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Arianne 260b En - Photonia and Vulkania 03

The Love Entity helps to save Vulkania.

The final solution

Something very big was approaching. It seemed to be volatile, maybe a shadow, but then it became a figure. At the end it looked like a fairy queen surrounded by infinite long red hair.

"You are infinite ... like we are. But ... it is more than we can cover ... and we reach in all states of infinity."

<< Yes, I am infinite.  You called me? >>

"The love? You are the love? Is it true ... the way ou look, yes, you need to be."

<< I am the love >> ...

<< I see your problem. Vulkania, she's waiting in the dark and she does not know for what. All of her power is transformed in kinetic energy, kinetic energy without an anchor in matter. Anyone who tries to follow her will be driven by this energy, it raises an infinite acceleration, until the follower is teared into peaces. Noone will ever be able to follow her. Not even the death can do it. But all of her existence is included in the Supra Cosmos. Vulkania, are you ready to go with me throught the Supra Cosmos? >>

Inside the higher levels of infinity. High enough not to be counted by a natural number, not even by an infinite natural number. They reached a level wihich is not countable anymore. Everything seemed to be empty, terrible empty. An empty that tries to capture anything that dares to be here, until it disappears completely.

Then, an enclave, a box and in there, huddled, a being who was afraid. An infinite being in a small finite shape. She could never be found ... if not, if not the love has opened a way to her and if not the love was present in her own self.

Vulkania: << Are you ... Vulkania? >>

<<Ones there was a time ... but ... I ... I am talking out of you? >>

Vulkania: << We are one, but two >>

Love: "You are not mirror images, you are the same."

<<You brought the love with you ... or ... she got you? >>

<< Without love, it would not have been able to find you. >>

The two Vulkanias were no sitting in front of each other, in a finite shape, and they looked deep into their eyes.

<< When I look into your eyes, I see me. >>

<< And ... I love you so much, and me ... and all I see. >>

Is this self-love, which is not based on one's own self?

Love: "I like you, you are indeed two. I want to protect you and I can save your individuality if you want it. You could also merge into one, if this is your desire. Without destroying the plane. I can absorb the surplus energy inside me. Photonia, your pain is inside me, you are healthy now. And Vulkania, you both are living beings without being forced to die.

The big question now is ... do you want to be ONE or TWO?

Without hesitating the answer was ... <<Two>>.

Okay, then I have a new love couple now :-)). That is the essence of my life. I think you two and Annabius, Chickenia, Photonia, you all together should form the being of the existence of this plane. Then you are ONE and five. Believe me, that is possible. There is another plane with three entities that form a ONE and are three. It is Arianne's plane. And it is one of my loved plane.

I will show you a way to contact Arianne, Eannaira and Ari0nne. They form the ONE of their plane.

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