ... we love you, we do not want to lose you, please, please love Vulkania, please stay with us. >>

Then it's a good thing.

Wasn't there just a thought? A thougth not coming from Photonia, Vulkania, Chickenia or Annabius? Or from the other beings of the existence? Or from Darky? No ... it comes from an unknown source, it must have come from the outside! The outside of the existence.

You are not alone.

Now all of them felt it.

Something or someone tried to be perceived, but it, she, he doesn't dare.

Annabus and Chickenia: << Who are you, please, let us see you. >>

I'm invisible.

 Ph: << We feel you, your presence, but we can not approach you. Are you a spirit? No, then we must have seen you.  Why do you come to us? If you can not show your self? We already communicate with you. >>

I give answers.

<< Answers? >>

You are the beings of existence. I am not, I am just like a sentence which flows around you. You think that all your answers are coming from yourself, raised by your own questions.
But there are answers for which the questions still did not exist. And there are answers for which never a question will come up.

Ph: << You sounds like the core of a Characteristikum. >>

V: "You will give us answers? And we shall look for the questions?"

I am the answer.

Ph: << Yes, if this is so. It is difficult to decide whether you exist. But if not, we should not perceive you, but we do. You are something like an unsharp relation, which may appear around  certain singularities. Sometimes you are, then you are not. Never it is possible to catch you. Like the fluctuations in our dreams. >>

Then you have answers sometimes and otherwise not.

 V: << Our thoughts, are they influenced from the outside? Then I will ask you, what we are? >>

You are the answer.

V: "Then we are the source of all the existence around us?  What relevance have questions for us, that we can not formulate?"

Ph: "Perhaps there are questions that can survive us. But what happens with us, if we cease to exist, if we are dead?"

V: "An impossible imagination, because we are the eternal life.

Ph: "That must not be true. Think about photons, they have no proper time and no space, they can exist everywhere and in all times, but if they are absorbed by matter they end.

And... I have a question. What happended with my former self?"

Ph: "We remember it, so it is not disappeared. From Darky I know as long as we do it your former self, Vulkania, it is not annihilated. But that means ..."

Ch: "The exploding power sets of infinities, your pre-form could have hidden herself there, is it possible for the death to follow her?"

He can not.

Ph: << This was an answer. Are the question and the answer now part of the existence? They have been thoughts of us! >>


Chickenia: << Well, answer, now you will get your question. Is she or is she not? >>

What a kind of double question. I will ignore it. She thinks, therefore she is.

... Oops ...

Vulkania: "She thinks! Can you understand her thoughts and ... can you share it with us"?

Chickenia: "You claim to be the answer. WHAT IS SHE THINKING!?"

She's afraid and she feels alone. She runs away from herself and she only finds ever new, even more emptiness.
Vulkania: "Can we help her?"

You can not help her.

Photonia: "Then I ask the question in a different way: HOW CAN WE HELP HER? "

You have to leave the plane. About the Supra cosmos you have access to all the dimensions of the plane, to all which are and also to those which will be.

Photonia: "Then we could find her in the exploding infinities of her self.  We must go there!"

This is not a question.

Vulkania: "This is our answer! We need no question for this. But how can this answer be a part of the existence, if we leave it?"

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