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Trouble inside a barbershop. Arianne appears.


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She loved her long hair. Hair, which was caressing her soul.

The hair framed her body, she could wrap herself into the hair. Sometimes she was resting for hours inside it and she was so happy during this time.

It was nice to play with the hair. Her friends liked it. All together were making braids, pony tails, buns. Sometimes they tried to hide the hair inside her clothes or under a wig.
There were other longhaired teenagers too. But they had to fear that this long hair joy will terminate. There are too much rules, in school, in business and there was a request from the adults that the hair shall be sold. They don't had much money.

But today they still had it and they loved Etienne for her super long hair.
She was a hair goddess for them.

All the people around her loved the long hair. But ... not all, almost.

Her father disliked it, but most of the time he was travelling somewhere in the world.
And her mother would like the hair to be much shorter. She wanted the money for selling it.

But they let her do, until today.

The hair dresser of her mother offered money for the hair. Now it should be cut. For a few hundred Euro. So much beauty, could it be payed with money? Perhaps the hairdresser needs it for an actress playing the role of a fairy. A virtual world. She had her hair in the real world, why has she to give it up?

She had only few time to think about this.

Tomorrow, early in the morning there was an appointment with the salon, and it was already late in the evening.
She had not the time to talk with her friends.


The night was over.

She had tears in her eyes.


Now she was inside the barber's shop. Father and mother beside her.

There were many people inside the salon, but she was the first to get her haircut.

The barber wanted to cut her hair while she was standing.

She was so infinitely sad.

He catched her hair with both hands, fixed it with a rubber and put the rubber upwards to the neck.

He wanted to get all of it. Why not shaving the head?

"Let the remaing hair reach upon her shoulder", the mother said.

Barber: "I want all of the hair." And he gave another 150 Euro to the father.

Etienne said nothing. Only 14 years old, she had nothing to say, what could she do?

The barber hold a scissor in one hand, the other hand was holding the long ponytail just below the rubber.

She was breaking down, layed on the floor and was crying.

All of the people were looking at her.

Another guest entered the salon.

A woman with a very big bun. There must have been a lot of hair inside it.

Mother: "Don't be so stupid. It's only hair. We will get a good price for it. You can help the family to survive. The hair will grow again. For the money we can bye a long hair wig."

But a little earthquake happened inside her soul.

Mother: "She will be calm again, in a few minutes." The mother was swapping the tears away with a handkerchief.

Guest: "If she likes her hair so much, why must you take it away?"

Father: "Stay outside. This is a family affair."

Guest: "If I see someone suffering I try to help."

Father: "Then convince her that the hair cut is the best for her."

Guest: "No, I don't want it. I try to encourage her feelings."

Father: "We need the money. I have already fed her 14 years. It's a family tradition that all girls cut their hair with 13 and she is already 14. The hair will be sold. And I decided that it will be done here."

Guest: "If you catch the hair, something that she really loves, what do you expect from her in future? No, I give you money for not letting cut the hair. More than the hairdresser is paying."

Barber: "You, don't intervene here. I already offered 1150 Euro."

Guest: "I will give you 2000 Euro for doing nothing." She offered the money to the father.

One could see, the father had trouble inside. He wanted the money, but, no, this hair must go. The relationships were already complaining about the hair.
And the other young people, if Etienne has short hair, then they will see that it is time for their own hair to be cut. She encouraged them to have longer hair. This must be finished.

Father: "No, the hair will be cut. I want if off, that's the last word"

Guest: "You don't see the beauty of the hair?"

Barber: "Leave the salon immediately. Otherwise I call the police."

Police was coming.

Police man: "What's going on here?"

Guest: "They will cut the hair of this girl against her wishes. It will break her heart."

Police man: "That seems to be a family affair. It is not allowed for foreigners to intervene."

The other people in the salon seem to share this opinion.

"Such a long hair. It is completely outdated. Give her a modern short style."

"They need the money for the hair."

"And color it. This natural dark brown, it's not a color for  a young girl. Color it red, blue or yellow."

"This long straight hair hanging down. It is so boring."

The guest with the big bun was looking at all this people.

"Why do you dislike long hair? It can be so beautiful. Etienne is not the only one with long hair."

She opened her bun and a waterfall of hair felt down to the floor.

It was amazing.

The people stared at her. But there was no smile to be seen in the crowd.
Mostly older women with short curled hair and some "power women" with very short hair.

"No, you are much too old for such a long hair."

" This is middle age. Come to the 21th century."

" Get your hair cut together with the girl."

Guest: "Well, arguments are lost. Etienne, do you want to go with me?"

Father: "Do you want to kidnap my daugher. Officer, arrest her!"

But it was impossible for the police man to do so. Everything seems to be frozen in time. Only the guest and Etienne were not affected.

Guest: "Etienne, don't be afraid. You can always go back, if you want it. I can show you the universe, it will be for you like travelling in fantasy. Do you want a try?"

Etienne: "Thanks for trying to help me. Your the only one who understands me and you have such a long beautiful hair."

She had to cry again.

After a few minutes.

Etienne: "You know my name? I feel something great, something is touching me. All the other people are frozen in time. Are you a god?"

Guest: "Something similar like this, but not the devil. Please, will you come with me?"

Etienne was nodding.

The guest was touching Etienne on the shoulder and both disappeared.

What remains? A hole in space time.

The father has defended his family tradition and his own claims but lost his daughter.


Etienne: "Please tell me your name."

Guest: "I am Arianne."


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