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A Stringa appears

A group of young men and women with very long braids. They had found themselves in love. Long braids hanging down to the knees, sometimes even down to the floor.

Some of them had folded a double braid, others put it around their body. Several times. The longest hair of all, it was longer than 4 meters.

Now they were taking away their clothes. So everyone could see the hair, noone could hide the mane. Everyone smiled, seeing the hair coming out. After having taken off all the clothes they were sitting down with all of the hair, some of the braids were half open, others completely open. The big buns lost their stability.

Between the hair, the beautiful skin of the young people could be seen.
The hair surrounded them, it covered the naked skin. Almost, not completely. This made the skin even looking so much more beautiful. The eyes loved it to see this beauty, the hands were longing to touch it all. The hair and the skin, it was carressed, embraced, kissed. The hair connected the people with their sensitive feelings. They felt their bodies in all of it's beauty as if it will be the last time.

And their souls were jumping for joy.

Under the  hair, they lost themselves in the beauty of feelings.

It was time for love and they felt it so much inside, outside, around, it was so lovely to feel the body loved and to love the body of a beloved one. Body and soul, common parts of happiness, no distance, they felt the body as the deepest longing of their souls.

For some years they lived together in a common house. Love was always, in any edge, in any corner. Even a paradise could get envy in view of this place.
In their usual business life, the hair was almost hidden. But there was no pressure to cut it off, long hair was accepted in society.

They lived their life between all these social conflicts that would tear the country into peaces. Instead of this they had found their individual paradise in their modesty and they had enough to eat, so they were not forced to fight any day for survival.


That's the problem. Individual happiness can exist, but it is embedded in a wide range of society events. And if there are so many unhappy people, people who must die, because they don't have enough to eat, fellowers of fanatics who promise a paradise that will never exist, despots, trying to make anyone a slave, devils who promise the hell and finding their audience, how can this place last forever?


The times changed. A revolution.

The request of the revolution command was, long hair of human beings has to be cut off. One of the results of the revolution against the old order.

To be cut off? What remains? No question, the usual hair lengt is determined about 5 cm for women and men.

That gives a lot of jobs for hairdressers. One of the goals. They promised to create new jobs.

For women also? Why? Equality means there is no privileg in hair length.

Long hair was obviously regarded as countering revolution against the new order.

But why? Look at this commander with his bald spots.

The men had freed themselves already from the obligations of the old despots.
They didn't shave the front part of their heads anymore. An old tradition, maybe raised by one of these emperors with hair loss.

Long hair for joy. Not imaginable for the revolution guards.

In all of the happiness our young people feared the coming days. What will happen? All of this hair getting lost? And the love relationships?

The revolution request:

All of this hair, it will be sold out or even burned to give some energy. That means hair has to give something. Only hanging down on the human head it has no worth, then it will only prevent the full devotion for the great social tasks. The human beings have to change their mind, they still have too much love for their hair attribute.

Everythingh must be changed that remembers on the old days.

And the monks of the holy universal ghost? They have already bald heads. Are they forced to grow their hair long now?

Stupid question. Go over to the next one.

On the morning a public hair cutting event will be shown on television. All the long hairs had to go to a certain place. Otherwise we will look for them and believe us, it is better for them to come. A warning was given for all who do not follow the new rules. There is no apology for those who may think they can follow individual rules.

Love relationships, that were not allowed by the authority, they have to be finished immediately.

Big brother is watching you?

That's so cruel, isn't there anyone out there who can help?


Maybe, this is a story of fairy tales. Reality is sometimes too hard to let it go and so it will be changed in fantasy.


In view of this fate the young people were weeping. The tears felt down and the hair got wet. Why has this to be? They felt so happy in love with each other and inside their hair.

But that was the problem.

Love dedicated to their own, not for the new despots. Or better, not for the new fanatics.

The new rulers wanted full attention for their rules. Individual love without control, no longer allowed.

And the next generation? Isn't this revolution a terminal one?

No, it will create a new generation that is better than all the foregoing ones. Deviations are not allowed.

Maybe this will lead to the big one cell entity that needs no control anymore.


Annabella was carressing her lover, Paulatus. She felt something unusual inside. A hint that something will happen that was not foreseen. She knew already that she had paranormal skills, but it needed time to evolve it, time she didn't had. Only five or four weeks were missing. Sad, that all of this will be flow away tomorrow morning.

But for five weeks, couldn't she hide herself?
No, it doesn't work. She saw her fate in one of her looks into the future, the dead was approaching her.

To have paranormal skills, it is not always a gift.


The night. The last one to be together? All the lights were closed. It was completely dark.

Now in the darkness and silence, all the young people were touching each other, feeling skin, hair, tenderness and happiness. Nothing could be seen, but there was love in the darkness. Annabella's hair began to  shine from the inside. It gave light like a burning candle, shined like a diamond. She looked like a little light princess. It was amazing. Why couldn't this moment last forever? The light was shining for some hours, until they all got tired. Then they began to sleep.


A strange dream appeared. All dreamed the same, something that can not be normal. But what is normal in these times?

A light course was winding itself through the darkness, apparently coming out of infinity. It was very small, it seemed to be linear, appeared only in one dimension.

A sequence of photons?

Maybe, but these photons are wispering something.

The light beam was circling around and suddenly it filled out the whole space. It shone in all colors of the spectrum. A face was seen. A ghost of light?

Then the wispering was understandable.

<< Hello, lovely beings, I am Eternity211, a cosmic Stringa >>


Annabella: << Please can you tell us, what it means to be a Stringa? >>

<< A cosmic string, infinite thin and infinite long. Strings are frontiers between different parts of the existence >>

Cosmic strings? There was no evidence proved in science until now. But they must raise gravity, a cosmic string so near to us, shouldn't it tear us into pieces?

<< Because they are so thin, they are  invisible. Gravitation? It is a bit different from the scientific models. But believe me, the strings have an effect, although they seem not exist. Annabella, can you see the frontier, I raised tonight? >>

Annabella: << I see the frontier. The death approaching me in my yesterday's dream is keeping outside !!! >>

<< That's how it should be. Don't be afraid. I raised a frontier that will help you to survive. I am visible for you because you do not exclude the over-sensuous in your believing. And it is your hair, they have paranormal energy inside. You are students of paranormal effects. Now I give you something that corresponds with your believe. All of this is embedded in a dream. Basically your thoughts are the source which interfers with me >>

Jaruska: << The hair has paranormal energy inside? >>

<< Yes, it has. All of your feelings are already increased by this energy. It needs only a few weeks then you will recognize it in your consciousness >>


Annabella: << Stringa, can you help us to get out of this? >>

<< You can do it for yourself, but you still don't know how to do it. Therefore I am here. I hope Janine will not see me >>

Annabella: << Janine? >>

<< A higher cosmic entity. You must know, I am only a Stringa, one dimensional in space, time and the higher dimensions. Janine comprises the whole area of space time in all dimensions. I believe Janine dislikes it if I change space time events. That is only allowed for higher cosmic beings >>

But the time has only 1 dimension.

<< Not for a Janine >>

Suddenly some sound was heard and a shadow was seen in the darkness. The sound of the first and the last eternity.

A shadow in the darkness? Everything is black.

Annabella: << Stringa, what happened there behind in the darkness? >>

<< I don't know. Probably the Janine. Or another higher cosmic being? The love entity? Now we are alone again. >>

The love entity?

<< A cosmic being. The revolution guards, they dislike love couples. Love is only allowed for the revolution and you can love the big commander. But between you real love exists. The love entity must have noticed this. Now, because I am here, she is not needed >>

The light strings formed a visible frame. It looked like a human being, shining from the inside.

Erwinus: "Stringa, you are so beautiful :-))"

<< Thank you :-))) >>

<< One dimensional strings can form structures, and because they are infinite long, arbitrarily structures. There exist no material object that we can not form. For big objects like Galaxies often many Stringas form it together. Because we are multidimensional strings we can form objects that seem to be separated in space time, but they are connected in a higher dimension >>

Erwin: "Then the whole world consists of strings?"

<< Not here. The Janine gave your world another structure. It is based on the idea of a continuum with discrete space time cells. But there are also many domains in the infinity that we formed. We even build the elementary particles in this areas.

Here we only observe, but what I have seen, no, I had to do something. >>

Stringa Eternity122, at the end of the forming


After this all the people wake up.

They heard a noice. "OPEN THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY.!!!. The door was kicked into the floor.

Three men with machine guns in their hands were coming in.

"What do we see here? A meeting of hairy people. You know the rules. This is a strong violation that can not be accepted."

Now it was time to do something. Not only dreaming and speaking, using words. Words have no physical power.

"Stringa, Eternity, how are you, please help us. Please,please,please... we are so lost now ..."

First the guns didn't work. Mail function.

Then suddenly the men seemed to have problems to breath. They got no air. As if a bolt was round their neck.

It was only a warning, but they understood.

They disappeared immediately, run away as quick as possible. They even lost their guns.

"Eternity, has you helped us?"

Noone answered. If they had to dream first?

They went down to the floor, embraced themselves, laying on a bed of hair. And they slept again.


<< Don't be afraid. They will leave you in peace. I raised a frontier around your flat that will keep them outside. Tomorrow a terrible thunderstorm will happen, something looking like the end of the world, with flashs, distribuing messages. Believe me, this will change their mind. And after some weeks, your paranormal skills will help you to defend yourself alone. You are not the only ones on this planet with these skills >>

"Enternity, what does it mean, 122?"

<< There exists the first and the last eternity. I am somewhere inbetween, just near the beginning. There are billions of billions of stringas inside this river of time. All together comprise the paranormal skills of a Janine. The stringas represent frontiers of the almighty Arianne. But this exceeds your limits at the moment. Let it be. >>

Paulanus: "Are you named eternity because you reach at the infinity?"

<< Yes. I can show it to you, although I am only one dimensional. Your thoughts make me real. But also your love has some kind of eternity inside. That's your relation to me, to the eternity, to the infinite beings. >>

Eternity 122 in love with the young human beings, the image shows how she feels it.