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Arianne 260a En - Photonia and Vulkania 02

The discussion how to save the lost Vulkania.

The discussion how to save the lost Vulkania

Photonia: "There are tunnels, tunnels of Darky. They lead to different levels of  ... I really don't know what these levels are. They are outside of existences.  Yes, there is more than only one existence. Maybe we should try to integrate  Darky into our quartet. Darky, please show up!"

Vulkania: "T think this is not an option. Darky is the darkness inside you, if it threatens to swallow you and he does not want it, then it is possible that he shows up. But right now you are full of energy and life. Far away from being swallowed by the darkness. No reason for Darky to show up.

Annabius: "Darky, he belongs to the Supra cosmos. This is the domain of relevance for him. But not for us. Only a very small part of him is manifested in you, Photonia.

Photonia: "Do we belong to the Supra cosmos also? If not all inside us does not belong completely to us?"

Chickenia: "We are a part of the plane and embedded in the Supra cosmos. And we are aware of parallel existences and of beings and answers that are born from it. We know about Darky and the love entity, both are rooted in many different existences. And the Answer? It is a shadow creature emerged from answers of infinite many questions."

I am invisible, but not a shadow creature! The shadow beings are incarnations of the death. Do not try to approach them, they will try to swallow you. Inside the plane you are protected by the plane. It protects the existence against the world of the shadows.

Chickenia: "And Weepy. What is about Weepy?"

This question surprises me. You should not know about her. But ... you are self-conscious beings of a plane, so let it be. Weepy is stronger than the death. She can limit it and she is able to replace it. But take care, if Weepy is crying and you look into her eyes, she will kill you. It is better for you not to have a touch with Weepy.

Annabius: "The plane, it intervenes. This discussion and what we are planning, it is more than dangerous. We should not summon spirits that we can not tame. The probability that we will get lost is 1, or in other words, 100%. Not 99.99999999 .... with a finite number of nines, no, it is 100%. We must ride on the waves of higher infinities and follow the exploding power sets of the existence, expanding in the small and in the large. It will tear us into pieces."

Vulkania: "There is another possibility .... We wait until I am mature. Then I am the plane in its infinities and if she is inside there somewhere, I will see her."

There is a problem.

Chickenia: "What's that?"

She interfered destructively with her own past. As a wave function in order to be able to hide her self or to disappear completely.
To be able to do this, her existence phase has shifted by a half a period, in all vibrations.

Vulkania: "That's ... I would destructively interfere with her, ​​we delete us both and the released energy ...! It will burn the plane. The fire will be so strong that an incarnation of Firefly is possible. And no one and nothing can survive  this fire."

Annabius: "Firefly ... the ultimate terminator. His fire burns the eternities of the plane, and because of their infinities, it will never end. No, that should not be."

Photonia: "So, Answer, what should we do?"

This is not a question. Photonia.

Photonia: "Yes, I have formulated it as a question."

The answer is, go inside. All what you can do, it comes from yourself. Remember, you  are standing behind the gods of your cosmos, you are creating them with your thoughts. There are others who are looking for the answers coming from you.

Vulkania: "Something like this I call a return. I have another idea. You could modify my existence phase, by interfering with me. This will give a wave packet that should survive the interference with her ..."

Photonia: "The interference will fail with me, because I got a strangeness component. That's why I am not from here. But I could fill the existence. This has the advantage that we do not have to wait until Vulkania is mature enough to do it."

Vulkania: "That's the way how a princess will change to be a queen. *grin*. A queen with a strangeness ... I don't know if this could work. And I fear, this could make us superfluous. What happens with us? We can not interfere with you.  Is it possible to be a part of you, if you are the being of the existence?"

Photonia: "I love you, I would never want to harm you and you love me. We are .... a love quartet. And if the problems exceed our possibilities ... than we call for love ...  Think about the love entity. If she does not want that we get lost, perhaps she helps us then."

You have learned. Actually, that was the answer I wanted to give you.

Chickenia: "We must not leave her alone. Her fate ... to be inside an ever increasing darkness, an explosion of all ages ... and never she can escape. What a cruelty for an infinite being. She was so sweet and we loved her so much ... before ... The love. I call for you. We need you so much. Please. please, please show up yourself ..."

A tear rolled through the eternity.

First let's see the answer.

A thought from ... ? But this is a contradiction ...

Ploopppp. An invisible answer, she changed to be visible.

"You are beautiful, answer. You must not hide you before us."

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