Arianne 33 En - Interlude

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Longing for long hair.
She had to wait a long time and as the hair finally growed, others tried to take it away.
But at the end she had very long hair.


She had shoulder-length hair for more than eight years. She wanted really long hair but the hair just did not get longer. And it was so thin. This thin short hair made her sad:-(
She stood before the mirror,  the scissor in one hand, the hair in the other hand. Should she cut it? To get no more hair frustration? But she couldn't do it. 

Okay, than she has to go with the hair how it is. * Sigh *. Better than to have nothing. A little bit hair love was inside her soul, even for this hair.

She liked long hair so much. A silent admirer of the long-haired Catherine. She saw so many beautiful long hair, and for herself?

"Cut it off, it's better than wearing this boring thin strands and waiting for nothing."

Such were the opinions. No, it's my hair. But peope told her always the same thing.

One day she got a long hair wig. But she disliked it to hide her own hair under a wig.
The good thing, she had not to fear hair collecting organizations. How sad she was as she saw the long beautiful hair of Catherine go.

Sometimes she had to cry. She liked it so much, the imagination of long hair. It was so sad that she could only find the beauty in others.

She was sitting alone at her school desk, the others disliked her. She was an outsider. Not very pretty, a few thin fluff instead of full voluminous hair that hung down so boring. How terrible.

Sometimes she wondered, why has she to live in this world? Live can hurt so much.

But she did not give up. She went her own way. And with the time she discovered so many beautiful things.

She had her long-haired Peter. He made her happy. But this terrible envy put her down. The others envied the relationship.

Peter. "For me you are very nice :-). Do not let you pull down. The others are just stupid."

The years passed and her own hair doesn't get longer. But she was very carefully with her hair and even got compliments for it.

"Better beautiful natural shoulder-length hair than waist-length straw."

Well, but many long haired women also had very beautiful hair. Sometimes it depends how much they take care of it.

Gradually she began to feel well in her live.

One day, she looked in the mirror and it was surprising what she saw. The hair seemed to have become longer and fuller. How was that possible?

She was very glad, she feared already that  the little bit of what she had, would also get lost.

After six months the hair had grown by 2 inches longer, despite cutting off the split ends, after a year of almost 5 inches. Very unusual, but nice :-)). She was happy that way.

After another 3 years she had long hair, as she had always wanted.

If she only knew which God she could thank. But that was perhaps not so important. She thanked them all :-))).

The long hair made her another person, she was smiling every day, one of her deepest desire has been fulfilled. This also had a nice influence to her relationships, everything seemed to be much more beautiful than before.

Her hair was so beautiful that it was perceived by others.

If she wants to donate the hair for children with cancer?

This brought her out of balance.

Please do not. She wanted her long hair so very much, and did not believe that it will be ever able to get so long. And now that she was just happy with her hair, she should give it all up?

But who knows, maybe she only got that long hair, to make a decision what to do?

No, that would break her heart. She liked the long hair so much. Maybe donating some money? There was so much cut hair in wig stores. So she bought a real-hair part in a shipping business and sent it instead of cutting her own hair. It cost her a lot of money.

She showed the persons the receipt of the purchase if they asked her to donate hair. Why was it much more important for those people to buy a new car, a new TV or a PC, instead of donating the money for children with cancer? It's easier to ask others and hold the money. And the other question that comes up, what really happened with all of this donated hair?

She kept her long hair. She needed it just for her mental balance. She was so happy that she could own it for herself.

After a few years, the hair reached to the hips. Beautiful, a little fairy, but also incredibly romantic. She was envied by many for it. But she wanted to share the beauty of the hair with others. Beauty is not a thing for one person alone.

Hair is definitely not the most important thing in life, but if it is beloved so much?

Many things that others liked so much, for she it was not important. The hair was a part of herselve.

The years passed and at age 60 she had knee-length white hair. If she wore the hair loose, she looked like a fairy of breathtaking beauty.


Here ends this story. Maybe a higher cosmic being has helped her, we don't know. There are people who sometimes may have a relation to these beings, even if they never perceive them. It is nothing that can be controlled by human beings. Let us be grateful if they help us sometimes, especially when we do not expect it * waving *

What we do not know why they do not help sometimes when it seems so much more urgent. Perhaps this is a question that we should ask ourselves. What we expect from them? Could we do it alone?

Maybe things happen spontaneously, interaction of physical states. But what we already know about it? We know only a tiny part of the universe, if we accept the view that give us the astrophysicist. And if we assume that many different consciousnesses exist beside our own, there maybe exist a connection, we do not know. A collective consciousness that encompasses all individuals?

An infinite being within the framework of these stories could answer this question. If not, fairy tales can be beautiful as reality sometimes never is.

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