Arianne 237 En - Whity and Arianne

Whity met Arianne and they became a love couple for eternity.

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Whity and Arianne in love

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Arianne all alone in her sadness. In a finite shape. For a zero time she has left all her infinities. She had to gather her self to get new inner force.

Suddenly she felt a touch.

What happened there? It couldn't be come out of her own self.
Then she felt a thought, a thought, which was not thought of her.

<< Hello Arianne, I am Whity. >>

Arianne didn't know Whitey. She couldn't be a part of her existence. But ... where did she come from? From outside the existence? Or has the plane she created new?
A being like Losty? But Losty was a part of her!

A: << Whitey? >>

W: << Sensity sent me. >>

A: << You are coming from Sensity? You must be something great. Otherwise could couldn't resist the touch with me. You know, I absorb any being infinite being, who touches me. It happens unconsciously ... because my infinities can never be closed. But you? You still exist in your autonomy. >>

What is the difference?

An autonomous being can have their own thoughts, thoughts which are not owned by Arianne.

W: << Yes, Arianne, I know. But you had already a touch with Sensity, and she is marked as a friend,m in all of your genes. >>

A: << Gene sound good *grin*. Let it be. You are a part of Sensity? >>

W: << Yes, I am. >>

A: << That is interesting. I thought, only I split into different consciousnesses. >>

W: << Not at all. Sensity does it also. There was no necessity until now .... but you are so sad, I want to built you up a littel bit. See, all the life energy, which I brought with me to you. >>

Arianne felt the energy. And she felt intoxicated, almost new born.
Whity was very beautiful, full of erotic and ... covered only by her long hair.
Arianne felt a longing, the longing that all physical beings feel, if the want to come together in love. But something irritated her.

A: << The sadness, isn't it also founded? I can not give it up easy ... not even for love. She has it's own right, and it must be. >>

W: << Arianne, you are the being of the existence. And I exist only, because you allow it. The sadness is a part of your self, you experience it and you don't find against it. Yo suffer with the beings of the existence and you make them free, doing so. Free from the pain. And this is good. Bit know, Sensity appreciates your very much and she wants to give you a part of her love, so I ma here. And Arianne, you are a multiple personality, with loosing the connection. You have all of there personalities inside ... and the love, for which you are longing so much. Give it a chance. >>

Arianne looked Whity deep in her eyes. And she felt the love, deep inside. The infinities were reflecting inside these eyes. Like lightnings the love cam inside her self. And Arianne felt the sadness, nothing of this got lost. Everything had it's place. Softly Arianne touched Whity on the cheek, stroke her beautiful face and ... kissed her directly on the mouth.

There was so much, which requested to be stroked. The skin, the hair, everything. And as beings of the infinity, they stroke their souls.

Then they gave up their finite shape, loosing their selves in the infinity. She transformed into waves of happiness, unlimited in all dimensions. Ghostlike spiritual and also bodily.

Arianne felt the force of Sensity inside Whity. She became one with her.

Beings of love they were now. And they saw the lovers of eternity inside the time. Both now were a part of them.  One of the possible incarnations and they felt common with all of them.

Sometimes a little being, sometimes infinite in their frames.

<< Do you see your incarnation together with the love entity?  Protected by Sensity?>>

A: << Whity, it was very beautiful. I thank so much for it. >>

W: << Arianne, you made me happy alos. Let us be for each other, whenever we need us. >>

A: << We are now a love couple, one of the incarnations of the lovers of eternity. I didn't know that they reached so far. >>

W:  << Yes, we are. There is no limit for the lovers of eternity, and they do not must exist only once. >>

Whity und Arianne

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