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German Part

Lovers of eternity, the fantasy part of reincarnation.

An infinite journey, eternity love

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A man and a woman. They had found each other, a couple in love.
Which they did not know, it was the beginning of a journey, which would last eternities.

"Hello my love, you look so sad, what has happened with you?"

"Don't worry, I am so lucky, if I see you. So lucky that it makes me sad."

She had to smile.

Both embraced, kissed each other. Yes, it was so beautiful to be together. Nothing in the world could ever separate them from each other.

The years passed. Love lived in the house of the two human beings. It was a life full of luck.

Then the day came, the day before the day.

Emilia laid in her bed, sie felt the dead approaching her. Amarelius was sitting beside her, holding her hand. Tears run down from his eyes.

"Please do not leave me. Then I am all alone in the world. So alone as still never a living being ever has been."

Emilia looked at him.

"You must not have a fear. Everything is, because it is. We will see ourselves again, in another world"

Amarelius started to cry.

"I do not want another world. You are the only one I want."

He laid beside her, embraced her. Then she died in his arms. He felt that she was gone.

<< Why only live, in order to then die? >>

A thought from another one, but now he felt the reality.
The pain inside him, it broke his heard.

And so he died beside her, only a minute after she has gone.
But who knows, how much pain can reside in such a minute.


It was a rainy day. He hurried through the dark roads, became soaked to the skin. But he knew, he looked for something, without knowing exactly, whereafter. Something led him.

Then he saw her at the traffic light, on the other side of the road. It met him like lightning. He knew immediately, he had found her.

He run over the street, just before a car. It passed him at a very small distance.

"By the hell, where are your eyes, guy!"

With beating heart he stood on front of her, looked into her eyes.

She answered his view. Then, her eyes expressed a recognizing, understanding. Both embraced themselves spontaneously, forgot the world around.


" Say Arianna, does it not seem to you also in such a way, as if we saw ourselves in former times already once?"

"Yes, exactly, let us search a little bit in the old pictures."

"I developed a search algorithm, which describes us picture-independently. I would like to try that out now"

The computer delivered a result.

They didn't recognice themselves on the pictures.

With the pictures connected was an address.

Arianna: "Argus, this house, it seems to me so familiarly. I know how it looks inside although I never was there."

They started a journey.


Argus: "Arianna, we have memories of an earlier life. We both were already lovers once upon a time and we have found ourselves again."

She looked at him.

"Yes, I believe that it is so. Nothing will ever seperate our love ..."


Between the lines, inside an outerworld. They didn't know where they were, but they felt something about their selfs and the spirit of love. And this happened although they couldn't think and feel anything. Strangely. A feeling of security without any relation to matter, space and time.


Akatus and Aria drinking coffee in a restaurant. They knew that this life was not their only one, there were so many memories of the past. Dreams, leading to infinite widths. They were lovers, related to eternity. Eternity, what does it mean? They didn't know it. But there must something exist, something very great and unlimited in any sense.

They looked themselves mutually into their eyes. It was so beautiful to love and to feel the love of the beloved one. So much luck for so simple beings. They accepted it gratefully.

But also the pain over the loss, it was not unknown. Many lifes they stayed alone, but inside the eternity they always found themselves again.

They knew the dark side of the existence and the pain, the hurt. No higher being had ever helped them, but they never gave up, they tried it again and again, to live and to love.

Now they were together again, in this time.

Gently they affected, kissed and stroked themselves. It was so beautiful to experience the eternity together. A deep feeling of the gratitude fulfilled them.

But now, HE has found them. One of these dark entities playing games. On the other side of the street one could see him. HE looked like someone with a dark coat and a dark hood. The face one could not recognize, it was only darkness in that opening of the hood. That there really nothing was present, who knew that already.

A balcony separated from the anchorage, 30 meters over them. HE wanted to play his game with them, follow them into the widths of the Reinkarnation. Why? If this monster is able to feel any fun? Or is it just the destruction of happiness? He would kill them again and again, following his rules.

What is love? Nothing against the force of the fate, the calculated destruction, the rules of the death.
Changing the lovers trace to a never ending fate of killed victims.

Akatus looked above. He saw the balcony falling down, immediately he tried to protect Aria.

But suddently the time was frozen. The balcony stopped falling, hanging in the air. Everyting was static, only our love couple could move anymore. They left this place, it seemed like getting out of a film.

This death entity could move also. It tried to follow them.

But he was not alone.

A woman was seen between him and the love couple. Akatus and Aria didn't see her coming.

She looked at him, he stopped and burst into millions of pieces.

A very strange explosion. Black streaks, flooding by the area, divided continously into smaller pieces, until they disappeared.

This couldn't be real matter.

The world got normal again.

And the balcony? It crashed there, where Akatus and Aria had set 5 minutes ago. But both had themselves moved away nearly 50 meters.

Akatus embraced his Akadia very strongly.

"Was that a dream? Someone has helped us, we are not alone in the eternity."

She looked at him and she felt so secure in his arms.

"We have been protected. Thank you very much, lovely goddess."

Love couple, imagination

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