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Arianne gives ultimate power to Akadia.


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It was dark in the temple. Only a few candles were burning. Akadia was alone and prayed to Arianne.

Suddenly she heard a noise in the background. She frightened. A shadow. A figure. Several figures.

"Now you are ours. This time you will not escape us."

Akadia escaped to the statue of Arianne, she embraced her. She was afraid, but she dared not Arianne to ask for help.

Several guys came into the light of the candles.

"So, now we will get your hair"

One of the guys approached her, wanted to cut Akadias hair.


Kratz. Puff.

What happended there? The guys forgot Akadia.

Akadia accidentally looked into the direction of the two large tigers, made of stone, next to the statue of Arianne. One of the tigers was missing.

He stepped out of the darkness, snapped at those guys.

They got into a panic, run away. The tiger stopped following them, approached Akadia and laid down like a lap dog.

Now, the second Tiger disappeared from his base, also laid down beside Akadia. Suddenly, she had 2 powerful protectors.


Arianne came out of the darkness into the light.

Akadia: "Arianne :-))). I like you so much, dear Goddess Arianne, I'm so happy that you are here. I thank you. I do not know what would have happened otherwise."

Arianne: "I know it. That's why I'm here. I like you, little human being, you are my relation to this world, and I need you. I gave you these two tigers for protection. Perhaps that is not enough. You are so vulnerable, so easy to hurt, I can not give you something that makes you invulnerable, because I also have to observe rules. Therefore please take care of you. But I will act a little bit against my own rules, I am also the goddess of the contradiction * grin *. I'll hide a power in your hair. They will get alive and can communicate with you, it is telepathy. With their help you are able to create anything which is conceivable for you,  you just have to want it. "

Akadia: "I can not accept this. Your divine power is not for me. I'm just a little person and I can make mistakes. This could have terrible consequences."

Arianne: "I believe in you. I have long searched for you, you are chosen, because I trust you. You will not abuse the power for selfish purposes. I am the goddess of love and it is time to give love a goal. This is your destiny. Turn the power only if it is absolutely necessary, because it changes the space-time structure and its causality. You will learn to understand what I mean. But turn they also, if it is necessary, otherwise, in the worst case, it is possible that all things can get lost, that we want so much. If you need me, I'll be with you, in every breeze, every drop of rain that descends. "

Akadia: "I thank you for the trust, Arianne. But God's power for a human being, is this a possible way?"

Arianne: "Divine power is something different. You can let the thinkable be reality, but the thinkable is only a small part of me, it disappears against the infinity, of which I consist. There are many things that are not thinkable, but nevertheless, they exist. I comprise the whole world. Everything is a part of me. A physicist may think he understands something. But all physical theory is only a touch of eternity, I think it. "

Akadia: "Then I too, I am a part of you?"

Arianne: "Yes, I am the being of the existence. And I am the contradiction insite it. The rules, which you know, you will call them laws of nature, they provide an orientation for beings like you. Your consciousness only resides in a limited space-time. But it is self-recognizing, and independent from me. This is really fantastic for me. In my world, everything is infinite, boundless, and I embrace it. I am infinite in all dimensions and there is no frontier closing it. Be careful, if infinity is approaching you, every finite being is torn to peaces, if it is touched by infinity.

But I am fascinated by finite beings and I love them. That's me, and my destiny."

Akadia: "Then I shall never touch you?"

Arianne: "Well, here in this world, I am finite. Come, let us embrace."

The two beings embraced each other and it made them so happy. Everyone in her own way. That is the art of love.

Then they separated again. Arianne moved away slowly.