Arianne En 273a - The Characteristicum 03

Sally, Amanda and Chara in a dialogue. Chara shows them their possible fate.

The dialogue with the death

Sally and Amanda in Love. They were a love couple. But what does it mean ... they were?
In this environment no time existed, with the exception of their proper time. Without their proper time they could not live here.

But that was not all. They needed a small planet around, which interacted with them, because they needed oxygen, warmth, water, food ... something, they could see, something that takes attention of their lifes.

And a space, in which they could move, which allowed an orientation.

They stood on something that looked like a floor and they felt their weight. But they could only look at a distance of 10 meters, then the environment disappeared in a grey fog. This was not only a fog, they felt it, it was the fog of death.

But ... this feeling of fear and panic, that wanted to set up, it has not manifested itself.
They felt a spiritual touch, which stroked their souls. It took away their fear.

Then they saw a frame inside the fog.  It approached them and suddenly a being stood in front of them. She looked like a female human being. But she was strange in colours. One part of the body was black and white, the other full of colours. And this also happened with the hair, which surrounded her body.

As if the one half resided in the dark, the other one in the rays of the sun.

<< I am the Characteristicum, or, how you want to call me, Chara. I want to reveal my self to you. >>

Sally: "Chara ... you are very beautiful, but so strange in your colours."

<< I am a hybrid between the worlds. The colourless part of me is the domain of death, which I comprise. The other part, it allows me to touch the existence. So I am not fully decoupled of all and I am not full inside the depth of the death. >>

Amanda: "... which you comprise? Are their other parts of death?"

<< I transmit to you one way of seeing life and death, that you can imagine and which is not harmful to your lifes. There are other point of views that would kill you immediately. What I share with you, it is the finite view of the other side. Comprising a sphere with a radius about 10000 billions of light years, which contains more then 280000 universes. >>

Sally: "That sound big, very big."

<< It is finite because you are finite beings and the imagination of infinity would kill you. If a living being dies, it collapses to a single point, loosing matter, space and time. And from this point of view the Characteristicum is infinite in all dimensions. But I want you to live, I love your lifes. >>

Amanda: "You are a ... being of death. Isn't it very hard for you to love the life?"

<< Everyone has their own dreams. I could not let you die and I want you to live here. >>

Sally: "We thank you so much for saving our lifes. But ... can we really live here? We need other lifes, our friends, family ... we miss them so much."

<< You are two, and at this point maybe you don't know how important and really great this is. Each one of you gives the other one a life.  And if you want to stay here ... it is not only a grey cell. All of these universes have a life, they are born and they die and many of them will be reborn. You can participate at the fate of the beings who lived in these universes and you can change things, giving answers to unknown questions. Believe me, you never will get bored. And I protect you from being overwhelmed.

You are living beings, that means, you can develop yourself, running your own evolution. And it will never end, the contact with me gives you eternal life, measured in your proper time. Even if all life ends ... you will survive here.  >>

Amanda: "It is so much ... isn't it possible that we run into a horror, that will last for eternity?"

<< It could be possible, but I will prevent it. If you get tired and want to die, then it will happen. But ... before selecting this option, please, communicate with the death and see what they are, and what they are not. And I will not let you collapse into a single point, then it will come to a reincarnation. Another way back to the existence is not possible, because you reside in the death part of me. And you are here, because no being of the existence has a chance to catch your life. And believe me, there are not only these hangmen who want your life. >>

Sally: "And if all life in the existence dies?"

<< There are infinite beings, who take care of the existence. Even the love entity is involved in this. But it is not impossible because the existence is infinite, and in the infinity any possibility can be realized. In this case the Characteristicum will dissolve to zero and believe me, then also any horror will find it's end. But what I really don't know, what will happen with the being of zero and if she will carry this solution. >>

Amanda: "The being of zero?"

<< Her name is Ari0nne. But she is also the being of the ONE, and that means, she never wants to die. And there are beings between the existences, who can intervene. >>

Sally: "So much beings. But if they all exist, why is it necessary to have a domain of death. Why is there so much pain in the world?"

<< These questions have an eternal touch. To get an answer, many things have to be questioned, that seem to be self evident. And the domain of death exists to find answers to these questions. If you want to stay here, you can contribute your part of doing this. But take care, eternal questions may not be answered inside a finite time. >>

Amanda: "I want to stay here. I am .... curious ... and you, my beloved friend?"

Sally: "I can not let you alone. Our love, is it so great. And with this love protected by almighty beings, I want to give my part."

<< So it shall be. I welcome you to the other side. >>

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