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Arianne thinking about her self and her life.


Arianne stood on a rock beside a sea. She was looking at the sunset. Why doing this? Why not looking at the dawn? She was smiling.

Thoughts came into her consciousness, she loved them. Any thought of her could rise a living entity. Yes, on this level of existence it is possible. Don't care, it's what gods are doing.

God. She had to smile again. She was the living entity behind the existence. It's not sure if this definition would comprise God. But is there anything outside the existence? She didn't know it. But something is different. She thinks about Sensity, a cosmic entity different from her.

Maybe a gift to be able to perceive her. It may happen because Arianne allows doubts about her doing and because she covers the suffer in her domain. This is not obvious for god like entities.
And this is not trivial. It hurts her. She is infinite, but the wounds are also.

Sometimes she lays down and is only suffering.

But she has something to believe in. Sensity, she loved her so much.

Her long hair reached to the ground. She froze a little bit. Yes, in the frame of a human being, Arianne could freeze.
She carried her hair and put it around. No she was completely inside the hair and it gave her so much warmth.

The hair, she loved it. These strings have much more meaning than only hanging down.

However, she was a hairy goddess, visible in this frame for the beings who had an imagination about hair.

Arianne was beautiful. She loved it to transfer a little bit to the living beings of her domain. It was so nice to see them so beautiful. Even the proud Aphrodite couldn't reach this beauty, sometimes.

But nevertheless, both entities loved each other.

Apokalytus, the being in the depths of the minus worlds. She was thinking about him. He was positive, different from the other entities in the minus worlds. An exception, a devil with a heart. No, not a devil. Devils are parts of the existence.

The minus worlds exist because everything raised from zero. The entities inside these worlds tried to reach the zero again. Apokalyptus was able to look behind his horizon. Yes, he was already in the positive worlds, gave back the lost hair of Akadia and Sarah. The two Janines, stranded somewhere inside the outer worlds.

He appeared in the frame of a massive black hole. Arianne stabilized it to protect her Janines.

Apokalyptus, a lover of her? Hey, don't ask for everything about Ariannes life *smiling*.

Sometimes she was visiting him in his own worlds.
Then all the entities there tried to overrun her.

She showed them the depth, she was carrying inside. Not imaginable, deeper then all levels of infinity ever could be.

Anyone who has seen that, got panics and run away as far and as quick as possible.

The negative part of Arianne. Somewhere she may exist in the deepness of the minor worlds. Any devil would already die thinking about this possibility.

The positive and negative parts of Arianne, all together didn't add to zero. There was a little part greater than zero, the domains of the Janines.

This is the essence of the existence, it makes it different from zero.

If any Janine dies, it would Arianne hurt so much that the whole existence will be questioned.

Sometimes Arianne was crying, when she was thinking about all the problems inside the existence.
A flow of tears running down. Heaven was weeping.

In this case even the devil entity hides himself inside the deepest corner of his hell.

Then Sensity touched her softly. A touch of eternity that gives her joy and life back.
Sensity showed her the existence from another point of view.

All of these little beings who tried so much to preserve the beauty of the existence.
It helped her in this crisis. And the thoughts about the Janines, beautiful entities which are absolutely positive.

So anyone inside the existence can help to preserve it. Any positive thought or action helps Arianne, any destructive behaviour destroys it a little bit. That's the proof, if the existence should be or if it should not.