Arianne 92 En - Transcendence 03

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On the other site of the existence. A Prince of church learns to fear his hell.

Transcendence 03

The other side

A powerful prince of the church, scholar, godfearing and virtue full man. He had dedicated his life to the faith.

He had done a lot for his church, helped it to the break-through, expanded it's sphere of influence in a wide sense.
All of this in the name of God.  His followers counted after hundredthousands. They prayed with him and for him. But whether they loved him?

He ruled more than distributing the doctrine of love. Force, murder and death, was the everyday companion. Until then finally peace in-turned, when the struggle for power was decided.

Now he was dead. His soul entered the domain of transcendence.

A boat. He did not see anything else.

Nobody was calling for him. Was this the paradise, which he had expected?

He entered the boat alone and drove off.

He passed long distances of darkness. He was surprised that he could see the river at all.

Then there was a shade, which fell on him. A shade in the total darkness? He wondered where he was? That could not be the real world.

The shade merged with him, it brought him illusions.

He did not know whether he dreamed or not. The question emerged again and again, where he was and above all what he was?

Then a picture, a film in his consciousness.

He saw the inside of a church. Everywhere was blood, flesh in shreds. What the hell has happened here? Had an animal been slaughtered, a sacrifice for God?

The time turned back and he became witness of a cruel murder. He became bad, but he could not run away, not even close his eyes. He had to regard all details, and he had to look into the eyes of the victim.

So much pain. Never he had seen suffering someone in such a way.

The scene changed.

He saw a young woman in circles of her friends. She stroked their souls with words tenderly. She was so beautiful and rich in spirit and believe and she tried to help human beings to aquire knowledge, to raise spirit.

He saw how successful she was, how much she promoted human beings. She was the victim in the church. Who only could kill such a wonderful life in such an awful way?

Then an almost hidden mirror in an edge of the church. It showed an ugly old guy, looking at the scene. He looked at the image and he recognized. It showed him.
Just beside a portrait of the devil. What a kind of church. The hell has taken place. The holy ghost was gone.

Then he heard his words, as he denounced her as a witch, how he gave acknowledgment to her murders. He saw her whole life story, how she was loved by her mother and by all the people around her. She never had any relation with the devil and the hell. This part came into her life by the prayers of God.

And now he even could see, which he had feared so much. It was the devil himself.

The scene changed.

He saw what this murder had prevented. All the love, the happiness. Instead of this only emptiness came up.
His boat came into a vortex, fell into an endless depth.

The diabolic network.

He saw witches burning, saw human beings suffering for the sake of God. And he saw the pain which has been caused by his followers.
The darkness of spirit that came up.

Nothing helped him in his own suffering.

Not even the insanity had a chance to take these impressions away.

He through-lived the suffering of the world, which he had helped to create.

No, no, no, he never wanted this. Never. He fell on his knees, prayed for forgiveness, virtual tears running down from virtual eyes, but who should hear him here? He was alone, all alone in an infinity, which was there only for him. Even the devil had disappeared from him, he was all alone.

He felt it, the infinity. An emptiness of despair, which he had helped to arrange.

An eternity of emptiness followed.


He felt a contact at his shoulder. He looked up. " Jesus? Oh, how much unworthily I am , how much sin I have done."

J: " Not for all of your doing you can be made responsible. There is a luck of knowledge, to see all the consequences that can raise up. Human beings have only limited possibilities, often they have to fight for surviving. That can overlay the question of the debt. Your regret is honest, it comes from the depth of your soul. And you made it better, in some of your parallel worlds. But all the envy, the hate, the try to overcome others with power, to control them, all of this which you had done, this requires a reconciliation. You will take up now the suffering of your victims. It will never leave you again, as far as your consciousness is not fading away.

Now you can find your way into the transcendence. The boatman is waiting for you.