Arianne 10 En - Universes, parallelism, laws of nature

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The fantasy part

The space-time is determined by a Janine.

Janine is an infinite being at the first level of infinity.

She is not imaginable for finite beings but sometimes she materializes in a finite shape.

Then she looks like the beings for which she is visible, in a very beautiful sense.
A dream of beauty for everyone.

For human beings she may look like a woman, covered completely by her hair.

And for long hair haters, maybe she looks bald.

Her hair is related to the time strings, that she covers. It has a symbolic character.
If no hair is available, another symbolic string appears.

But who knows, in the frame of a human being she likes long hair as an appearance of her body.
This is her personality, as imagined by the author of these tales.

She can have different appearances at the same location.
Think about the different meaning of beauty that human beings may have.

It's her decision if she is visible or not.


A Janine comprises an infinite river of time. Inside this river universes are built up and they disappear again.
Janine is the spiritual entity of the life inside this river, the common consciousness.

Janine is not alone. Her spiritual frame comprises a time entity.
So the time is itself a living entity.

Both are distributing the life in space and time.

Inside the universes exist matter, which forms structures like galaxies or heaps of galaxies.
Such frames result from gravity and cosmic expansion.
Cosmic expansion is based on Heisenberg's uncertainty relations and on the laws of General Relativity.

Not always, but in the rivers of time where these laws are applicable.
Included in the tiny part of Arianne's plane which is imaginable for human beings.

Sometimes the universes are quite similar, sometimes they are very different. Never they have an equal appearance.
Therefore the things never repeat each other. Cosmic evolution is infinite. The evolution of entities never stops.
Infinity is necessary to avoid monotony.

Inside an infinite river of time it is possible to have always different structures and events.
Think about the irrational number Pi or about the square root of 2.

There exist parallel rivers of time. This generalizes the term of a living being. It exists in a multiple sense.
For finite beings any of this existence has its own single consciousness. In an infinite sense they match together.

Cosmic entities like Janine comprise all of them.
They see not only the behaviour of a being in one realized situation, they see it in all.

All of the parallel rivers of time are covered by the same Janine.
The common thing of all: they follow the same laws of nature.

Another Janine may follow different laws of nature.

There exist also rivers of time without a Janine. What is the difference?
The life in this river has no common consciousness. Only randomly determined structures exist, raised by the laws of nature which are valid for this river.

Devils and gods do not exist at any level of infinity. They are biological frames inside the living creatures.
The beings live in their finite space-time, infinity is not reachable. The final goal of everything is dust.

Who creates the laws of natures?

A higher cosmic being, her name is Jasmin.

She is a cosmic being on the second level of infinity.

Jasmin is the light entity. Sometimes she looks like a photon with a heart. A very general photon, comprising all appearances of electro-magnetive waves, from zero to infinity. She seams to be transparent, ligth coming from the inside. Her frame looks like a living being. For human beings she is a woman, a goddess of beauty. Jasmin is the most beautiful cosmic being of all, in spirit and in her body frames. Even Arianne felt in love with her.