Arianne 110 En - Rapunzella 02


Rapunzella locked in a tower. But she will not be left alone.

Rapunzella inside the tower

Sadly she sat in her tower, which had no entrance. The wizard had conjured it away. There was no gate, no stairway, only stone and this room, 32 meters above the ground.
And her hair was 32 meters long now. What a coincidence!

A prison, that should isolate her from the environment. Of course, it was sealed by the wizard. This animal!
How long should she stay here? All the time until her dead?

Until she will give in to cut her hair.

She spent three years in the tower and every year the hair grew 1 meter longer. To get food she had to let her hair down to carry up a basket. The horse servant brought her food once a week. There must be a hidden spell that the authorities could not see it. Yes, it is not always easy to control a magical school. But if they really tried to kill her?

And ... suddenly there were several floors in the tower and stairs. She could move around and she found a room with floating water and a sink. There someone must have conjured.

The magic of the hair kept her body healthy. She spent a lot of time with them, stroke them, combed them, brushed them, tried to understand their whisper. Yes, the hair talked to her, they were whispering from the stars, from the wide of the world space, from the greatness of the Universe and from the infinity.

So she got to know things that no one of the world ever could her taught.

The hair produced images in her brain, so she could see the things. Sometimes she got lost inside the images, then she was floating in space and time.
How much a single life could experience!

One day a demon flight in her room. He requested the hair.

What should she do? Suddenly she felt a big power inside, magical energy, the hair changed to be hard, very hard and then they struck. OUUUUUUCH!!!!!

The demon flew through the window out again. Never she saw him again.

Another day a vampire wanted her blood.  The hair beat him seriously. At the end he bowed himself and flew away. A little bit unsecure.

There were witches, who wanted her hair. They calculated wrong. The hair changed to be red like fire and hurled lightning.

Sometimes she just sat there with an open mouth and looked at her hair.
And after that they behaved so innocent! They laid calm down as usual hair used to do.

One day she leaned out too far and felt out of the window. The hair found something to hold on and made a knot. So she was hanging 15 meters out of the window at the hair. After she had found herself again she climbed back into the room.

Rapunzella heard a quiet sound from outside the tower, was there someone calling for her?
She went to the window and looked down. Yes, there stood a young woman. She was bald. Hexania? Hexania :-)). Rapunzella had not seen her so long, almost 3 years.

The tower was 32 meters high, and her hair was 35 meters long.
Now Hexania could brush the latest 3 meters of her hair!

No, no, that was a joke. She let Hexania climb up along her hair. Yes, this hair was very strong. And if she fixed it at a metallic rod, it hold the girl.
Both embraced.

H: "Your hair, you still have it. :-)). Everything here is full of  hair. I do not see a bed, are you sleeping inside the hair?"

R: "Yes, they form a bed and cover me then. They protect me from the cold. Then we are all together on a very small place, like a love couple :-). A braid is hanging out, holding guard.
You know, here is not even a heater. In the winter it was really cold, down to -23 degrees Celsius. I believe they want to kill me :-((. Once a week I get food from the horse servant, pulling up a basket with the hair.

In the lower part of the tower there is floating water and a pipe for the toilet.
The hair, if they were not pushing off the dirt, I did not know how to clean it. In this case they had won, but someone must like me and my hair.

The hair even is able to untangle itself. So I do not have so much effort to keep it clean and beautiful, just loving and stroking it. And it is a teacher. What such a hair can tell! It must have connection to a cosmic string of wisdom."

Hexania: "You are a poor girl with a lovely hair. We have missed you and your hair so much. It has become so cold and sterile. Formal rules determine the life. After your disappearance rules for hair length were issued. Chin length was the maximum that was allowed. No one is happy with these rules. It does not affect me, but I feel with the others. They have broken my magic wand :((. Now I have to clean the toilets and fsome other work to do that is not very pleasant. The horse servant told me from you and Julius03b has conjured me to this place.

Hexania took a braid with her hands and stroke it softly.

"I have missed it so much, to stroke your hair." She smiled.

The hair began to glow, they were glad.

R: "You see, they rejoice :-)). They told me so much, I think I know already more about the Universe than all the scientists of the planet together."

H: "They are really magical hair!! And we thought, they are something trivial, hanging on you. Okay, with a little bit magic energy."

R: "They are much more and they are still learning.
They enclose hidden doors.
They are magic and positive and they are strong.
They have defended me against demons, vampires, witches and monsters. This forest can show really nasty figures. Please do not move there alone."

H: "But how can I go back? No, I want to stay here. Please, can I stay with you?"

Hexania with her big begging eyes. I touched Rapunzella deep in her soul.

R: "Yes, please stay here. This tower has enough place for us. My hair can embrace us both, and this without us having to touch us."

H: "Do we want to touch? You are hetero and I ... I like all genders."

R: "I like you, but sex, I don't think about it currently. But ... please ... I want to see you in all your natural beauty and I show you me. :-). The hair will cover us then and stroking our skin. It is a wonderful feeling."

Both are now wrapped into hair ... and they felt the skin of the other friend. Hair and skin, it is not so much different. It was a beautiful warm feeling. They fused together... and they felt so save.

A shadow at the window.

R: "It's only a vampire. He will learn his lesson ... "

BOINGGGG... And he was gone.

No they were already two in the tower, and the hair involved Hexania into the lessons. They communicated with telepathy. Hexania was excited.

R: "You know, we do want our friends being here. There is place for 10 people, and everyone can get his own room.  If something goes wrong we conjure it right. We can learn together and sometimes we will leave the tower. If we are strong enough."

And so it happened.

The authorities wondered were all these boys and girls are. But they had no idea to get them back and they forgot the tower of Rapunzella.
Maybe someone helped to remove memories.

So the time passed. After 4 years and another 4 years, Rapunzellas hair was 43 meters long.

They learned to get food out of the forest and to survive there.  And they loved their little community, embraced by magical hair that defended them against all dangers.
The hair told them so much about the Universe and showed them different worlds, so they never get bored,  and they felt that the time will come when the will start their great journey to the stars.