Arianne 142 En - Devil fairy

The devil is weeping for one of his fairies and he asks Arianne for help

The weeping of the devil

The devil was desperate. A feeling, that he did not know so far. He was wondering that he could feel so.

It was the helplessness, which was shown to him so drastically.

One of his little fairies was captured on a planet of the existence and she should be executed.

A guardian of the laws of nature prevented him from freeing her. The guardian completely insulated the planet. A being at the 5th level of infinity. And he, with his 4th level, he could not do anything against him.


But the devil did not accept this. He loved this little fairy ...


She is his creation and she is completely different from all the nightmare characters of the hell, different from the demons, zombies, vampires, witches, hell dogs, heretics ...


This fairy had real feelings, like the beings of the existence and a little soul.


She is the dream of the devil and the devil is a paranormal entity, an infinite being of the existence.


However, the devil has created a being that contradicts his determination. And last not least, he tried to protect this being from hell.

But what shall he do now? If they execute the little fairy ... all of his dreams will be broken down .... and only the fury will remain, the fury of the devil. Who ever will be able to escape from this? This guardian can not exclude him all the time. He will find a way. And if it will happen in the transcendence, after the dead of the responsibles.


The devil has worked so hard over infinite many years to create this little being. In his eyes she is something precious, this he could not say about all the other appearances of his hell.

All the things related to the existence came in from the outside the hell. The hell did not create beings of the existence. It belonged to the paranormal domain of the plane. Living fantasy of the bad. The devil himself was it consciousness.


If this little flame will get out ... No, please not. It was surprising that the devil could think a word like please.

The 5th level of existence. There exist higher entities. Ennaira? No, the being from the negative part of the existence, she did not want to have contact with him. Negative has another meaning for her, it is related to energy. Like negative integers relate to their positive counterpart.

Sensity he could not ask. And the Love Entity? Certainly not. Some things remain closed to him. He was the administrator of the evil and it's self-consciousness. An analyst. Constructor of the diabolic network. He did not support the evil, he archived and analyzed it.


After all his effort failed there remained only one possibility. He was wondering that he could think so.

He ordered his leading demons to him: DEMONS TO ME!!!!

We all will fall together down to our knees and pray to Arianne.

So many perplexed demons the hell has never seen before.

He made an example.

"Dear Arianne, please help this little fairy. I can not do it. She is very important to me, more import than the whole hell around me, important for me as a Janine is important for you."

Than he started to cry. Tears run down from his eyes ... and the hell fire run dry. Oh! Noone has ever seen the devil weeping. His demons retreated softly.

On the surface of the planet. In Henkerstown.

A devil fairy lost her diabolic force. So she was really helpless and could not defend her self. She was pulled through the city on a cart.

She knew what will happen with her and she was weeping. Her beautiful little face was wet from all the tears and she looked so infinite sad. Everyone could see it.

A devil fairy who is weeping? This is ridiculous. She is a part of the devil. "Burn her", "tear her into pieces."

The question is, where the evil fantasies reside now?

But who cares about questions.

She never had done anything bad. She wanted to learn, from the people, but then she was captured, bound and put into this cart. Going forward to kill her. But why?
Is there anyone outside who could help her?

No, in this city there were only God-fearing people. With a little bit lust to kill? If it was allowed ...

All of them were well-read. And in the first holy book one could read what has to be done with devil-fairies.

But whereby they knew that she was a devil fairy? A million dollar question.

The answer is easy. She had interest in science, did not visit the church daily and did not allow some of the old ugly honoratiores to touch her.

And she had red hair down to her knees ... and ... and ... she seemed to love her life.

Enough said. It is not allowed to love the own life. This being should feel what it means to live under the protection of the  authorities, she has to share all the pain and toil of life.

Everyone wanted to see her die? Everyone?

There was this single woman with her white garment. And she had a big bun on her head. What a bun! A pumkin could get eny. And ther hair was red. Did no one notice this? Maybe ...

She did not contribute something to the general scream. Curiously she looked at the little fairy in the cart.

The fairy felt it, immediately. The spiritual charisma of this woman was so strong, that it overcame all the blocking of her paranormal energy.

Fairy: "Who are you?"

Woman: "Arianne"

Fairy: "Ohhh"

The fairy did not know what she should think of it. But Arianne, here, it could not be a bad sign. If Arianne will help her? Actually unimaginable.

<< I will help you. Even the devil and his creations are parts of me. >>

From one to the other moment she felt free from all the pain. She had to close her eyes. Her tears were burning too much. And she got a feeling of security that she never felt before.


At the end of the journey with the cart. There she should be hacked up. Before doing this they will tear her skin from the bones. The rest will be put into a big fire boiler. It was already smoking.

And then they will eat the roasted meat? Cannibalism! Or do they think they will get force from the hell? Who knows ...

Great strong men were waiting for their great heroic act.

20 big men for a small little fairy. She reached them until chest. And they were three times bigger than she.

One of the men went to the cart, he tried to pull her out with one hand.

But something has changed. The block of the paranormal energy existed no more. The men did not knew it, but they got to feel it ...


Arianne and the fairy alone at the place of execution. The others had run away, as if the devil stood behind them ...

Also the 20 men hobbled away. One of them could only crawl.

There were not dead, no, in view of Arianne the fairy did not dare.

Fairy: << Arianne, I thank you for your help. I like to live so much, even though I am a devil fairy. >>

Arianne: << You turn back what they try to do with you. It is understandable in the sense of the diabolic network. It is interesting for me that the devil has allowed you an own self, something, that otherwise only I give to the beings of my existence.  That means you can decide after your free will, even against the devil himself. And you live. You have a soul. How could he reach this? These things are surprising for me. >>

Fairy: << Yes, I can do it. I try to learn and my decisions? I am working on a self which can give me an orientation. It is not completed yet. And until this will happen, I follow the demands of the hell, just as they are for me. >>

Arianne: << This is the art of your being. But you have the potential to exist in my domain, outside the hell. I grant independence to my beings. If the devil develops in this sense, it is interesting for me. >>

The devil as the contra pole to Arianne? No, Arianne represents the good, the bad and the ugly ... and the beauty. She is the beauty and the beast in a personal union. She comprises all fantasy items and allows them to act in the existence or not. The contra pole of Arianne is Ennaira.

Fairy: << A life outside the hell? It can be very cold ... I don't know. I am a creation of the diabolic network and it is my home. >>

Arianne: << I understand this. Beings like you allow another view of the diabolic network. You know, not everything in the existence is good ... Let the things have their own evolution. But you should know, I like you. If you want to decide yourself for me, ask for me. I will hear you. Then I will talk with the devil. What a waste, if they had thrown you away like garbage. They did not know how special you are and what they wanted to destroy. With the guardian I have to talk, a serious task. >>

Questions, answers and comments

[1] Level of infinity?

If you imagine infinity as a set of elements, the 5th level can be imagined as the power set of the 4th level. So a being at the 5th level has much more power than a being at the 4th level.

[2] The devil in love?

Yes, you know that any of the so called positive being can have feelings of hate and they can raise very destructive events, so why the devil should not be able to have feelings of love?

[3] Heretics?

Yes, they are ...

And Vampires? Are they creations of the hell?

Think about black magic. Vampires need magic for their existence, sometimes they are obsessed by a demon. You know the stories about Vampire Diaries and Buffy?

I am thinking about them, but these are fantasy stories.

And why should they do not get real in some paranormal environment? Like the devil and his hell? Reality beings can be full of fantasy items. Do you think that any thought you have does not have a spiritual counterpart somewhere? Like the laws of nature require for forces. And any force has a counterforce.

[4] A soul in hell? Are they innocent? Then they have not fallen. That can not be. Or it contradicts the concept of hell!

Do you think that only the beings in the existence can raise a contradiction?

[5] Do you know what a being is dreaming who comprises all the bad that happens in the world?

You know that positive beings can have nightmares.

And a nightmare being can just dream the opposite?

[6] You know about the Characteristicum? Are you sure that she will let him in?

Why not? Why should she protect the murderers?

Murderers? This is a devil fairy who will be annihilated.

Remember, she is innocent and she has a soul. You should think a little bit different.

[7] But he seems to have different fantasies?

Yes, there is a light in the darkness ... as much as any paradise has it dark edges.

[8] A very superficial view of the devil. A being of the evil who does not promote the evil? This is a part of his determination. He must try what is possible, regarding his potential.
Otherwise his existence makes no sense.

There is no simple answer possible. The devil must relieve the being of existence. To give her a distance to the evil part of her thoughts, which she can not avoid. It is one of the infinite questions, why the devil exists and why he is tolerated by the being of the existence.