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Medusa fighting against her fate, she wants to live and she gets help.

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"You are Medusa. Your fate is already decided."

But ... what will happen to me?

"A mortal will come and take your head away. He will give it a goddess and she will fix it on her plate."

My head? I'm more than just that, I have my arms, my legs, my body, my self. How is this possible?

"He will cut your head off ."

My head being cut off ... It took until Medusa had digested that. No, please not, Genoveva, please do not make such prophecies.

"You are Medusa. This is her story. The foundation of your existence."

But ... I am alive, I love my life, I love love love love it so much. Why that? No. I want to live. Look how beautiful my body is. All this shall be destroyed?

"You are beautiful and sexy. Quite different from what has been told in the old stories, where you have been characterized as a diabolical monster. But, it will happen. Do not try to hold it up. Your destiny is linked to your name. It has created you here, in this paranormal part of the existence.

My destiny? I do not need this fate.

"Don't you see it? Just because you must fulfill your destiny, you exist. Without this fate, it would not give you. Enjoy the time that you can live. It is a gift from heaven."

I live, I feel. Isn't that wonderful? Why this fate. No, I do not want it.

"Whether you like it or not, that's not the question."

To be or not to be, but just I am. And I'm going to fight for my life.

"The hunter will be invisible for you. How will you defend yourself then? If you sleep it will be fulfilled..."

Medusa alone with herself. In front of a large mirror. She loved her mirror self. The snakes that grew out of her head, they were not ugly, no, they were not. Only small beings who needed love. She could hide them inside her hair, hair, that surrounded her body completely. Why not hiding inside the hair?

But then she could not see anything coming from the outside, and if it even was invisible?

Her wonderful skin, her beautiful eyes. The gentleness in her face. Her arms, legs, hands, her whole beloved body, her beautiful life. And this should only exist to be destroyed? And why shall her head be taken away without the living body? It will be nothing but an empty cache. And with that thing the gods wanted to dress up?

A tear was running down her face. And another tear ... She dissolved in tears. Everything was wet around her.

Wasn't there a sound in the medium background? She drove up, jumped to the side.

There was something.

But why being so helpless? She could fight! She transformed herself into a diabolic monster, her eyes glowed, the snakes screamed and she pushed the paranormal energy into arbitrary directions, running into concentric circles. And she moved quickly from here to there ... and ... suddenly she hit the danger.

A shape became visible, a mortal, a man with a sword in the hand. He watched at her. She saw fright in his face.

He was screaming: "No, no, no, please do not look at me."

Quick as a flash she turned her head to the side.

But now she was vulnerable!

And the man, waiting for his chance?

No, he was standing still. He knew that she could have killed him, but she didn't. And her beauty ... the difference between killing and loving, it can be very small ...

Medusa: "Why may I not look at you?"

Man: "Medusa, your look transforms the mortals into stone. You kill them doing this."

It was this, her power. If she looked at a mortal, he/she solidified to stone.
However, wasn't she mortal herself? No, she was immortal. What the hell gave her this insight? If she looked into this mirror ...

Had she already turned to stone and did not know it?

No, she felt, she perceived her thoughts. And she felt that she could control this strength. Her living self, it could hold it back.
Now she knew, why other wanted her death. They wanted to control this force, with her head, without her self.

With the mortals she never had a touch.  Only her shadow was lost. If someone has stolen it?
The shadow. Her past. She didn't remember. Where she comes from? Has everything always been as it looks now?

She was only thinking but she got an answer from nowwhere.

<< No. You were once a wonderful young woman with very long hair, too nice hair for which the gods envied you. One of those approached you and he raped you. In the temple of a goddess. You only wanted to pray to her. And the end of the story, the punishment came to you, not to him. The snakes coming from your head, that was the punishment. But it was not complete, look into a mirror. The goddess helped you from being transformed into a diabolic monster. Only this force, a curse coming from hell, it was attached to you, because this crime desecretated the temple. Any mortal at which you look will be turned into stone. Don't think too much about this. The relationships between immortal gods are too complected to be understood. And you have many friends, who love you and who adore you. All of this together give you your current appearance and ... it is positive. >>

Who are you? This can not be only my thoughts. Is it Genoveva with her prophecies? I am so afraid, I fear them.

<< So many questions. I am the opponent >>

An opponent? Against which then?

<< If I only knew this. Actually an infinite being should be here, but there is nothing. Very strange. >>

Opponent. What can I do? I do not want to die. If everything is already decided then... the gods, play they with my destiny? Was it Athena, who protected  or punished me...?

<< Athena. She is squashed into a wrong picture by many. They project their own failures on her and make a gigantic history of it. Then their own smallness is more tolerable. No, this is all wrong. Only those who really love her  and try to be in common with her spirit, they will see, how she really is. Athena is a wonderful, dear gentle being. She would never do such a thing to you. And you, are you as ugly as they told about you, has your beauty been stolen from you? >>

No, but ...

<< Between the lines, there exist negative beings feeding from the misfortune of others. And the deeper somebody falls, the greater the pleasure is. They have an effect in the darkness and they steal the shadows of the living creatures. Crystallised feelings that became an own consciousness.>>

My shade...? It is away, stolen. What have they done with it?

<< All the bad what they assign to you. With your shade they have caused it. This Medusa as a monster. So negatively that her decapitation must be a relief. >>

The mortals. They are creatures of the gods. And I myself? Am I also such a creature?

<< Yes, you are. But even the gods do not know everything. A touch with the life, it has given you a soul. You are so positive in your being that the life has searched you and it has found you. >>

And what happened now? The fights went on. Perseus failed but the gods didn't gave up.


<< The name of the hunter >>

Perseus failed? << Yes, he felt in love with Medusa. This was not the thing for what he was selected.>>

250 war attacts against Medusa. She won it all. But she couldn't turn these gods to stone, they were immortal. And if she was blowing them away, they came back. At the end Medusa gave up. It was too much. She sat down and was weeping, her head behind her arms. Now she was waiting for her destiny.

But nothing happened. Only a sensitive touch ... and a message.

<< I will protect you. These gods are only fantasy items. They have an own consciousness and the power to change this paranormal world, but they have no soul like you. Now it is time to introduce myself. I am the White Woman. >>

Medusa with hidden snakes

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