Arianne 87 En - The Muse


An intoxicating concert, Juventus with guitar and vocals, accompanied by the Muse at the piano.

The Muse

He sat tired before his piano. He had exercised so much and now he could play the masterpieces.
But somehow, he felt like he had only won technical skills, playing how it was described.
He had practiced until he couldn't feel his hands any more and his eyes closed themselves alone. But he wanted to develop new ideas, caused by his feelings.

He felt like being burned out. No ideas any more.
And he was still so young.

The big casting show tomorrow. It will be broadcast in the whole galaxy. He had looked forward so much, but now he could not do it.

Tears run down his face.

No, so he could not play.

He missed his accompaniment. She found another one, one of the great hypes. It hurt him, because he liked her so much.
One of these lost loves. Broken hearts.

Only a lost long hair was left to him, laying down on the piano. But it couldn't play and sing.

He needed her inspiration, alone he could not make it.
That's the world how it is. Little musicians like him, such a beautiful woman with so many talent he could not hold.
So he felt asleep, with all of his world-weariness over his piano.

A dream.

He saw a little light.

<< Hey you! Don't be so sad. You are the greatest musician of this time. The others still don't know it. >>

"A light that can speak? Who are you?"

<< Only a little light. But someone very great is approaching you, don't be afraid. If you wake up, you will see a shadow at the window. A shadow of the Muse. She comes to you. >>

He felt a touch, something stroked his soul. It was very pleasant. Then he woke up.

It was dark in the room. He must have slept until night.

There at the window. A shadow. He got panics. Then he remembered. The little light. The shadow. How can a dream tell him something about the future reality? Or is he still dreaming?

A thought direct in his consciousness.

<< Hello, I am the Muse. >>

"The Muse?"

<< I am here to introduce myself. I would like to accompany you in the casting show. >>

"But I don't know you, and I wonder how you have come into this room."

He thought about this Mephisto from German poet Goethe. Written in the story of Faust. No, there was no poodle seen before ...

<< Please turn on the light, then you will see me. >>


Thinking about God, what a nonsense. But dreams sometimes ...

And it happened. There was light. Now he could see her.

But ... what an amount of hair! It framed her body, reached down to the floor. It seemed to wave at him. Hair, waving like a living being ...
Then he saw her face, and ... he felt in love, immediately. Never he had seen such a beauty before. So he forgot his broken heart ... for a moment. Only for a moment!

<< Look at me, it doesn't hurt me. >> She smiled at him.

Feelings appeared like heaven. If he only had known that a Goddess stood before him, then he would have understood it. But ... this could not be true. He was a dreamer not an idiot. After some minutes he could think as usual.

"You are very beautiful. Your face, you hair, your body."

From her body he could not see very much. It was just an idea.

<< Yes, I know. But I am not the Goddess of beauty. Maybe I should send Aphrodite to you. She appreciates it, if her beauty is admired. Or Erotica. Although she is a higher being than I.

I do not want to seduce you. I want to make music with you, to give you the inspiration, that you need.

"Higher beings?"

Later. Please, let me play the piano. Take this guitar. Let us play << the song of eternity >>.

"Okay. Not a simple choice. Let us try it."

She played the chords. His voice and the sound of the guitar were the central elements. She strengthened his sound, nevertheless, her playing fit his music in a wonderful sense. It raised the music into a higher level. Both seemed to have played together since years, and if one of them started to improvise, the other followed immediately. It was an understanding like telepathy. So he got his inspiration, that he missed so much.

Feelings were floating through space and time, and this was not only an illusion.

"That was wonderful! We both together will conquer the listeners. And you with your hair ... what a visual impact. The hair seems to ride on the waves of the music. And they reach 2 meters into the room ..."

It seems to be living hair, I never have seen something like this before."

<< Believe me, the hair lives. But this is another story. This was only the beginning. If you are completely inside your self, your feelings will be dissolved in the music. Contradictions, that never could be solved, in the music they will be visible. It will touch the auditorium.  >>

"I thank you. But, please, tell me more about you."

<< I am the Muse, a higher cosmic being at the third level of infinity. >>

"Levels of infinity?"

<< Infinities, you can find a symbolic interpretation in mathematics. The infinity of the natural numbers is the first level. Then, the next level is raised by the real numbers, it's the mighty of the power set of natural numbers. And this goes on. The third level can be compared with the infinity of the power set of real numbers. >>

"Power set, mmmh, what's that?"

<< The elements of a power set of a given set are subsets of the original set... >>

"I think that's enough mathematics. I have already enough to do with notes and half notes and quarter notes and eight notes and so on, chords and a lot of other symbols like # and b describing a song. It's not so easy to handling this c d e f g a b c."

<< Only a finite alphabet. What do you think about a song written in an infinite alphabet? >>

"No, no, not at this time. I am finite and I believe in finiteness."

<< Okay, that right. I am an infinite being. Can you imagine that I sometimes like to be finite? >>

"But then you will lose so much ..."

<< Infinity is never closed. I can not say finish and I am satisfied now. It always goes behind the frontier. >>

"That's like our feelings try to do it sometimes, or our dreams. "

<< It's your touch with the infinity. The essence of life, it's your soul. >>

"But if you as an infinite being accompany me, I think I will get lost in you."

<< No, you must not fear this. All the ideas and feelings, they are caused by your self. There is no external source which give them to you. I strengthen them only, fix the point of view, so that everyone can hear it and understand it. >>

"If you see it in this way, than, please let us try."


The concert hall.

Everyone who wanted it could join in. A casting show.

The first round. The listeners take a vote. For many of the musicians their show was already finished after 20  or 30 seconds.

Now, Juventus and the Muse.

After 15 minutes they were still playing. The crowd did not dare to applause. It was just too beautiful, no one dared to disturb the music. Then, after a short stop ...

Standing ovations, 20 minutes.

Many of the listeners hurt their hands.

So it went on, from one round to the next.

At the end the moderator bowed himself, before handling Juventus and the Muse the cup.