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Jesus helped Hypatia to find her way through the afterworld.

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Hypatia in the after life

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Perfect darkness. But she could realize something. She saw a river, a boat on the shore. Otherwise, she realized nothing. Everything seemed unreal deformed like an abstract reality.

The river and the boat were her only points of reference.

She wondered how it is possible to see something if the darkness is perfect? It must be a dream inside her.

A thought came up: << The Ferryman is missing>>. But she didn't remember the context.
She walked up to the boat, dissolved the rope which was fixed at an undefinable object.
What a kind of object, undefinable.

Strange world, everthing was undefinable, with the exception of the river and the boat. Whether she dreamed?

She entered the boat.. "Stop". She heard a voice. Really weird, because she couldn't feel her ears. Panic came up, creeping in her consciousness. This nightmare, will it make her insane?

Funny, she had the impression, the voice would smile. It gave her confidence and trust.

"You want to drive but not alone".

She looked around and "saw" a figure in the perfect darkness. The shape reminded her of... a picture, a vision, Yes, she recognized him. Jesus? "Jesus, are you?"

Yes, she could speak, without a mouth, without a voice. No, this could be just a dream.

"Yes, I am Jesus, Hypatia. I am the ferryman of your boat."

He entered the boat, sat down beside her. She felt him as he touched her softly. Did she have a body, regardless she couldn't perceive it?

She saw a track in the dark of the River, shining from inside the water. Not really, it was her spirit suggesting it to her. If this came from Jesus?

They moved on. Jesus drove the boat. He had brought with him a large club. For what?

It was not easy to steer the boat. Turbulent water flows. Holes appeared suddenly in the water, seemingly ranging in an infinite depth. The water was falling into the holes, but they passed the waterfalls.

If she was alone, no, she never had passed these holes.

They approached a shore. A character was there. She immediately recognized him. The Death. An intuitive understanding. He looked like the Death. The Death appearing in her dream? She would have died now without Jesus. Or was she perhaps already dead?

There were no memories regarding a world outside her dream.

The Death waved with his bony fingers and the boat actually changed its direction, went up to him.

But Jesus changed the direction again. The death had no chance.

H: "The Death, wanted he to get me?"

J: "Yes, Hypatia, that he wanted. Please don't get frightened. I am sorry that I have to tell you something which is really terrible."

H: "Yes, please tell. I'm prepared for everything."

J: "You are here in the Hades. In your world they have killed you, in a such a bestial way that you have no more reminder."

H: "I am dead?"

J: "Yes, you are. But I saved your soul in it's full completeness. It will not be seperated into parts or get lost in the infinity, catched by the death or the devil, I will lead you through this underworld, straigth forward to the light."

H: "The Hades. It really exists?"

J: "Here is the transcendence, the area the souls collect after their death. The transcendence conveys experiences that the souls know from their former lifes, including religious believes. Otherwise you'd have at all no orientation.

Because you are familiar with the ancient Greek gods, it conveys you the Hades. And because you lived more after my performance as many of the Christians, you got me here now."

H: "I remember. The Christians. Some parts I like, but there are so much things which I do not understand. The ancient cultures. I didn't want to lose them all and only have confidence to the bible. There are so many valuable things hidden inside."

J: "Yes, I think so. But unfortunately not all of my fellows. I never tried to reach politial power. I tried to give the people a different sight of view. To love your next, to see that people are equal. I never made a difference between men and women, they all are free human beings."

H: "And what do they do? Everyone who is different has to fear to lose life. They destroy different cultural values. And ... I see myself in a church ... "

J: "Hypatia, leave this scene, it is too horrible to remind. I will help you doing this. But one thing you should know. If you was appealing to God, I heard you."

H: "I thank you."

Something splashed into the water, approached the boat. A very scurrilous figure, a demon as she knew him from old pictures. Skurill? She remembered. His grimace, it sorta looked like the face of this bishop... Kyrill. Was that the long arm of Kyrill, which here still wanted to take?

The demon took on the boat. Jesus took his club and hit. The demon realized, here he could get nothing and disappeared again.

J: "This was a part of your nightmare. In the transcendence everyting of you memories, dreams and fantasies can get real for you. Therefore you need a protector like me. Usually the Ferryman will protect the souls, but not always."

They approached an island in the stream. A figure, a woman with long flowing hair.

J: "This is Persephone. The ruler of the underworld. She will drive with us to the light. For some time, which was granted."

H: "I know her history. Is this really Persephone? She is so beautiful."

Persephone was shining from the inside. A light goddess in the darkness. She brought light and colors to the abstract objects.


P: "I welcome you in my Kingdom, sometimes I want to escape from it. Will you take me with you to the frontier of this area?"

J: "Yes, please get in."

P: "You are Jesus, not really a part of my world, but a part of Hypatia's memories, like me.
Hypatia, I welcome you. If Jesus had not helped you, I would have met you personally."

J: "See Hypatia, there are so many who love you. Gods and people over centuries. "You're one of the most delightful beings at all that ever had been."

H: "Am I ever still?"

P: "Yes you are. Don't be afraid. We are protecting you. Your soul, she lives, it is not dead."

H: "But my body, they destroyed it."

P: "Yes, but that no longer affects on you. When the body dies, he frees the soul. She contains the essence of your ego. This being is a part of the time you have lived."

H: "Body, soul, being of the ego, I do not understand."

P: "Your body is mortal, it has a soul that is potentially immortal, but also can die. This depends on various factors I can not explain in detail. Inside your soul, it's your being so how it has lived over the time.

The entity of the existence, it is the destination of your journey. She wanted to see your living soul, completely undamaged, so we are here to protect you."

J: "Only a living soul allows an evolution in time, this can be done e.g. through reincarnation. But even that what you experience here, it is only possible because your soul lives. If it is dead, only the memory of you in space time remains. Then a static image of you will reside here."

P: "But Hypatia, you are still your self, your soul is living :-))."

The journey continued. Now they were Hypatia, Jesus and Persephone, already three.

Soul views inside the Transcendence

Image 01: The leading light in the river of darkness

Image 02: Abstract objects in the area of transcendence

Image 03: Under Persephone's light

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