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The devil is saving a witch from burning and a little fairy from hell.

Devil 03

A little witch should be burned. No one was there for help.

No witches are of asbestos. If thrown into the fire they will be burned and they will suffer like human beings.

All these higher cosmic beings, where have they been? No one out there who could help?

Why not, because she was a witch? Witches, supposed to be familiar with the devil. But this one? She is just a shy small woman with a large amount of red hair.

She was accused to be with the devil in the bunch, to have slept with him. The red hair betrayed her. She could wrap up her whole body into the hair.

The hair, there was a lot of envy. The other women disliked it. Life is for praying and working and women shall appear simple in the public.

Alone the eroticism that radiated from her hair came from the devil. It twisted the heads of the men and took them away from work, from the straightforward way of life, away from the appreciation of higher beings, like the ministers and landlords proclaimed for themselves.

No paranormal abilities were assigned to our little witch. Only this minister pretended he has seen it. The devil knew the truth, she refused to sleep with him.

She knew a little bit about medical plants. And she had books from ancient cultures that are forbidden. Knowledge, that didn't came from the overall book. Religious men knew then that it came from the devil.

Why isn't it possible that the knowledge came from God? Is God limited to a book? Why nobody placed these asks ?

Knowledge that could not be deduced from the Scriptures, it questioned the comprehensive power of the ministers. Ministers, maybe they should be called God interpreters or "holy ghosts".

If God likes their interpretations?

However, there was something you could not see but guess.

Five men entered the prison. The barber wanted her hair. The torturer would tear her clothes from the body and then they would torment her.

Why needs it 5 big guys to torment a single small woman?

Yes, four strong men were necessary to do this and all of this in the name of God.

The concept of God, that they had was somewhat stranger than that of the devil.

But it turned out differently. The torturer was burnt his fingers. Small flames beat from the skin.

"AUUUooooohhhhhuuuu!". What a cry. Horror in the five faces. The holy ghosts held their God symbols against the witch. "Go, go ....". But who has to go? She would leave this prison with joy.

Wasn't there a shadow? A stone in the wall that grined nasty at the 5 men?

No, no, this witch was really dangerous. They had never experienced such a thing. Fear crept into the consciousness of the 5.

The darkness seemed to dance. It threathened to swallow them.

Full of panic they run out of the prison.

Then they tried to put flammable fluid into the prison to burn the witch in this way.
But the barrel exploded and they run like burning torches around the market place. None of them survived.

Concern and fear in the crowd had accumulated. They made a big holy circle around the prison.
No one should ever enter this area.


The little witch was not alone anymore. The devil appeared in a human form, covered by super long hair. Yes, in this fantasy Cosmology all infinite beings have super long hair. It indicates their relation to the infinite strings of time.

She looked at him. A bit scary but also somewhat grateful. She felt that he had helped her.

<< Yes, it is so. I like you. I am the devil. >>

"The devil likes me? But what does this mean for my soul? Eternal damnation?"

<< Don't worry. The spiritual part of your existence is what you did in the real world, but is not connected with the diabolic network. However, you are a witch in the views of the human beings around you, but not in reality. You don't have paranormal skills. But even with this, most real witches are not connected with me >>

"Why did you help me, if I am not connected with you?"

<< I like you. There are so many who are like you and they were killed simply because their environment disliked them, assigning them a hell relationship.

Burned in a very cruel way alive. It happens really billions in existence. I don't want that for you.

I will receive you, just for this reason, because you're not a Janine. Janines are real witches in the strict sense, but protected by higher cosmic beings. Witches like you are all alone >>

"Thanks, but I do not understand it. What distinguishes me from other so called witches?"

<< You don't see the devil to be sole responsible for the bad in the world, but the responsibility of the individuals. You are not morally but analytical and resistant to the allure of the diabolical. That of course a bit irritates me. You're much too far evolved for this part of the world.

The others are still not far enough. They want to destroy you because you don't fit the world in their imagination. I do not want to take you from this world because you are deeply rooted in it. Therefore this solution, I am here in appearance. Because they can be driven over fear, they will leave you alone.

And if not, I will leave you a little fairy for protecting you. But don't worry, it is not evil, it is very dear, it fits you. In my network she is just a lost being like you. You see, it is also a little my own interest, I was looking for someone for her. This being is a part of me, so it is under my protection. I do not want that she will be rotten in my hell because she does not belong to it. >>

A little winged creature suddenly sat on the shoulder of the devil.

Anemalie held out her hands, the fairy flew through the air and landed on their palms. She looked at her, straight into the eyes.

<< Hi Anemalie, I'll be your protector if you allow it? I want to stay with you. >>

She looked  so sad, with a big question mark in her eyes, so full of hope but also desperated.

Anemalie was smelting.

Anemalie: "you are very nice, I like you."

Fairy: << thanks:-))) >>

Devil: << I will go. There is still trouble with a guardian of the laws of nature, but I have the better arguments. It is also a compensation for interventions of the love entity and not even within the meaning of the diabolical network. Thus it remains as it has become. If you need me, call at me >>

He disappeared from one to the other moment.

Anemalie and her little fairy, can they survive in this world? The fairy has paranormal skills, so the hunters may think that they have a real reason to kill them both. But you know the human beings. Only witches that do not defend themselves were thrown into the fire. They never killed a witch that had real paranormal skills.

The devil. Was there not a hint of eternity which touched him?
Should he have been striped by Arianne? It would be the first time that she touched him.

Now he got confidence that his little fairy and her human friend will get help if they need it. Yes, the devil is an infinite part of Arianne and so Arianne also resides inside him. Therefore he has different parts than only being the incarnation of the bad. But take care if a fellow of the devil is approaching you, and take special care if it is a finite being.

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