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Sensity and her relation to Arianne's existence.
Both are independent entities and they love each other.


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Her wings covered gently the two beings, who loved each other and now were sleeping together.

The gently feelings of both are a part of her. She covers these feelings, wherever they appear in the infinity.

Sensity, the being of softness, tenderness, sensibility.

Generally noone could see her, but she was present everywhere.

She looked at the lovers. Yes, love, it was so beautiful. These selfish lovers :-)). She had to smile.
But love could also be very cruel. The love entity sometimes couldn't understand this.

From Sensity's point of view it comes from the battle for dominance, competition, an elementary principle of evolution?

At the end nothing remains but dust.

She couldn't ignore these principles, but it has no elementary character for the the awakening spirit.
Spirit can hurt, if it touches it's animal foundations in any living creature.

Not always, there are also entities evolved directly from plants.
Who knows the roots of Sensity.

The evolution depends from the environment.

No local appearance comprises the absolute truth.

Generally she was not changing the destiny of the world, but sometimes, if it hurts her too much, she carries the booty away from the hunters.  This gives another view, a hunter without a booty has to die.

Hunters in a general sense, imperators, kings, warlords.

Sensity, the godness of the hunted and the hopeless. The hunters have already their own Gods.

A contradiction? A hunted being often has to change it's role to survive.

But the aim to reach tenderness, sensibility, softness and to live gently with these feelings, this is the part of the rising spirit she stands for.

Otherwise, if the aim to reach power and dominance is the only main guideline in evolution, we know which kind of monsters it can produce.

There were a lot of cosmic entities which failed their evolution. Powerful entities, but they are dead inside and evolve like a black hole, they will collaps. These are the hunters trying to catch a Janine.

Sensity is an infinite beeing, she exists since an infinite long time. Not only in this time.

All the sensitive feelings are the essence of her self.

With her it comes into the material world. It is one of the main principles to stabilize the awakening spirit.

Arianne loved Sensity's touch to the plane. She couldn't imagine living without her. It's even more, Arianne is believing in Sensity. And only Arianne knows that Sensity is not a part of her. She is an independent entity.

That is really a different thing. Even the devil is a part of Arianne, and all the entities thinking that they are God.

Sensity has an own galaxy inside Ariannes home.

Sometimes she has to suffer, if the things evolve too different from her.
But she is also a part of the light that rises against the darkness.

She has an anchor in Arianne's plane on the fourth level of infinity.

The existence is created by the first four levels of infinity.

The first level is the domain of the Janines. They carry life into space, time and matter.

The second level is the domain of Jasmin. She constructs space, time and matter.
There are other entities on this level, like the hypermonsters and the archivar.

The hypermonsters try to reduce existence to zero. A reaction for being different from zero.

The third level gives spiritual contents like music to level 1 and 2. The Muse Entity resides in this level.

The fourth level is the transcendence level of ideas. Harmony, gender, love , but also the will of reaching power, strength.

Sensity is not alone on the fourth level. There reside the entities of love, war and even the devil exists there.

But without Sensity, the awakening spirit would fail. This is her conviction. And there is no proof of the contrary.

Ariannes home, another way excluding the dark side. Sensity loves it, therefore she resides there.
If Arianne will get serious problems, she would help her. Arianne doesn't know it, but she loves Sensity.



Sensity, the cosmic being of tenderness

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