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Continuation of the infinite love journey. The lovers of eternity met the devil.

German Part

Hell on Earth

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Juliane and Julia, they had been locked up in one cell.

Somewhere in the depth, in a cellar of the holy palace. Why are they still together? Maybe both of them should feel the pain of the beloved one too.

They laid down in a corner, embraced each other. Both felt the warm skin of the other one and the wonderful life under the skin. It gave them security, despite this captivity in the torture chamber. As long as they are allowed to live and to love, it was beautiful. Why couldn't they simply love, why all this hate, this murder desire and destruction? They didn't understand it.

The inquisition had arrested them. Their open lifestyle and the freedom of their thoughts, it contradicted the conceptions of the preacher's teachings.

No, anything what has to be done and how the human beings should behave, it was written in the first holy paper.
Love was only allowed between men and women. But why? Love is not fixed on a gender or a social convention.

Right at the top, in the cathedral of the holy devotion, they should be sacrificed. With their blood they wanted to praise their God.

They planned to tear them the flesh from the bones, how it has been done with witches, the blood will be collected in the holy cup.

But is this in any way different from the satisfaction of pure murder desire and blood greed?

Down in the cellar, they heard the cries of the tortured.


It was dark in the cellar, only the shine of the candles gave a little light.

Strange shadows seemed to run along the wall. Was this only an illusion, raised by the flashing light?

The shadows were dancing.

Both embraced each other even stronger, but they had no fear. Something gave them confidence, they felt a breath of spirituality. Very different from the Gods of this world.


Then they came in. Three holy ghosts and 2 torturers. Not really holy ghosts, some preachers who didn't understand what they were praying for. They opened the heavy iron door.

But something evolved different than expected.

The dancing shadows were still present. Faces could be seen at the wall, with wide open eyes and mouths. They told the lovers their destiny, how they had been killed, teared into pieces. They told about the pain, the fear, the panics. All in the sense of the holy ghost and in the face of God.

The all-holy preachers didn't fear the shadows. Illusions, nothing to care about.

Then a shape was seen. Small and nevertheless somehow obviously diabolic. It grinned at the preachers. Then it was catching one of them under his clothes. Loud he cried up, but it didn't help him.

Flesh ripped to pieces, they now felt it for their own body. It took only a few instants, then everything was over.

In this time it became balanced, which the preachers and torturers had loaded at debt on themselves.

The small devil turned to our lovers, he bowed himself deeply and away he was.

Now they were alone again.

The noise outside the cell changed.

Loud shouting, death cries, but now the torturers and the God interpreters were the victims. Then, after a few minutes, absolute silence.


Both left their cell. On the floor outside, the contents of their stomachs moved to get out. Too terrible to see, what happened there. The smell was very bad.

After their stomachs were empty they walked unsecure to a stair, which was going to the next upper level.

They left the prison. On the different levels above no living beings seemed to exist any more.

Why have they been left alive?

What happened with all the other prisoners?

On the highest level, a powerful shape was seen, a shape with a strong spiritual area. Embedded completely in black clothes.

<< I greet you, lovers of eternity >>

"We are lovers of eternity? But we know only this single life. And how are you?"

<< The devil. But no fear, I am not able, not allowed to and I will not do something harmful to you. Left this palace, go out into the world. No one of these preachers will catch you again. They simple do not exist any more *grin* >>

"But what are you doing here? What we have seen, it is the hell, do you want to destroy the world?"

<< As far as they have already destroyed the spirit of it. There has been an access to the world to protect you. As a side effect the ports of the hell opened. Yes, this can happen if paranormal effects try to rule the world against the natural laws. But it is not more terrible then the human beings raise in their own wars. The difference, in my way always the really bad persons got their punishment>>

"Then we are responsible for that? But we only want to live our life, life, that has been given to us as a gift. We don't know anything about the hell."

"You do not have to feel guilty about it. Indeed, you know only your own life and there is nothing wrong. But you are the lovers of eternity, even if you do not know it. Thus you stand far over me, also without knowing it. See, you live with your limited knowledge and what you are doing, it is well like that. There is nothing sold to hell.

This world, I will not destroy it. The diabolic network has found its balance. There is a future for you, in this world. And afterwards, not even I know how it goes on.

See, I am an infinite being but I do not know what will happen with you in your afterlife.

It even shows me that a higher level exists. Not self evident for a higher cosmic being. Many of them think that they are the ONE, but this is not true.

I even know if I try to be harmful to you, it will destroy me. Sure not forever in an abstract sense, the devil always comes back. That's because the living creatures raise the diabolic items from their own. But this kind of me then will die. That is not my intention. I am the consciousness of all the bad appearances in the existence, that doesn't mean that I do not have my own dreams. Believe me, you are the ones who touch it. >>

Lovers of eternity

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