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Elisa lost in space and time. A Janine found her and brought her back home.

Lost and found

The quantum mechanic flight, it was possible as long as the items of space time had a cross relation with each other.
With a quantum jump she even was able to left the light signals of her universe behind.

This even allowed her to see light signals from the past and last not least to jump into the past.

Space like movements. She didn't need the negative energy for doing this.

But is there a limit in cross relations? Independent parts of space time?

Then it is able to get lost.

The quantum engine does not react any more. Only the impulse engine still worked, but there was nothing outside to give her an orientation.

The contraction of space time was already great enough that it was smaller than the discrete bubbles of space time. She approached the continuum, but nothing happens.

She even lost the orientation in space time. Oh oh ouch! Far too much relativistic flight.

She stopped the impulse engine and flew away with the last reached velocity. Smaller than the velocity of light? She didn't know it. Wondering that her space ship still exists.

She could send light signals to the outer space, that means, that she has not entered the null geodesics.

No, no, no panics.


Another 2 years. No change. Was her universe isolated? The only one?
Or has she reached a future in which no material objects exist any more?

Probably done by the relativistic fligth. She must have been pushed billions of years in the future or even in an infinity far away future.

From theory she must have left behind already more than 27800 billions of light years. And all around was empty. No orientation.

Elisa was lost in space and time.


She felt lonely. Very lonely. She feared she will forget that she exists.

Time. It flowed. At least inside her ship. Her proper time. And it must exist outside, because relative to her space ship anything seems to be normal as she knows it.

Does that mean that discrete bubbles of space times are underlined by a continuous flow of space time?

She seemed to move inside a river of time. What a kind of time was it?

The risk has been too great. It pressed her hearth. If she dies? Or get crazy?

Outside her ship only black darkness.

Inside. She dedicated her time to scientific themes. It helped a bit.


Another 2 years.


Then there was an alarm.

Her ship was accelerated by an external source. The ship discovered a geodesic deviation. She saw nothings.

She analysed the problem. A foreign center of gravity reached for her. A black hole inside the large empty?
She analysed the geodesic deviation. Yes, the center was only 10 million light years away and she moved to it, with an acceleration that she will reach the horizon of events in less than 10 minutes.

Cosmic movements. Strong relativistic velocities.

Her ship had enough energy to free itself.

She passed the hole.

But now she was curious, entered her time engine, billion of years back.

Accidental the ship caught a single photon. She moved into the direction of the photon, where it came from, entered the corresponding geodesic of space time.

Then she had contact. Suddenly a foreign universe laid before her.


While going back to the past space time must be expanded itself. She universe had a diameter about 18 billions of light years.

The universe was unstable. The matter inside would let it collapse. But this will happen in a far away future. She flew inside to the universe, in the direction of the shining matter.

A planet system send a lot of signals. There must exist a high evolved civilisation.

She flew in direction of the central planet. Her speech analyser worked and after some time it had analysed the foreign language.

"Hello, foreign space ship, please identify yourself"

Elisa: "I come from far outside your universe and would like to stop off here."

"From far outside the universe? You make as curious. Please follow the leading beam we will send you"

They scanned her ship. For weapons, she thought. The impulse engine was interesting for them, also the quantum-mechanic engine. It used topological equivalence. Jumping from one point of space time to another one, that was not different from a quantum mechanic point of view. And the impulse engine worked for extreme relativistic flight.

It was a friendly welcome. She got an apartment outside her space ship for free.

They only wanted to communicate with her about scientific themes, to get some insights in the cosmic greatness.


"You say that you used the strong relativistic flight because the other components didn't work. Then you probably know something about our future. What will happen with our universe?"

Elisa: "I am sorry I can not give you good news. Your universe is unstable, it will collapse in the future. Outside the black hole I discovered nothing. The whole space time seemed to be empty"

"That means everything will get lost? We discovered 2000 foreign universes around us. That makes us very sad."

Elisa: "It was only a possible view. The future is not deterministic. Maybe a warning for me to take care trying to reach infinity. It is possible that I had a look into an infinite far away future."

"Infinity? As far as we know anything is finite. That is the assumption behind the mathematics of our technology. It leads to explanations of our physical world."

Elisa: "We have a different point of view. Infinity is possible but not in the sense of monotony. Any infinite line must change irrational at some point. Think about the real number Pi. It raises an infinite non monotonic sequence of digits. We believe that this indicates objective existence in some way. From this point we are able to explain our world even behind the space time structure, which is experimental proven to be discrete."

"Objective Existence? Do you believe in God?"

Elisa: "Maybe, but we don't know. Higher cosmic beings may exist behind our horizon, it is not excluded by our theory. This change to the irrational point indicates that there must exist something of infinite greatness. Otherwise everything could get lost in the great monotony, maybe, what I have seen in the future. But there is hope. The irrational change of the monotony let me find you."

"We know something about the evolution of universes. There are a lot of others that we have already seen. But what you are talking about? Our limit is the discreteness of space time. From our point of view there doesn't exist anything behind. But you told us your velocity has pushed you behind this limit?  We may have to ask a  Janine."

Elisa: "A Janine?"

"A higher cosmic being. But she is only a legend, a fairy tale, as far as we know. Created by the spirit for feeling not so lonely in space-time. Janine, the being behind the life in our river of time. She is considered to be an infinite being"

Elisa was smiling: "So you have a legend about a being that is possible for us from theory but was never seen. I am astonished how so different things suddenly match together."


The years passed. She became a part of the civilization. And then, one day, it happens.

She was sitting in a Cafe, alone at a table.

A foreign woman with floor length hair approached her.

"Please, I will be happy if you allow me to sit beside you."

Elisa: "Please sit down. My name is Elisa. Can you tell me your name?"

"My name? I don't have an individual name. It's more a description of my being. I am a Janine."


Alarm!!! Elisa got lost in her feelings. She remembered.

Elisa: "A Janine..." She couldn't say anything more.

"Yes, I felt your loneliness here and I want to help you. Please take my hand and I will lead you back to your friends, your family. Oh, I see, you have found new friends and you want to say good bye before travelling away."

Elisa stared at her. Janine knew her thoughts before they appeared in her own consciousness. Basic feelings. Yes, she wanted to go back. There was so much longing inside her.

"I see :-). Please say good bye to your friends. Tomorrow morning at breakfast time I will be back again. Tell them you are leaving. Yes, tell them about me. You have so much credit that they will believe you. I do not want to make myself a universal event. It's only for you, they will understand it."


The other day. Her friends hold the secret. They were standing around on the other side of the street, waving. Elisa was sitting alone at her table. Then Janine suddenly was visible, no one has seen her coming. She smiled at her, waved to her friends and then took her hand. Both disappeared from one to another second.


After 25 years Elisa was back home. Her friends were crying, for joy, to see her again. She was missed so much. Janine was on her side. So they could see her, even touch her. A new legend was born, but not only, the people had seen evidence for their believe. It really made them happy.